New Moon Versus Full Moon in Astrology

mountain with full moon

Did you know that according to astrology, the moon is considered a planet? In fact, one of the most influential of all planets — especially when a new or full moon makes an appearance. As the moon shifts, so does our mood, energy levels, personality, and drive. So, then what does the moon represent spiritually? A lot. We’re talking about feelings, vulnerabilities, emotions, memories, your intuition, and sense of security and contentment. 

While that may sound overwhelming, the good news is the moon is a palpable astrological indicator because it makes an appearance almost every night. The moon also moves quickly through the zodiac, spending approximately two and a half days in each sign, completing the cycle of 12 in roughly 28 days. So, this is why your mood, spirit, and energy level fluctuates throughout the course of a month. 

While you can’t change what’s happening up in the sky, you can learn how to adapt yourself to new and full moon energy so that you can tap into your spiritual self and avoid potential setbacks that could keep you from achieving your goals.

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New Moon Meaning

When asking yourself, “What does a new moon mean?” new beginnings on a personal level may come to mind. While it’s true that this phase is a great time to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start, this is also a period that represents endings. Think about it: You’re starting a new cycle, but the old one has finished. This can cause you to feel a bit moody and reluctant to move forward. Here are some tips for handling the new moon phase. 

  • Make it easier to reset and recharge your batteries by setting new personal goals, both shortterm and longterm. Reevaluate the goals you have yet to achieve. Determine potential roadblocks or decide if they no longer serve you. 
  • Try something new, whether it’s a hobby, an additional job responsibility, recipe — anything goes!
  • Work on manifesting something you want in your life no matter how big or small. For some, this could be starting their own business or moving overseas. For others, it could be to live a healthier lifestyle or find love. 
  • Spend some quality alone time to reflect, meditate, and touch base with yourself. Focusing on yourself is not a selfish act. 

Full Moon Meaning

What does a full moon mean? Well, just as that big and bright orb lights up the nighttime sky, it also sheds light on the efforts we’ve made over the past month. While a full moon has often been associated with anarchy and ferocity, it also has the power to energize and make you feel more social. Here are some tips for handling the full moon phase.

  • This is the perfect time to let go of bad habits and  toxic patterns, people, or situations as you’ll have the support of full moon energy. 
  • Allow the moon to give you the cosmic guidance you need. Keep an eye out for information about a person or situation as this is an illumination phase. 
  • Remember those goals and projects you set during the new moon phase? Now’s the time to take them to the next level.
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