Understanding Astrological Love Compatibility: Tips for Dating the Earth Signs

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It’s the astrological New Year with the Sun’s ingress into Aries in late March, and as such, it’s the perfect time to think about expanding our social lives. We naturally want to get out more and ramp up our dating activity. Since Spring is symbolized by the fertile earth and sprouting seeds, let’s take a look at the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo in love. 

Earthy folk often get a bad rap when it comes to love—especially regarding the sexy side. But the Earth signs are deliciously, well…earthy. Passion and humor mix with loyalty and hard work, creating wonderful layers in relationships. And knowing your partner’s astrological quirks—or just being more aware of your own—helps any relationship operate more smoothly.

Capricorn: Going the Distance

Cappy is not great at casual dating. Though this sign isn’t as “all work and no fun” as pop astrology would have you believe, they are pretty focused on the important aspects of their lives—including their hobbies, work, and family. This doesn’t leave a ton of time for just running around. But when they are ready to partner, they will go for it with their classic climb-that-mountain style. 

A great date for Capricorn is watching a funny new film or taking an expedition that requires strength and perseverance. They’ve made time for you, so don’t waste it on a three-mile saunter when there is a fourteener to scale. You need to appeal to their subtle, wry humor or their physical side. Capricorns are also notoriously classy. So, dinner: elegant. Your outfit: impeccable with a dash of hip. Foreplay: subtle yet intense.

In the bedroom, Capricorn has given many an unsuspecting soul a nice surprise. Like all the Earth signs, once they are comfortable and trust you, they are intense, passionate lovers who are 90% likely to be faithful to you. Cha-chinggg! True, they may not be terribly adventurous but are usually patient and skilled lovers. 

Long-term is the Capricorn jam; they are committed with their eye on the prize. And they will always be totally faithful to the elements of their life before they met you—i.e., friendships, work, or hobbies. Don’t expect to be the center of their universe all the time, but of all the signs to find and keep the One, Cappy is the one.

Taurus: Chocolate Strawberries and Erotic Massage

What? Erotic? Taurus? I know—it’s a little-known fact that this staid sign can be the most sumptuous lover in the Zodiac. The thing is, like Capricorn, they need to totally trust their lovers to really flower sexually. But with encouragement and gentle urging (don’t even try nagging a Taurus—time will stop before they budge), they can open to their deeply sensitive, sensual natures. 

And as for dating—well….Taurus loves yummy food, nice surroundings, great music, and gentle breezes. If you are wooing a Taurus, make things nice. Dress in velvet. Serve chocolate mousse. Wear spicy perfume. Head to an outdoor concert with a succulent picnic. Take pillows. Anything could happen.

Taurus can be super stubborn and needs a delicate, coaxing hand, with plenty of time to make up their minds. But they also excel at long-term relationships. This is especially true if you share a vision to build a solid life together—like a family, a business, or an empire.  

Virgo: The Passionate Priestess/Priest

Virgo does the whole priestly thing with truly sexy flair. Though they aren’t promiscuous, they are far from celibate and have delightful, deep passions. But first, entry into the temple! 

Virgo is devoted to their “sacred work”—else they become the bitter, critical harpies that pop astrology describes. Sacred work is whatever stirs their soul. Be it accounting, saving baby seals, or directing huge humanitarian relief efforts, Virgos must have the time and space to commit to their projects. Their work will be a big part of your life, so it’s best if you can get at least a little excited about it. Like Cap, Virgos love a classy date; something related to their interests, a healthy meal in a place that is clean and cool, or a trip to a day spa all are on the Virgo great date menu. 

Virgo is a devoted partner who won’t bounce checks, forget the dry cleaning, or allow you to ruin your body with processed foods. They will stand by you and support your sacred work, too—even if it’s only your comic book collection. Support them in the same way, and you will have a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Earth signs are the anchors and stabilizers of the Zodiac. They are also the ones who take their vision to the finish line. Sure, they may need a little help to avoid getting stuck in their ways, and they may not be the quickest to jump into bed. But if loyalty and commitment are what you need, look no further than your nearest Earth sign.

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Image Source: Stocksy user Studio Firma. 

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