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7962073.jpgSettling on a career path to pursue can be quite a tricky business. What type of work will make you feel happy and fulfilled, as if you’re doing something meaningful with your life? Which job will provide the income and benefits you need to support the lifestyle of your choosing? Which profession will meet the ambition that swells within you, fulfilling the image you have of yourself? Some of us are lucky enough to find an occupation early and easily that feels like a natural fit — one that utilizes our strengths while challenging us to develop our weaker points; one that is engaging and fascinating and a pleasure to show up to every day. But many of us are still searching for that perfect job that can become a career for life. If you’re in the latter category, read on to find out about the gifts and strengths of your astrological sign that can translate into the perfect career for you.

Headstrong, competitive Aries thrives in a dynamic occupation that makes use of your leadership skills. In previous jobs, you may have experienced the burnout that occurs when you feel stuck in a position that isn’t inspiring or challenging enough. A career that encourages you to be competitive, on the other hand, allows you to bring your sharpest instincts forward. You also do well when you’re in charge, whether as the boss or simply in a position of autonomy. You can thrive in a field like sales or real estate that allows you to put your enthusiasm to work; commission-based occupations also stimulate your drive to work harder and earn more than your colleagues. On a different note, as a Fire sign, you might love the heat, energy and drama of firefighting. You’re a hero at heart and would enjoy any career that allows you to show your true colors, such as police officer, paramedic or rescue worker. You would also make an excellent politician because you possess the sharp wits, competitive streak and strength of will needed for this difficult field.

The Bull would do well in any career featuring tactile or sensory pleasures, such as a gourmet chef, a florist, a chocolatier or a potter, all of which benefit from Taurus’s natural creativity and eye for aesthetics. You might also love working in a bedding store specializing in fine linens, or a yarn store featuring gorgeous colors and all-natural fibers. You have excellent physical endurance and can excel at jobs requiring energy and stamina, including professional golfer or endurance athlete. Considering that many Taureans tend to be sedentary, a physical career can also be a real benefit to your health. Finally, a job that offers you good benefits and financial stability, such as a career in banking or real estate, could be quite fulfilling due to the comfortable lifestyle it affords you. Whichever career you choose, you’re sure to work hard at it and stick with it — which is why it’s particularly important for the Bull to find the right career path. Otherwise, you might stay with an occupation that isn’t fulfilling, simply out of habit or a sense of duty.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of Communication, Gemini is all about the intellect — specifically, receiving and communicating ideas that are fascinating, hilarious or otherwise mentally stimulating. As lighthearted, witty and sociable as you are, you would do well in a career that allows you to interact with the public, such as an event planner or owner of a bookstore, or a career in public relations. Geminis generally do well in jobs related to the written or spoken word, including writer, librarian, journalist, singer or blogger, or even a politician. As young at heart as you are, you might also love a job where your work is to play, such as a children’s birthday party clown or owner of a party supplies, toy or pet store. Whatever you choose, you’re most likely to thrive in a work environment that is dynamic and fast-paced enough to maintain your interest.

Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancer is a deeply feeling sign and a nurturer at heart. You would do well in any occupation that draws on your ability to connect intuitively with others and support them in a meaningful way, such as elementary school teacher, talk therapist or counselor, social worker, homemaker, registered nurse, gardener, owner of a plant nursery, or chef. You are also a natural leader and possess the skills needed to be the head of anything from a volunteer soup kitchen to the human resources department at a large corporation — or, for that matter, the company’s CEO. Just make sure to choose a career that either incorporates the people you love, such as a family-owned business, or does not take you away from spending much-needed time with your loved ones. As family-oriented as you are, you might also find great meaning in being a genealogist or even in running a nursing or funeral home.

Stylish, passionate, dramatic and dynamic, Leo can thrive in any career that allows you to show others the bright, wonderful stuff you’re made of — especially if you can do so in the broader public eye. You’re made for any occupation that lets you get out into the spotlight, such as actor, musician or any other type of performer; director of a theater or dance troop; theater teacher or dance instructor; product spokesperson; or politician. As stylish, artistic and creative as you are, you’re also well cut out for a career as a visual artist, gallery curator, high-end boutique owner or manager, or interior decorator. Since you’re unusually charming and charismatic, you can also thrive in a leadership position; thus, you would make a passionate and effective CEO or political leader. You thrive on positive feedback from your colleagues or audience, so be sure to seek out a supportive work environment that brings out your best side.

