The Basics Behind Mercury Retrograde

Planet Mercury

You know Mercury is a planet but what is retrograde? In the simplest of terms, it means going backward. When Mercury is in retrograde, it looks as if it’s moving backwards when observed from the Earth, but this is merely an optical illusion because of discrepancies in orbit. 

While this is a scientific explanation of Mercury retrograde, if you believe in astrology, there’s a greater impact that affects every one of us in a different way. So, the next time you accidentally drop your cell phone in the toilet, your car breaks down on the way to work, and you run into a bad ex  — all in the same week — don’t blame bad luck. Blame Mercury retrograde. Here’s what you need to know about identifying and balancing the effects of retrograde so you can avoid as much chaos as possible during these periods throughout the year.  

What is Mercury Retrograde From an Astrological Point of View?

Every single planet goes through a retrograde phase throughout the year, but Mercury goes through three retrograde cycles because it moves faster than the other planets. Mercury also passes through a new astrological sign every two to three weeks. However, when it goes into the retrograde phase, it stays with a sign for approximately six weeks, meaning those with that particular astrological sign may feel the effects of Mercury retrograde more than the other signs — until it’s their turn, of course. 

What Does Mercury in Retrograde Mean for You?

Mercury rules information, technology, transportation, and any form of service, so it can be useful to know when the planet will go into retrograde (three or four times a year) so you can be on the lookout for potential mishaps. Some examples include car trouble, problems with devices such as a cell phone or computer, missing mail, or a misunderstanding with a spouse or partner

Mercury retrograde also tends to be a time when things resurface from the past. So, while you may not be thrilled to run into an old ex, the good news is that this is a great time to close the doors to any previous issues that may have been holding you back from moving forward with other projects, goals, or relationships. Consider booking a psychic reading if you need help sorting things out. 

How to Deal With Mercury Retrograde

Don’t throw up your hands and accept that it’s going to be a rocky three weeks. Instead, do whatever you can do to align your energy with that of frazzled Jupiter. By mentally preparing yourself for misunderstandings and mishaps, you have a greater chance of preventing them by being aware of the way you’re communicating, double-checking your appointment book and any important documents, maybe even taking your car in for a tuneup. You’ll want to be even more careful every 18 months when Venus goes into retrograde followed by another Mercury retrograde — buckle up and get ready for the ride!

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