6 Myths About Psychic Readings

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If you’ve often asked yourself “Are psychics real?” then perhaps you’re still skeptical about getting a reading — we get it. Unfortunately, society has portrayed the spiritual world as being ominous, negative, and sometimes, even laughable. Of course, it’s not just movies and Halloween-related activities that have this influence. There are also a lot of scam artist psychics out there who give those with a true gift a bad name. 

We’re here to debunk all of the myths that may be preventing you from getting the spiritual advice you need and deserve. By the time you’re done reading the list, we have a feeling you’ll never have to ask yourself “Can I trust a psychic?” ever again. 

Myth 1: There’s no way to tell a true psychic from a fake one

As long as your head isn’t in the clouds, obvious indicators suggest you’re dealing with a professional versus a phony. For example: 

  • It’s clear where they’re getting their information from. Make sure that your advisor is being completely straightforward about what type of psychic methods they rely on. If they don’t tell you upfront, ask. 
  • They’re not demanding extra cash for additional information. This is a major red flag, period end of story. This point goes hand-in-hand with the fear tactics below. 
  • They aren’t making false claims. Sorry, but no psychic can be 100 percent accurate all of the time as their psychic energy — or yours — could be off that day. Never believe an advisor who claims that their predictions are spot-on every single time. 
  • They aren’t using fear tactics. A true psychic will be honest with you if things aren’t all coming up roses (another sign of a scam artist is someone only telling you what you want to hear), but they won’t use scare tactics to do so. A psychic can’t put a spell or curse on you or tell you when you’re going to die. 

Myth 2: Psychics can’t pick up on your energy over the phone

Just because you’re not in the same room as your psychic reader doesn’t mean that they can’t read your energy. This is one of the most popular concerns regarding phone readings but rest assured, you will receive the same result. Your energy field doesn’t have a physical location, yet there are millions of portals for tapping into various forms of energy through your thoughts, emotions, and visual imagery.

Each psychic has their way of tapping into a client’s energy field, but popular methods include hearing guidance, tuning into energetic planes, seeing visions, working with angels or spirit guides, or basic intuition. If a psychic is channeling you, they need not be in the same room with you to accept intel from their guides — whether that’s their guides, or yours. While your energy field exists within your three-dimensional body, it also exists inter-dimensionally and can be accessed inter-dimensionally.

Myth 3: A psychic can read into everything about you

People often get paranoid that a psychic can read their every thought or even visualize what they’re wearing during a phone session. Don’t worry, this is not the case. A psychic only picks up on necessary information that can help out the recipient. Remember, a spiritual advisor is not reading your mind per se. Rather, they are analyzing and translating the energy that they can read from you during your reading. 

Myth 4: Psychics and mediums are the same

Here’s the thing: While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. Are mediums real you ask? The short answer is “yes.” A psychic medium connects with the recipient’s deceased loved ones via psychic ability. It’s important to note that according to mediumship, that the spirits of these individuals are still quite alive. Despite their psychic powers, you won’t visit a medium to get information about your love life or to chart out a career path. Their only goal is to provide you with the comfort of knowing your departed loved ones are still a part of your lives, to banish your fear of death, to deliver messages from the deceased, and to provide closure and bereavement support. 

Myth 5: Your past lives will always be incredible individuals

Most of us have likely been reincarnated, which means we have a past life — or lives. A tarot, spiritual, or love, and relationship reading are all good choices if you want to dive deeper into this topic—especially if you want to learn how a past life is influencing your current reality. However, don’t be fooled if a psychic tells you that you were someone super-specific and famous like Queen Elizabeth or James Dean. Perhaps in your dreams, but not your past life. 

Myth 6: With a psychic reading, the future is predetermined

People often want to speak to a psychic because they want to know what the future holds, but the truth is, that’s not necessarily the best way to get the most out of your session. Even if you’re given a glimpse of potential forthcoming events, keep in mind that they are not always set in stone. Are psychic readings accurate? Are psychic powers real? Yes, but only you have the power to make the necessary actions to create your own destiny.

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