Capricorn men and women are the most goal-orientated members of the zodiac. You are likely to innately possess a soldier-like level of self-discipline that all but guarantees your success in whatever you set their mind to. Challenges are never avoided and often welcomed with open arms as a way of bettering yourself for the future. You may be on the quieter side, but you are a leader in all you do by actions alone. It’s a Capricorn thing. Your dedication to your responsibilities truly knows no equal. You use the sweat of your own brow to achieve everything and don’t believe in taking shortcuts.

While the comfortable routines of a Capricorn serve you well in most respects, it can be burdensome for your personal relationships. Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is the one challenge you often can’t easily overcome. You are a cardinal element, so all things you start are the beginning of something great. A bastion of responsibility, dedication, and restraint: this is what it means to be a Capricorn.

Mythology And Facts About The Challenge-loving Capricorn

To be counted among the beloved sea-goats of the zodiac, your birthday must fall between December 22nd and January 19th. Famous Capricorns include Stephen Hawking, Martin Luther King Jr., and Betsy Ross. The myth of Capricorn is that of a father displaying common Capricorn traits, both positive and negative. The father displays self-control and responsibility while showing immense care and devotion to his children. All of those traits are frequently seen in the sea-goat. He also becomes somewhat of a frustrating know-it-all as he tries to lead them with experience and knowledge he only has through reversing time. It takes him quite a while to realize that not all see the world as he does, nor do they have his restraint. Coming to terms with this meant loneliness for the father and that is, sadly, a common period in the life of a Capricorn.

The Greek myth is that of Pricus, who was a sea-goat created by the Greek god of time, Cronos. Pricus was unique and could talk, think, and reason just like any man could. He was a favored creation and, thus, Cronos not only blessed him with immortality but also the ability to turn back time. Pricus had many children and all of them desired to explore and experience life on land. He would warn them not to stay too long, but they always did. With time spent, they lost their fish tails and intelligence and ultimately became normal goats. In sadness, Pricus used his time-turning ability to reverse time and constantly lecture his children of the dangers, but regardless of his warnings, they always chased that same fate. After a multitude of time-reversals, Pricus, at last, realized he could change time but not destiny nor fate. He begged for death from Cronos when faced with the realization he would be the last sea-goat alive, but Cronos refused. Cronos declared he would not revoke immortality from Pricus with death, and instead allow him to live in the stars rather than on earth.

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Capricorn Traits And Behaviors

Capricorn men and women are traditional, ambitious, and extremely reliable. Sea-goats tend to have very different sides of them for those who grow close enough to experience them, which is unfortunately rather rare. They are often loners and lie on the introverted scale as far as sociability goes. Despite their many achievements, Capricorn men and women are about as far as you can get from braggarts. Their success speaks for itself and they have no desire to go around showing off and measuring themselves against others for attention or pride. Family and home life, in general, are very important to the average Capricorn. Coming between them and their loved ones in anything is a surefire way to be removed from their life.

Capricorn may well be the most difficult sign to get close to as their heart is extremely well-guarded, even against something as simple as friendship. If you manage to achieve not only this, but an intimate relationship, you will find a loyal, deeply emotional, and voraciously sexual creature behind the calm and cold exterior. The sea-goat is all too often viewed as lacking any emotional connection or passion for anything but work, but in reality, they simply guard this vulnerability well. Inquiring suitors must be aware that they don’t often compromise, especially on their lifestyle. Additionally, forgiveness is hard, if not impossible, to come by should you truly hurt a Capricorn after becoming close.

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Capricorn Guidance And Needs

As a Capricorn, you would do well to avoid being too inflexible. The chances of finding Mr. or Ms. Right when you won’t compromise on even the smallest things is very slim. Your values, traditions, and other aspects that are uniquely important to you should not be sacrificed. However, you should weigh the importance of lesser things when they are causing rifts within your relationships. You are well aware of your dedication to any goal you set for yourself, so don’t be afraid to set a goal to be better to or for your partner. Your emotions are often locked behind closed doors, but revealing at least a glimpse of your heart will keep others from assuming you are cold and aloof. Hard work is a consistent and welcome feature of your life, but for the sake of your sanity don’t forget to have some downtime.

The karmic partner for Capricorn men is traditionally seen as Cancer, but this is not always so true. Cancer men and women are intensely emotional creatures, something that most Capricorns cannot relate to. If this is the path you ultimately end up taking, don’t forget your Cancerian woman or man partner will need much more time together than you likely expect. It can work, and beautifully so on the basis of opposites both attract and strengthen the areas where each other are weak. You may find much more in common with Virgo-born, and even Taurus men and Taurus women tend to be less challenging options. Capricorns who find themselves on the very strict side of things also may enjoy a mirror match.

Capricorns are beloved for their unmatched dedication to goals and a level of ambition that dwarfs similarly ambitious signs. They remain calm and in control in life, not trusting the reins to those who will undoubtedly do a poorer job. To a Capricorn, no is not a valid answer and everything can be achieved with devotion and sweat. Their powerful, resilient personalities that brim with confidence are attractive to many, and with good reason. You should expect nothing but reliability from the sea-goat, and that is what you will most certainly receive.

This article was designed to give you basic information on the common traits and needs of the Capricorn, allowing you a glimpse into what it means to be the horned hero of the zodiac. For Capricorns wishing to discover more about themselves and their futures, consider an online psychic reading by one of our many popular advisors.