Jupiter in Gemini

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Jupiter, the planet of optimism, luck and good fortune moves into Gemini where it will stay for the next twelve months.

While Jupiter is in Gemini, and depending on how it affects the other planets in your birth chart, you long to expand your mind and explore new realms of knowledge. Following your curiosity can lead to unexpected opportunities, adventures and connections with fascinating new friends. If you’re not satisfying your need for mental stimulation at this time, boredom and restlessness can result.

You may thrive on variety during this transit. Your interests could span a broad range of subjects that may appear to have nothing to do with each other, but you’ll enjoy speculating about the possible connections. Multi-tasking will also be appealing, as it will be more exciting for you to juggle more than one project at a time. You might not have a lot of patience for committing yourself to just one time-consuming, long-term endeavor.

Learning a foreign language comes more easily to you under this influence, and you may find yourself connecting with people from different countries and cultures. You might also be drawn to studying philosophy or religion. You’ll have a gift for expressing yourself, and this is an auspicious transit for writing, teaching, or public speaking.

Just beware of a tendency toward intellectual superiority or arrogance, and remember that being an excellent communicator means both talking and listening. You’ll be able to make the most of this influence if you keep your mind open to other people’s ideas and perspectives.

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