Career Planning with the Zodiac

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Some of us make wild leaps from one career path to another; one year serving drinks as a bartender, the next helping children as a schoolteacher. Others seem to have been born knowing the right job for them. There was once a time when everyone took on the same occupation as his or her parents. Although it isn’t quite as simple anymore, a destiny was still created for you at the moment of your birth. You just might not be following in the footsteps of your mother or father.

It has been found that some sun signs are overrepresented in certain career paths due to the traits that lend themselves to special abilities.

  • Fire signs, like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can be natural leaders and would do well to select a role in which their passion for what they do lights fires in the hearts of others.
  • Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have a more receptive energy, that along with their spiritual gifts, makes them well suited to quieter careers helping others as therapists or doctors.
  • Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius might well use their cunning minds for science, the world of computers or working with words as writers or editors.
  • Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn usually value a stable income and can be quite happy to work outdoors or with their hands.

Take a glance at your natal chart with a good astrologer to see what planets are in your tenth and eleventh houses. These areas will not only show you what occupations match well with your ambitions, but also what career paths are likely to place you in association with the type of people who will be successful team members in your life.

If you’re feeling a little disillusioned by how much of your destiny is wrapped up in your stars, take heart. There is a lot of leeway here. If your natal chart shows you being drawn again and again to teaching, it doesn’t mean you have to be in front of a blackboard with a ruler. Passing ideas on to others can be done in many forms and you can still pursue your dream of being an actor or an actress if you find a way to educate others while you do it.

Using your horoscope to plan your career path is all about taking the easy way to your goals. Once you’ve determined the strengths associated with your sun sign, you can also use your horoscope to plan each step along your path. For example, if you are planning on becoming a scientist, pay close attention to what Uranus is doing in the sky at any point in time. If you work in telecommunications, keep your finger on the pulse of Mercury to catch your chances at success and avoid major pitfalls.

If you’re looking to show off in an interview, make sure that Venus is positioned in your favor so that you can be as charming as possible to your future employer. Don’t send in your resume during the dark moon, but rather, use it as a time to rest and to make sure that everything in your application materials is up to date.

You may already know that certain sun signs can be very compatible with each other or can be antagonists in relationships. The same holds true for work relationships, as for romance, when it comes to sun sign compatibility. When you start a new job, asking for someone’s sun sign can be a good conversation starter and icebreaker. You will also find out which people should be avoided and which people will soon become close allies.

Don’t stop reading your horoscope just because your career path is back on track. Astrology can be used in the business world to make decisions that favor keeping your job, flourishing in your position, getting raises and looking wonderful to your colleagues and superiors. If you are involved in hiring and firing decisions, you can even use horoscopes to help evaluate the energies of potential employees according to compatibility and their natal charts.

You will be in a lot company; following an ancient practice in China, many modern companies the world over use astrology and horoscopes for staffing purposes, as well as to make decisions that otherwise might be left up to pure chance.

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