Using Taurus in Your Astrological Chart to Harness the Law of Attraction

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Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at manifesting great jobs, killer relationships, or even free travel? It’s not because they’re just “lucky” or have figured out some arcane secret. I bet you have something you are great at manifesting, too—but you don’t notice it because it’s so easy for you. We all have an area of our lives that is our attraction specialty, and over time, I’ve managed to make a direct correlation between that specialty and where Taurus falls in the natal astrological chart.

Taurus? you might ask. The stubborn sign that is all about…what is it that Taurus rules, again?

Yes, Taurus. The sign of the Bull rules values, possessions, wealth, and money. It governs our natural talents and, like the other earth signs, is associated with the creation of a physical reality. And humble Taurus, by its position in our natal chart, reveals where we can achieve manifestation greatness.

The House Taurus Rules

First, you will need a natal chart to know where Taurus is located in your birth chart. There are twelve houses in the Zodiac wheel, and each one governs a specific area of life. The house cusp that Taurus falls on will indicate your potential manifesting jackpot. Free charts are obtainable everywhere online, but you will need your birth time to get a chart you can actually use. 

Got it? Let’s take a look at Taurus in the various houses.

First House: This house rules our identity, our physical being, our personality, and how/what we are learning in this lifetime. If you have Taurus here, you may be great at attracting clothes, body products, body work, or any kind of personal development tools. Take my friend, Jody, for example; she has won more free spa treatments than anyone I know. 

Second House: The natural “home” of Taurus, this area rules wealth, possessions, and earned income/investments. My buddy Trevor has Taurus here, and he has a knack for obtaining stock tips that seriously pay off. He’s also great at manifesting amazing gently used furniture.

Third House: This is the house of communication, writing, teaching, and information. Taurus here brings the download, book, or class you need at the right time. As in, “I wish I could learn to X”—and then you hear about a class for that and you get the last spot. Or, “I want to know about Y,” only to get an email telling you where to find that info.

Fourth House: This is the house of family, lineage/ancestry, and land. My friend Janessa has the Bull here, and she has an amazing ability to manifest whatever living situation she needs. She even has a micro-biz helping people find apartments in the city where she lives!

Fifth House: Here we find the areas of creativity, children, games, and fun romance (as opposed to committed relationships). I have a couple friends who have Taurus here; Lila can attract a hook-up like no one else, and Jo is perfect at manifesting opportunities to show/sell her textile art.

Sixth House: This house governs practical service, pets, and health. Taurus here gives Peter a knack for manifesting perfect homes for the dogs he fosters, an offshoot of his dog walking and pet-sitting business.

Seventh House: Serious or influential relationships are ruled by this house. I’ve got Taurus here, and I’ve always been good at attracting clients, good friends, and just the type of relationships I’m seeking. Beau, a client, has Taurus here too, and she is a matchmaking whiz (both for herself and her friends).

Eighth House: Sexuality, the occult, psychology, and shared resources live here. Taurus in the Eighth House allows my sister, Brenna, to attract one sugar daddy after another. It’s crazy—but it’s her thing. Another client with this placement is especially good at—don’t laugh—manifesting sex toys. Seriously, people just give them to her!

Ninth House: This house is about travel, other cultures, higher education, and anything that expands the mind. The Bull here assists my other sibling, Cruz, in scoring free trips and travel. He’s a sporty guy with a good teaching style, so his ability to teach sports often snags him these opportunities.

Tenth House: Career, reputation, and status are what it’s all about here. I know a few people with this placement, and all of them are super good at manifesting whatever type of job they are seeking. 

Eleventh House: This is the house of community and groups—the larger society of which we are a part. Taurus here helps people naturally become leaders in whatever community they are active in—whether that’s a church, sorority, meetup group, whatever. It also helps attract the right community support for projects or activism.

Twelfth House: This is the most elusive house in the Zodiac, that of spirit, the Divine, the unconscious, dreams, and eternity. My psychic mentor, Amara, has Taurus here, and she can channel the information she needs to create whatever she wants. On a more mundane level, my client, Joy, is skilled at attracting spiritual teachers and practices.

Working with your natural attraction specialty is a great way to begin to create outside of that arena. For example, Joy, who attracted me at just the right time in her life, is working on being more grounded and manifesting more financial abundance. I’m working with her on her illusions (Twelfth House) to get her greater satisfaction in her Second House. Or my bro Cruz—he’s working on applying the Law of Attraction to relationships. He’s analyzing how he so easily gets all this free travel and applying that to Seventh House matters. 

The Law of Attraction works all the time, with everything. Once we know that we’re masters in one area, we can begin to apply it to others. Remember, manifesting is a state of mind and an alignment to things that vibrationally match us. Owning our current manifesting mojo builds confidence in the areas where we may struggle and helps us celebrate the good things we are constantly bringing into our lives. 

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Zada is a Boston-based intuitive and spiritual blogger, Yogi, and dog mom to two Cocker Spaniels, Demi and Bruce. She specializes in Tarot and Reiki, and uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals reach enlightenment and lead their most authentic lives every day through meditation, visualization, and Jivamukti. Her spirit animal is a Pegasus named Randy.
 Article Image Source: Stocksy user Thais Ramos Varela. 
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