Sun Moves Into Pisces


The Sun, planet of self, moves into Pisces where it will stay for the next four weeks. Under this influence you may feel misunderstood. It could be as if you’ve got only one foot on the planet, while the other one rests among the stars. You may find yourself wanting to escape the earthly plane and enter the nebulous Otherworld as easily as you can. 

During this time you could find that ‘reality’ is in fact only a small bit of the true larger picture; the spirit world is really where it’s at. Try not to avoid or escape the so-called Real World in order to hang out in that preferable alternate reality. Be very careful that this does not devolve into evasion or avoidance. Unmotivated by worldly concerns, you may live in a world of infinite possibilities. 

During this period your dreams, both day and night, are fantastic and improbable, and your ideals grand. You may be highly sensitive on every level — physically, emotionally, and psychically — so you must make every effort to ensure purity in your environment, relationships, and actions. Images such as photographs, paintings, and cinema will strongly affect you. 

Your need for alone time is one that must be honored with this transit. You could find yourself with a sweet nature and a tender heart that is equally moved by stray kittens, sad movies, and the beggar on the corner. Acts of service could be as natural to you as breathing at this time.

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