60+ Of The Best Questions to Ask a Psychic

Having the right questions to ask a psychic is as important as the reading.

There’s no guidebook for shaky relationships, family drama, anxiety, or health concerns. Stress can come from good things too like landing your dream job or getting married. 

Our Keen advisors are experts at using their connection to the spiritual realm to help you answer these questions.

Sessions with advisors go by quickly and we always get asked: what are the best questions to ask a psychic. If you’re thinking about booking an appointment but aren’t sure what to ask, this article is for you.

Tips for Preparing Your Questions

If this is your first time talking to a psychic, this article will help you prepare. When you’re coming up with questions, the way you phrase your questions can be as important as the question itself.

  • Always
    • Be specific
    • Make questions open-ended
  • Avoid
    • Passive Questions
    • Reassurance Questions

Good Questions To Ask A Psychic 

Questions to Ask About Love


Whether you want to get over a breakup or attract a soulmate, love and relationship advice is one of the top reasons people talk to advisors.  These are some of the most popular questions to ask a psychic about love.

  • What should I know about my love life? 
  • What is my path to a happy and successful relationship?
  • How can I attract the right person into my life?
  • How can I truly follow my heart? 
  • What should I know about my partner?
  • Why is my marriage suffering?
  • How can I attract my soulmate?
  • What can I do to get over my breakup or divorce?
  • How do I know if I’m in a twin flame relationship? 
  • What can I do to be a better partner?


Whether you’re feeling complacent in your job, dream of starting your own company, or want to enter a new field, a psychic can provide insight into your career path.

  • What can I do to reach my career goals? 
  • What should I do to get promoted?
  • How can I grow in my career?
  • What should I know about my career path? 
  • How do I start my own business?
  • How can I get along better with my co-workers?
  • Should I change my career?
  • What can I do to work closer with my boss?
  • Am I on the right career path?
  • How can I have a better work-life balance?



While a psychic won’t replace a financial advisor, they can help you understand your relationship to money.

  • How can I be better at saving money? 
  • What’s the best way to manage my current financial situation?
  • How do I go about getting money back that’s owed to me?
  • What investments should I consider making? 
  • What investments should I avoid?
  • How can I reach my financial goals? 
  • I recently came into a lot of money. What’s the best way to manage it?
  • What are some ways I can make some more money on the side?
  • How can my partner and I communicate better about our finances?
  • What should I know before making a big purchase, such as a house, vacation or wedding? 

Questions to Ask About The Future

You’re in control of your destiny, but a psychic can help steer you in the right direction. 

  • What can I do to be more successful in my life?
  • What steps do I need to take to be on the right life path?
  • How can I prepare for my future?
  • What’s my soul purpose in life? 
  • How can I stop worrying about the future?
  • What do the spirit guides say about my future?
  • How can I feel more confident about the future?
  • What can I do to prepare for a future move?
  • How can I make the best use of my time after I’m retired?
  • What things can I do now to ensure that I have a secure future?

Questions to Ask About Family


Family dynamics can be complicated at times, which is why it can be a good idea to let a psychic offer unbiased advice. 

  • How can I connect with my family better?
  • What can I do to gain acceptance from my in-laws?
  • How can I get closer to my siblings?
  • What messages do my deceased loved ones have for me? 
  • How can I make a peaceful home?
  • What does the universe want me to know about my family situation?
  • How will I know if moving is a good decision for my family?
  • What does the future with my family look like?
  • How can I deal with my family after a divorce?
  • How can I make co-parenting easier?

Questions to Ask About Health

A psychic isn’t going to tell you when you’re going to get sick, but an advisor can help guide you on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. 

  • What can I do to have a healthy lifestyle?
  • What changes do I need to make to stay healthy?
  • How can I improve my sleeping habits?
  • What method of exercise is best for me?
  • How can I kick my smoking habit?
  • What’s the best diet for me?
  • What about my diet do I need to know?
  • What are the things that need to be removed from my diet?
  • Should I avoid anything in particular to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • How can I be less stressed in my life?



During a psychic reading, be sure to come prepared with a list of powerful questions to ask  regarding your furry friend. Here are some of the best questions to ask a psychic:

  • Were you happy with me?
  • Did you have a good life?
  • Do you know I consider you family?
  • Do you miss us/me?
  • Do you forgive me?
  • Do you know that we/I love you?
  • Are you with others who care for you?
  • Will we/I see you again?
  • Do you want to tell us/me anything important?


Feel stuck in life and need some guidance? Questions regarding life are often asked during a psychic reading, and the ones below are designed to reflect your current situation, regardless of your background.

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • What can you tell me about past lives?
  • Are my spirit guides trying to communicate with me?
  • Which friendships are beneficial, and which ones are toxic?
  • What can I do to achieve success at work in record time?
  • I feel like something is blocking me from realizing my goals. What changes should I make to get unstuck?
  • Is there anything that the universe wants me to know?
  • Is there any messages from loved ones that are deceased?



During a psychic reading, be sure to come prepared with the right questions to ask concerning friends, both old and new. Ask open-ended questions such as

  • How can I present myself in order to gain new friends?
  • How do I maintain the friends I have now?
  • How do I easily resolve conflicts in my friend group?
  • Do my friends enjoy the time they spend with me?
  • How can I support my friends when they need me the most?
  • How do I create mental space in order to help my friends?
  • Do I have a lot of friends in the future?
  • How do I deal with saying goodbye to friends?
  • How do I choose between my career and my friends?


Psychic readers act as spirit guides through every aspect of your life, and this includes questions about spirituality itself. Be sure to formulate the type of questions that’ll tell you the most about the spirit world, such as

  • How can I find healing?
  • How many spirit guides do I have?
  • Can I tap into the astral realm?
  • How can I connect better with the universe?
  • Do I have negative vibes in my life?
  • Is my guardian angel watching me?
  • How can I focus on my soul?
  • What path should I follow for absolution?
  • How do I connect with my soul?
  • How can I contact my spirit guides?

Are You Ready For Your Psychic Reading? 

You know you’re ready for a psychic reading if you’re willing to open up, you want judgment-free advice, and you’re prepared to hear the truth.

A psychic reading is a great way to learn more about yourself and grow spiritually. So make sure to prepare the best questions to ask your psychic to help you improve your relationships, push you to achieve your goals, and be happier. Book a reading with a Keen advisor now.


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