Winning Over Any Woman: Tips from the Zodiac

2588530.jpgIn the game of love, individuality counts, as does a fresh approach to winning over the object of your desires. When you’re approaching a woman who has piqued your interest, stock pickup lines and mediocre conversation just aren’t going to work — not if you want to make her feel as special and unique as she is. That’s where knowing certain traits of her Sun sign comes in. If you want her to notice you, you need to unlock the puzzle of her likes and dislikes. From first meet to flirting, dating and making her your own, the Zodiac holds all the answers you need.

The first thing to know about an Aries woman? She is passionate to the core. In relationships, she loves the pursuit — and being pursued — but holding her interest once you’ve “caught” her is another matter altogether. For the Ram, a blaze of passion can fizzle out fast if there isn’t enough energy there to sustain it. The best fuel to keep that fire burning is staying one step ahead of her at all times. She needs a lover who possesses a strong mind and backbone; confidence and independence are essential, while spineless or clingy behavior could spell the end of the affair. Spontaneity and ambition are also requirements for a lasting relationship; the Ram needs to feel impressed, excited and inspired by her lover. If you pursue an Aries woman, get ready to field one challenge after another — and every one of them will be worth the prize.
To win over a Taurus woman, woo her in a focused and deliberate way. Since she adores rich flavors, chocolates, fine wine or an excellent meal at a top-rated restaurant will go a long way toward winning her heart. But she also appreciates wholesome simplicity, and could be just as impressed, if not more so, by a home-cooked meal as five-star dining. A sensualist by nature, the Bull needs a strong physical connection to feel grounded in a love affair, so don’t skimp on pampering her with back rubs and foot massages. But the real key to the Bull’s heart? A strong and dependable lover who is seeking long-term commitment. This grounded soul doesn’t tolerate drama or unpredictability well, but she does need a partner with a backbone who can stand up to her stubborn streak. Strike that all-important balance, and she will gift you with devotion.

Winning the heart of a Gemini woman is all about first stimulating her mind. Clever, knowledgeable and a champ at flirting, she responds best to someone who makes her laugh while making her think. She loves nothing more than a good debate; while some might fantasize about making love into the wee hours of the night, Gemini wants to stay up all night talking, trading stories, and making a meeting of the minds. The best dates with this sign are those that engage her at a mental level, such as trivia night at a pub, a book reading or poetry slam competition, or a controversial film that is sure to spark conversation. Once you’ve connected at that all-important intellectual level, the physical connection will follow. At that point, think nimble fingers and naughty talk to stoke her desires.

When the object of your desires is a Cancer, flattery and frills won’t do the trick; in fact, these promise only to turn her off. Cancer women seek nothing less than true sincerity in love. A secure, dependable connection with a trustworthy partner is a requirement for this deeply emotional, sensitive and intuitive woman, so dishonest or unfaithful types need not apply. The Cancer woman does want to be swept off her feet, but doing so can be tricky; one false move and you could send the sign of the Crab back into her self-protective shell. But show her that you’re family-oriented, a hard worker, and someone who will strive to provide for her physical and emotional needs, and she will open her heart to you, slowly but surely. Great dates with the Crab include a picnic, a wedding or family reunion, or a tearjerker film that will tug at her heartstrings.

If your heart yearns for a Leo, you can look forward to a truly passionate connection with a woman who possesses a magnetic personality and the heart of a lion. Hers is the sign of the Lion, after all, and she needs a partner in love who is as strong and bold as she is. Let her know she plays the starring role in your heart with big gestures — the showier and more demonstrative, the better. Sweep her off her feet with a weekend getaway to an exotic locale or a rooftop dinner surrounded by sparkling city lights. But know that winning over a Leo woman is about understanding her deeply, which means seeing past that bright, stylish, charismatic exterior to the soft heart beneath. In order to fully flower in a love affair, the Lion needs to feel both emotionally secure and utterly adored.

Winning over a Virgo woman takes time, focus and dedication. Most Virgos are a bit on the shy and reserved side, at least when it comes to giving away their hearts — and true, dependable love is what this woman is seeking. Virgo has no time for a lover who’s just playing around; she is seeking someone she can trust, with whom she can let her hair down and to whom she can bare her soul. She has rather traditional tastes and expectations in love, and she tends to be turned off by overtly showy displays. Gift her with lovely flowers and treat her to dinner at a quality restaurant, but avoid “It spots” with inflated prices. Most of all, skip the light, flirtatious banter in favor of deep and real conversation. She needs to know you have a serious approach to life and relationships — that you have solid moral values along with well-defined ambitions for the future. Once she knows you’re the real thing, she will gift you with generous, selfless devotion.

