How To Romance Any Zodiac Sign


What to do on a date? What kind of gift to buy? What does your new partner really want from you? It’s easy to romance any sign of the zodiac if you follow a few simple tips.  Read on for helpful suggestions to entice a new mate.


Up the excitement and the adrenaline to the max. Surprise Aries with a spontaneous trip or a secret party. Do something exhilarating together, especially anything Aries has never done before.

Ideal Date: Skydiving, wing walking or a sudden road trip.

Worst Date: The same place you went last time. Boring!


It’s all about the senses for Taurus. Think sensuality, luxury and indulgence. Highlight romance by creating a special place you return to again and again on special occasions.

Ideal Date: A high class restaurant, a spa retreat or a couples’ massage appointment.

Worst Date: Anything your Taurus doesn’t know about ahead of time. No surprises!


Communicate, educate or play – three golden rules for romancing a Gemini. Geminis love a party atmosphere and will be happy surrounded by people. Give Gemini lots to talk about.

Ideal Date: A busy bookstore, a party or a playground.

Worst Date: A stuffy restaurant or anything with an overly formal atmosphere.


Home to meet Mom is top on the priority date list for Cancer if he or she is taking you seriously. Old fashioned romance is a priority too, so think glamor or tenderness. Or preferably both.

Ideal Date: Meet the parents. Failing which, a hand in hand stroll through the moonlight.

Worst Date: A rushed coffee – make more of an effort.


Think drama and impact when romancing a Leo. It helps to think luxury too, if you can afford it. If you can’t, pretend you can. Leo doesn’t do budget anything and won’t thank you for saving the pennies.

Ideal Date: A theater night, a fashion show or an exclusive, invite-only ball.

Worst Date: A night in. Leo needs to be seen.


Sophisticated but not showy is Virgo’s style in all things, including romance. Avoid tons of people, but do something where Virgo can show off his or her intelligence or knowledge. Preferably something clean.

Ideal Date: A library, a health spa or a lecture.

Worst Date: Anything which involves getting dirty. Ugh.


Sociable, charming Libra is easy to romance and will be delighted with any efforts you make to be romantic. He or she is easy going on a date and will try anything at least once.

Ideal Date: Whatever you wish, so long as it’s done with love and affection.

Worst Date: A family dinner – too much potential for rows and discord.


Romancing a Scorpio means getting very moody, very intense and very private. Get it wrong and you’ll know about it. Something deep and meaningful always goes down well, but not too many people please.

Ideal Date: An obscure art installation or poetry recital, or a midnight beach walk.

Worst Date: A party, or any kind of enforced jollity.


Outdoors. Outdoors. As much as possible, outdoors. Romance a Sagittarius out in the open air, no matter what the weather. Sporting activities are a good bet, as is anything involving animals.

Ideal Date: A wildlife park, a clifftop walk, a ball game.

Worst Date: Dinner in an uptight restaurant. Sag needs freedom.


When Capricorn fits romance into their busy schedule, it had better be good. High quality outings fit the bill, but so does some pampering at home after an exhausting day. Help Capricorn relax.

Ideal Date: Home-cooked dinner and candles, or a cosy fireside chat.

Worst Date: Sports or anything too adrenaline packed – Capricorn is tired!


Romancing an Aquarius is an intellectual adventure; they don’t care about the surroundings, so long as the company is good. Try to give Aquarius a new perspective to feed their imagination.

Ideal Date: Hot air ballooning, caving or an obscure museum.

Worst Date: Meet the parents – commitment turns Aquarius right off.


Romancing the ultimate romantic can be a challenge. Keep Pisces’ dreams alive by spending time near water, or in secluded but beautiful places which whisper romance and speak to the Piscean soul.

Ideal Date: A lakeside picnic or a romantic tryst in a tiny rustic church.

Worst Date: A busy city café – too much noise, too many people, just too much.

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