The 7 Astrological Keys to Prosperity

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Can astrology guide you to success and prosperity?

Yes! When your planets are contacted by orbiting or transiting planets, things happen in your life that make success more visible, be they big things (with big aspects) to little things (with fast-moving contacts).

Astrology provides us with keys to become aware of how energy is moving around us and through us. There is no bad or good astrology; it’s about how you experience and use your energy, the energy around you, and the cosmic energy enabling all of us to “move” here on Earth.

  1. Know Why Things Happen When They Do

    Which of your planets are important for timing? Good question … they’re all important! But the planetary transits (a planet’s passage in relation to a point in your chart) at any given time will trigger different situations.

    For example, it’s extremely helpful when an orbiting planet makes contact with your significant chart points: the Ascendant and the Midheaven. At these times, big changes can happen in your life. This is when you take the initiative: start a business, project, job or relationship.

    Transits that play a role in your success and prosperity are: trines, sextiles, conjunctions, squares and oppositions.

  2. Pay Attention to Any Transits to Your Midheaven

    If you’re looking to take a financial or professional risk and/or decide to increase your income, the best time is when a planet trines your Midheaven. If you’re not sure when this will happen, make sure to get your Career Forecast ASAP so that you don’t miss a great opportunity.

    The next best time is when a planet sextiles your Midheaven. The sextile aspect says: Help is available – ask and you shall receive! You may not even need to ask. This is when the phone rings with good news and everyone gets back to you.

    The next best transit after the sextile is the conjunction. Conjunctions can work for or against you, making them neutral. A conjunction can give you extra energy, or it can mix things up, cloud the issue, and cause a lack of clarity as two concepts blend.

  3. See the Opportunity in “Unhelpful” Transits

    Not All transits are helpful, although there is a silver lining, and of course, an opportunity.

    Squares are traditionally the taskmasters of the zodiac. They indicate challenge and resistance. Yet, without squares, nothing is solid, nothing can be built, nothing is stable, nothing lasts. We need squares, but we also need to realize they mean business. No endeavor gets anywhere without a few challenges. Squares call you to account. They can help you to define yourself and set your goals.

    Opposing aspects (oppositions) show the presence of energy that is not “on your side.” In the long run, opposing critics can make you more aware, even if they confront you at the time.

  4. Put Transits in Perspective: Get Past the Squares and Work with the Trines

    Ok, so you started your job or business when there were squares and oppositions to your Midheaven, your partner’s Midheaven, or the business itself. Now what?

    There will always be easy and hard aspects; how you deal with them is crucial. Even if you started a business with lots of trines and sextiles, you still have to consider how you can make the most of your opportunities. You can just as easily blow a fortuitous break as maximize it.

  5. Maximize the Flow

    Make the most of the good and find creative solutions to the challenges. There is only energy. It’s not good or bad; it’s how you use it. We are all creative, but when we do not use our creative flow, it works against us.

  6. Timing

    Transits can last from a day to a few months, even a year. But not all days will be peak days for this energy. From the time the transit first comes into influence until it is exact is when it is strongest. After it reaches exact contact, the influence lessens, often almost immediately. It continues to ease off for a while, depending on which planet is involved.

  7. Your Value

    Thinking of your value only in terms of your past or present income is limiting your potential, and gives yourself the message that prosperity is beyond your reach. Your value is multi-faceted, based on many factors including your experience, and is greater than the sum of the parts. Your worth is immeasurable, and your income can be as well.

    Doing what you do best is your greatest resource. Your natural God-given gifts, talents, and abilities, along with your continued education and skills in doing what you excel at, are in fact your greatest resources; they all combine to help you live up to your greatest potential.

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