Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury is in retrograde, but you can still thrive.

Mercury is about to enter its second Retrograde of 2021 on May 29 and will stay in Retrograde until June 22. Cue dramatic music. 

The phrase Mercury Retrograde (also known as a Mercury Rx) strikes fear into many, so we’ve put together this survival guide to help you beat this one, the next one, and the one after that. If this guide serves you well, you can take these tips for the good times, too.

We’ve also consulted with some of our top Keen advisors SirCheo, Pat58, Love Expert Sara, and Leslie Hale on how to survive and thrive during Mercury in Retrograde and you can too by heading over to their pages to book astrology reading. They’ll be chiming in throughout to give you their personal best tips on how to overcome a Mercury Retrograde.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Mercury Retrograde?

Thanks to science, we know planets orbit the sun in a single direction. A retrograde is when a planet appears to reverse course.

Once again thanks to science, we know that this reversal or retrograde is an optical illusion, but it does have astrological significance.

All planets in astrology (except the Sun and Moon, which are also considered planets in astrology) go through retrogrades.

When a planet enters retrograde it means two main things: a shift in the area the planet rules and things from the past coming up.

These shifts are often obstacles or complete halts, but that doesn’t mean you have to get stopped.

A Little Bit About Mercury

In astrology, Mercury represents communication, timing, travel, intellect, logistics, and technology. That means Mercury Retrograde will affect all of these areas, so expect at least a few obstacles. 

If you’re thinking this sounds like a lot, there’s a reason that Mercury Retrogrades are the most infamous.

Oh, and they happen three times a year.

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How to Survive

Delay, Delay, Delay
Mercury retrogrades always stir up trouble with communication and most big decisions involve, well, communication. If you’re thinking about taking the next step in a relationship or booking your long overdue vacation, delay until after the retrograde if you can. 

Read The Fine Print
Communication means writing too. “Signing major documents are a typical no-no during this time,” Love Expert Sara says. “I had a friend who bought 4 houses during different Mercury Rx and did not keep any of them for more than a year.” Yikes.

Back Up Your Files
Mercury also rules technology, so it’s probably time to start backing up your phone and your computer if you haven’t already. And if you got a little extra pocket money, put that in the bank. You’ll thank yourself if your screen cracks from an accidental drop.

Build Your Survival Kit 
Love Expert Sara says “The best way to survive during a Mercury Retrograde is to do one thing and one thing only—chill.” If you’re going to chill, might as well make it a self-care break.

Make a list of your feel good items—comfort food, a good book, bath salts—and go shopping. Use that extra time at home as a reset. Heal yourself. When retrograde is over, you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

Take a Social Media Break
In the past few years, social media has become the town square for connecting with your friends and family, but also for hashing it out with them and strangers. Online arguing is shaky ground on the best of days, when Mercury is messing with tech and communication it’s best to steer clear.

Try using your phone’s settings to limit your daily usage. Any time you think about opening Twitter, try going for a short stroll in the neighborhood instead.

Make Peace with Change
Rx means change or a return of the past. “The hard part is having to cope with change,” says Pat58. “Remember the Retrograde is temporary. Be good to yourself.”

Change is always difficult, but difficulty doesn’t mean undoable. If things come up for you during this cycle, try to accept that they’re happening and figure out where in your life you do have power to work with them. 

Dig Into the Past…
Things from the past are going to come up, but that doesn’t mean they’re all bad. “You can have some pleasant trips down memory lane. At times, your thinking can shift in such a way that you realize something needs to be corrected and you have an epiphany how to do so,” Leslie Hale says. “You may become clear on many things that happened in the past that need to be resolved in your mind.” Regret is often a precursor to new beginnings.

…But Maybe Not Too Deep
“One thing that does happen every retrograde is people hear from their exes,” Love Reader Sara says…so, yeah. Now, this can be a good thing if you need to resolve old feelings, but make sure you take extra time to think about what you want to say, because this is a time of extra sensitivity.

How to Thrive

Now, Mercury Rx doesn’t have to be all bad. While things do come up, it can also be a time of growth, healing, and reflection. And all of those are always welcome.

Get Guidance
Getting guidance from a trusted advisor can be key to getting through a difficult time. If you want to talk to someone about how astrology might be affecting you, book a reading with a Keen advisor now.

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and acknowledge feelings of anxiety, so they can pass.A person meditates and attunes to the energy around them.

Listen More
“Start practicing communication insight now. Think before speaking,” says Pat58. “Ask yourself, 

‘Is what I am saying going to be useful to me and others?’  ‘Are my words loving towards someone else?’  Next, be patient with yourself and others while communicating.”

Remember there’s a bigger chance of being misunderstood. So always lead with love and listen more, then you talk this time. There’s a good chance the people in your life want to be heard and it’s easier to connect when we think about others first.

I advise people to prepare to succeed during Mercury Retrogrades,” SirCheo says. “Of you must take action—go forth in knowing that you have prepared for the moment to come into fruition.” 

There you have it. While you’re taking some extra care to look over where things could go wrong, you can also plan for things to go right. 

A Note About Astrotherapy

Astrology is a way for us to connect with the energy around us, but it doesn’t determine our lives—we do. Remember that despite what shifts a retrograde brings up, we always have some power to change our lives for the better. 

Mercury Retrogrades are always scary and come with obstacles, but you’re strong. You have the power to look at your life and see what you need to come out on the other side stronger than when you went in.

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