Meticulous, detail-oriented Virgo is both keenly intellectual and highly service-minded. You thrive in a career that utilizes your facility with detail and organization, such as office manager, copyeditor or personal organizer, or one that allows you to put your keen critical faculties to use, such as restaurant critic, Health Department inspector, accountant, editor or detective. You also love to be of service to others, and you’re naturally focused on issues of health; thus, you might enjoy working as a nurse, a dental hygienist, a nutritionist, or in some other area of health care, or, alternatively, as a manicurist or hair stylist. If, like many Virgos, you possess a facility with languages, you would do well as a writer or translator. Any career you choose should be one that offers a certain amount of predictability regarding your schedule and income, since you work best within an established routine.

Ruled by Venus, the pleasure planet, sociable Libra knows just how to put people at ease and bring groups of individuals together in a pleasurable, harmonious way. You thrive in a career that utilizes these skills, such as a party, wedding or other event planner; head of a company’s human relations department; manager of a team of employees; or even international diplomat or ambassador. Since you’re also quite artistic and creative, you can do well as an artist or musician, a gallery or museum curator, a florist, an architect, or an interior or clothing designer. As a people-person who loves interacting with the public, you might also love a career in customer service, perhaps as a salesperson, waiter or restaurant host.

Complex and complicated Scorpio has many different skills and strengths to draw from when seeking your best career. First off, you’re known for your emotional depths as well as your drive to understand deeper truths; thus, you could find great satisfaction in a career that draws upon these qualities, such as detective, therapist, counselor, physician or nurse. You also work well in high-pressure situations requiring intense skill and focus, such as an Emergency Room doctor or nurse, a SWAT officer, a bodyguard or a suicide prevention crisis counselor. These careers also tap into your innate urge to help others, especially by assisting them in transforming themselves from the inside out. Since you also love being in a position of power and control, you might also enjoy a career in politics or as the head of a major corporation.

The sign of the Archer is always shooting for the stars, philosophically speaking. You are a seeker and an adventurer, a lifelong learner and natural teacher. You can thrive in a career that taps into your love of knowledge, experience, athleticism or the outdoors, such as adventure guide, travel writer, teacher, professor or coach. Your strong sense of ethics makes you well suited for a career in law or justice, such as a judge, a police officer or an attorney. If your outlook is more spiritual, you might enjoy a career as a counselor, a minister, or another type of clergy member. If you want to find true happiness in your work, be sure to avoid occupations that are overly routine- or detail-oriented, which tend to stifle your natural enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Ambitious Capricorn is responsible, dependable and always seeking improvement. You tend to work your way up the ladder of success, and may in fact be overworked — but as long as you’re doing work you love, your dedication won’t be in vain. You’re happiest in a career that has a clear promotional track to the top, so avoid occupations that have little room for growth. Seek instead a career that employs your excellent work ethic, your competitive nature and your comfort with rules and routine, such as school administrator, team manager or banker. You’re also naturally focused on status and reputation, and might gravitate toward a career in politics or as a tenure-track professor. Wherever your career starts out, you’re sure to reach an important position of power within your field; given time to prove yourself and hone your skills, you may become chairperson, partner or CEO.

Intellectual, forward-thinking Aquarius works best in an occupation that utilizes your drive to improve on the status quo. You could thrive as a scientist, an inventor or the founder of an Internet startup company, especially since you’re drawn toward technical gadgets and advances. You also have a strongly progressive side and may be a natural humanitarian or environmentalist; thus, you could enjoy a career as an animal or human rights activist, a politician, an organic farmer, a city planner, or an architect specializing in sustainable design. As a people-person who loves being out in the crowd, you might love working as a fundraiser, an event planner or a community organizer. Whichever path you pursue, keep in mind that you work best when you aren’t cooped up in a stuffy corporate environment, and when you have plenty of autonomy and freedom to do your own thing.

Dreamy, creative Pisces lives in a world of the imagination. You might spend more time in fantasy than reality; thus, you can thrive in a career that taps into this love of illusion, such as children’s book illustrator, magician, musician or visual artist, or photographer. You are also quite deeply emotional and intuitive, and have a way with animals as well as people. You could really enjoy working as an animal trainer, school counselor or social worker, although do take care with emotionally intense jobs that might prove to be too heavy a burden on your heart. You can also work wonders in an alternative career such as a tarot card reader, psychic or astrologer. Finally, since you are quite selfless in your urge to help and support others, you could make a wonderfully intuitive nurse, midwife or doula, veterinarian, or therapist.


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