Can You Force Love with a Psychic Reading?

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After a breakup, the pain can be devastating, especially if many years of marriage and children are involved. You may feel desperate to get back together with the one you love, even if it means trying to force his or her return through some kind of spell. But a psychic reading can’t force that person to come back. At best, you might just waste money on back-to-back psychic readings that give you the same verdict; at the worse, you might get sucked in by a “psychic reader” who has bad ethics and promises you the moon for a lot of money and then disappears.

The simple fact of the matter is that people have choices and free will. So, even if a psychic reading shows that it is best for the two of you to be together, your love interest might refuse to do so. Or the reading may indicate that you should become a nun, but you may never join the convent. If you feel like you have to force your lover to be with you, you probably don’t actually love that person at all. Give yourself some time, and if you’re a “forcer,” you’ll look back in a few years and wonder why you ever wanted that in the first place. A true love will want the other person to be happy, even if the two of you are not together.

Even though many psychic reading practitioners say that they offer “love spells,” be dubious. A basic magical law is that “as you bind, you are bound.” Only a crazy person would want to be bound magically forever to a stranger for some money! A psychic reading practitioner who offers these may either be scamming for money for a spell he or she never intends to perform, or a well-meaning person who simply doesn’t know enough about magic to make it work anyway.

The best way to deal with a Psychic Reading when you want a lover back is to ask, “If it is at all possible for us to get back together, what should I do in order to best promote the chances of that happening?” After that, it is even better to add the question, “If it is impossible to get back together, what should I do in order to be happy soon?” That way, you have all your bases covered in a positive way to benefit from your psychic reading.

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