Sociable Libra loves mixing and mingling with a crowd of people, so when wooing this stylish woman, don’t be surprised if your courtship is something of a group affair. Dinner parties, gallery openings and gala events — these are Libra’s natural habitat, and anyone who wishes to win her heart will just have to adapt. That shouldn’t be too tough, either; Libra knows all about having a good time. An excellent hostess and conversationalist, she has a way of making you feel as if you’re the only one who matters, even when you’re surrounded by a host of other admirers also pursuing her heart. The thing to know about the Libra woman is that she’s made for love, romance and partnership. Happiest in a harmonious relationship, she doesn’t do well with moody or aggressive types. Show her your kind, even-tempered and supportive nature — and that you can keep up with her lifestyle — and she’ll be yours forever.

The mysterious, emotional and devastatingly attractive Scorpio woman is attracted to enigmatic souls, so when pursuing her heart, don’t lay all your cards out at once. Smoldering glances go a long way with this intense and sexual woman; she wants to be tantalized by unspoken promises of passion, long before you actually make a physical connection. Woo her with dinner or drinks at a dark, romantic restaurant — but don’t think for a second that you’re the one in charge. Scorpio is all about being in control, even if she does so surreptitiously. In fact, even if you start out with the upper hand — perhaps you let her pursue you at first, or you even play hard-to-get — you could find yourself falling so head over heels for the Scorpion that you end up being consumed by your thoughts of her. That potent personality of hers is just that compelling.

Winning over an adventurous, free-spirited Sagittarius woman is no small undertaking; it depends on engaging and stimulating her mind, her heart and her very soul. She is attracted to an active, energetic lover who lives life as she does — as one, continual outward-bound experience. Long-term commitment is possible with the sign of the Archer as long as you avoid placing too many limits on her. She rebels against restrictions; she needs to know she is still as independent as she was when she was single — at least mentally — and still free to pursue her ever-changing interests and ambitions. A great date for a Sagittarius is one that uses her muscles or opens her mind; think rock climbing to a gorgeous vista, attending a lecture on Buddhism or another spiritual subject, or hitting the road for an impromptu trip to parts unknown.

Winning over an ambitious, hardworking Capricorn woman depends a lot on timing. After all, with her busy schedule, it could be tough to schedule a date — but if you can convince her to take time away from her demanding career and other pursuits, you’ll discover an intelligent, dynamic woman with a strong and steady heart. Capricorn isn’t looking for anything light, fun and flirty; when it comes to love, she is seeking a reliable partner who is as serious about commitment as she is. Just know in advance that persistence is key. And if you can encourage her to set aside her many responsibilities and relax from time to time, so much the better. She needs the break, and will appreciate the fact that you care enough to remind her to have some fun. Still, be sure to emphasize the important things — namely, your ethics, your hard work and your aspirations — so she knows you’re a serious contender in the competition for her heart.

The Aquarius woman can be tough to pin down — which is part of what makes her so attractive. She most definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer, leaving her admirers to do their best to fall into step. While this woman is nontraditional in a variety of ways, from her views and interests to her goals and ambitions, she is, in the end, looking for a dependable, long-term love connection. Just don’t expect her to be the warm and cuddly type; the Water Bearer needs plenty of space, independence and alone time to pursue her passions. A great date with an Aquarius will be something intellectually stimulating and well outside the box; try a film screening of a controversial documentary, a gallery showcasing the work of a daring, edgy artist, or a charity race or benefit to appeal to her philanthropic side.

Winning the heart of a Pisces woman isn’t so difficult; she adores others so readily and fully that it isn’t hard to make a connection. The challenge is being worthy of her deep and pure love. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for her to fall for selfish types who might take advantage of her giving nature. The key with the sign of the Fish is to show her the depths of your compassion and generosity, and let her know again and again that you will support and protect her heart. While a traditional dinner-and-a-movie date might be a lot of fun, volunteering together at an animal shelter could go much further in demonstrating your true heart and positive intentions. Show her your ability to care for others, especially those who are smaller, younger or more vulnerable than yourself, and her love will be yours for keeps.


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