Astrological Events in November

Top view of astrologer holding notebook with watercolor drawings and zodiac signs on cards on table

On November 3, we finished the last Mercury retrograde of 2020 (phew!), but what does the rest of the month have in store? Let’s take a closer look at Western astrology

Along with the constellations, the planets play a significant role In Western astrology. It’s believed that they symbolize rudimentary motivations in the human psyche. While the Western system also utilizes two moon nodes (the north or ascending node and the south or descending node), the planets are considered more influential. 

The Western astrological calendar is like a typical calendar year based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun — which catalyzes celestial alignment. Unlike individual horoscopes (even the always positive Walter Mercado version), monthly astrological events are not sign specific, so anyone can feel their effects, for better or for worse. Mark your calendar; here’s what’s in store this month.

Friday, November 6: Mercury in Libra Square; Saturn in Capricorn

Yikes! This nerve-wracking combo can spark communication problems and austere thinking. As if that wasn’t bad enough, law enforcement may become involved. Think before you speak, keep an open mind, and like advice from a good friend, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” 

Tuesday, November 10: Mercury Re-Enters Scorpio 

November 10  is the second time Mercury has entered Scorpio this year, so communication is king again. Have a heart-to-heart with a family member, partner, or friend. Request a meeting or lunch with your boss to discuss ways you can grow with the company. Not sure where to start or exactly what to discuss? Speak to a psychic to get some clarity. 

Saturday, November 14: New Moon in Scorpio

Spend time journaling, take a self-care day, or do whatever else inspires you to assess what it is that’s holding you back from growing so you can live your best life. 

Saturday, November 21: Sun Enters Sagittarius 

You’ve got the next four weeks to put a razor-sharp focus on travel and higher learning. Take a weekend getaway, plan a future (post-Covid 19) trip to a new destination, learn a new language, take a cooking class, try a new workout — anything to keep you exploring, growing, and expanding your mind. 

Saturday, November 21: Venus Enters Scorpio 

There’s something else happening on the 21st, and it’s not half as uplifting as traveling or signing up for a virtual fitness class. Venus detests being in Scorpio, which means you could experience issues with your finances or your love life. Check to make sure you paid all your bills on time, keep your wallet close, and avoid risky business decisions involving a lot of cash. Speak to a partner if something is on your mind, but do so rationally to prevent an unnecessary blowout. On the flip side, have you been ignoring any potential relationship red flags? 

Monday, November 30: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 

With the end of the month brings the completion of certain forms of communication, issues related to siblings, and even short getaways. You may be itching to get ready to make some changes in the month ahead, but the 30th is not the right moment to move forward with anything important. 

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