Penélope Cruz, Celebrity Taurus

Illustration of Penélope Cruz, holding her Oscar award with the Taurus astrological sign in the background

The stunning beauty of Penélope Cruz has helped propel her into the heights of fame as an internationally acclaimed actress. While she appears sweet and innocent, her horoscope reveals a shrewd and calculating planner, fully aware of her talents with a genius in maximizing them for their fullest return. To understand Penélope Cruz is to understand the zodiac sign of Taurus at its most powerful and accomplished.

Penélope was born in Madrid, Spain on April 28, 1974. In addition to the Sun in Taurus, she has the planet Mercury there as well. When one is born with the Sun in Taurus, one seeks luxury and sensuality, loves the material world and revels in acquiring wealth. The Bull understands that the world has a lot to offer and one’s life should spent in obtaining it all. With Mercury in this sign as well, Penélope experiences the world through the acquisition of or feasting on each particular experience. The perfect gift for her is a nice, expensive bauble. Elegance might come with a price, but Penélope only wants to experience the best in her quest to be the best.

How She Got to Where She Is

There is harmony in Penélope’s astrological chart that lets her ego take charge without causing the tension of narcissism. The Sun is the ruler of the human ego and in Penélope’s chart a powerful combination of Mars and Saturn support her. Mars is the planet of action and Saturn is the planet of limitations. When these two oppose or are tense in the zodiac, misery rules the day. But when they get together, action and limitation are balanced and work in sync. Penélope knows when to push in order to get what she wants as well as being aware of just how much to hold back in order to make the person giving her what she wants think that she should have it. The harmony to her Sun and Mercury provide savvy, knowing just who can help her career and how to approach this person. With her natural good looks and deferential personality, she appears to be a pretty pushover, but she is actually a charging bull on a mission.

Her Motivation in Choosing Men

In a woman’s horoscope, the placement of Mars tells us a lot about the man she will be with. When a woman’s Mars is with Saturn, she wants a man to be her leader, her conqueror and psychological replacement for her father. She might hail from Madrid, but she got the hang of Hollywood pretty quick: she has been regularly linked with the leading men from her films: From Matt Damon (after working together on All The Pretty Horses) in 2000 and Tom Cruise in 2002 (they co-starred in Vanilla Sky), to Matthew McConaughey (they got together on the set of Sahara in 2005) to her current boyfriend, fellow Spaniard Javier Bardem (they had a wild erotic pairing in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a role that won Penélope Best Supporting Actress). The Taurus need for material success is manifested in Penélope’s choices of men: Her partners are good-looking status symbols and stay around only as long as they are not a threat to outshine her career.

Making a Negative a Positive

In Penélope’s chart, the planet Uranus, ruler of surprises and disruptions, opposes Mercury, planet of communication. In a person’s horoscope, this will often indicate an inability to communicate, or constantly being misunderstood when communicating. Consider that Penélope Cruz, fresh off her Best Supporting Actress win, has one of the thickest accents in American popular culture today. Understand that this practical Taurus took what might be a handicap and, combined with her irresistibly sexy appearance, made a thick foreign accent just one more of her many charms used to seduce audiences and movie industry big-shots alike.

What Does the Future Hold?

The shocks and surprises represented by the planet Uranus were at a peak in February when Penélope won her Best Supporting Actress award. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. The planet Uranus was in the same space as Penélope’s Venus. This is definitely a high point in her career. She has proven herself to Spain, to America and now to the world. Pluto, the planet of transformation is currently delivering two changes in her life, one is easy and the other is challenging. In 2008, Pluto moved into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It will be there for fifteen more years. Capricorn is in harmony with Taurus, so all people of the Bull’s zodiac sign have something good to look forward to for the next decade and a half – changes will be easy to make and will benefit the Bull.

The career of Penélope Cruz is now changing from sexy exotic beauty to serious actress. She is beginning a professional transition to superstardom. Pluto makes such upward mobility easy for all those born under Taurus presently. But simultaneous with this career momentum comes some tough choices in the love department for Penélope. The Mars/Saturn pairing that give Penélope her strength is currently being opposed by Pluto. This opposition makes change unbearably tough. Penélope will soon be falling in love in a way that will force her to choose between her career and a singular soulmate for her in the world. As Pluto makes its way through the early part of Capricorn, Penélope’s ability to seduce men who are her professional equals will disappear. She will suddenly find herself infatuated with men who would be seen as beneath her. Paparazzi will find her with a man who is close to being a nobody. The pragmatic Taurus will be publicly confronted with the truth about love: it really is blind, and not career-oriented either. Look for this scandal to unfold in 2010 or 2011.

Penélope will be undergoing a transformation about how she relates to men on an intimate level – her past has seen her pursue the pleasures of the flesh and the achievements of career connections. The future will be all about uncontrolled love with no rewards but itself. Can the beautiful Spanish Bull meet her match in the person of a lowly matador of the heart?

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