Can A Psychic Predict Marriage?

Couple getting married.

When will I marry? Will I ever get married? Meet my soulmate?

These questions occupy so many clients, and honestly, for a long time they pestered me, too. At every reading I asked intuitives about my relationships, so I understand the desire to know how, when, and if this type of union will happen. But while a psychic can certainly help guide you through relationships, ultimately you possess free will and the ability to choose for yourself if and who you will marry.

What Can Psychics Predict?

Psychics work in different ways. They can tell you the energy around a particular relationship. They can see if there is a contract or agreement between your souls. A psychic can help you understand how to navigate difficulties and what there is to learn in a situation. They can clear past life karma, with your consent, and, if they are healers, can help to heal issues you or your partner may have around relating and commitment.

A psychic may be able to see if you have a soulmate contract with someone who is not currently incarnated, if you have a soulmate contract with someone you haven’t met, or if you don’t have a soulmate contract (which doesn’t mean you can’t/won’t get married!). Often a psychic can see if a potential mate is near and what types of actions you would need to take to place yourself in that person’s path.

Predicting exact dates and times of meeting or marrying is difficult because time only exists as linear in our perception. Information that comes from the spiritual world isn’t framed in a linear time context, and so it has to be translated by the psychic. This is trickier than it sounds—and often makes clients fixated, stressed, and therefore less receptive to the flow of life. If a psychic tells you a certain thing, like how old your potential mate is, or what he looks like, or even how you’ll meet him/her, this same fixation with the “facts” can cause you to miss the person altogether. Maybe he’s actually blond when the psychic saw brunette.

At the heart of our relationship choices is our free will. And no psychic can predict exactly what you will do with your power to create.

Fate vs. Free Will

The concept of a “one true love” is very popular in this culture, but, personally, I don’t subscribe to it. Through seeing hundreds of clients and witnessing so many kinds of relationship connections, I have come to the conclusion that we have some relationship contracts in place when we incarnate (chosen by our soul beforehand), and many more that we choose to create as our lives unfold. Let’s look at some examples of “fated” vs. free will relationships.

Luna came to me for a psychic reading. She wanted to know if her boyfriend, James, was the man she should marry. The “should” was a clue right away about how she really felt about him, but I looked without judgment into their agreement. I learned that they were indeed karma mates—that is, they had agreed to meet to work out specific issues in relationships.

Luna told me that she and James had quite an electric sexual connection, but he was strong-willed and often overpowered her in day-to-day decisions. I explained the karma as I saw it: James had been her father in a previous life and had severely restricted her freedom. He needed to learn how to share power, and Luna needed to practice being empowered. They had a choice, through their free will, to make what they would of their connection. So, there was an element of “fate” in their relationship (the agreement), but they weren’t bound by some requirement that they marry or even stay together.  At a later reading, Luna told me that they had decided to partner, though not to marry. It is likely that their relationship will feel finished when they have resolved the karma, and they will choose to move on.

Another client, Trina, booked a session to see if her marriage was going to make it through some troubled times. When I looked at their relationship, I found there was no karmic agreement or soulmate contract. They had come together purely by choice and were presently creating karma, but had not, in fact, ever been incarnated together before. I advised her on the possible outcomes of some of their specific issues, but because they were creating purely from free will, no one could predict with accuracy their choices for the future. She felt empowered to try even harder in the relationship once she knew she was completely at choice.

Julie was a colleague who needed some objective assistance in navigating her relationship with an ex-lover. I found that they did have a soulmate contract dating back many lifetimes. They would keep meeting to fulfill the contract lifetime after lifetime. As long as neither one dissolved the connection, they would be bound to it. And if they were not incarnated together, then finding a new partner might be difficult because of the “memory” of the contract. I asked her if she wanted to keep the contract. If she dissolved it, she could still choose to be connected to him, but it would be a free will choice. If she kept it, she might find it hard to actually choose to be with another person. Somehow her ex would always be in the picture.

“But will I marry someone else?” she asked me. “I really want to have children.”

“Your chances of meeting someone more appropriate for who you are now will increase so much if you dissolve this contract. But it has to be your choice. There isn’t any guarantee.”

Julie left the reading undecided. She checked in with me a year later. She had decided to keep going with the contract, and they had gotten back together. They were going to try to get pregnant. She admitted that the relationship felt stale, but she didn’t want to take a chance on meeting someone else since she wanted to have children.

You can see from these examples how different every situation is, and how fate and free will converge. Even twin flame connections don’t always end in marriage—in fact often they don’t.

Who you will marry, when, and why are all choices that are up to you.

The best question you can ask a psychic about future relationship status is what you need to do to make yourself most receptive. Consider what actions you need to take or personal qualities you need to cultivate to make the most of the options that present themselves to you. If you have a contract, you’ll likely meet the person. If not, you are free to create whatever you want. Either way, relax, and be open. Free will is a gift—enjoy it!

Do you have questions about your relationship? Want to know more about potential karma or soul mate contracts? Contact an advisor on Keen today!

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