Astrological Events Bring New Opportunities for Love This Spring

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In spring, the thoughts of many single men and women turn to love, or at the very least, dating. Spring is a time of excitement and new growth, and a chance at something great. It’s a season that’s full of riotous colors, and the love scene is just as fun to watch, as new dating technology meets the eternal beauty of a world waking up from winter to bring new opportunities for love.

Here at Keen, to follow up our 2016 Love Forecast, we took a closer look at the astrological events set to take place this spring and are excited to share how they could affect you and your love life.

May 5th and 6th: Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

The Eta Aquarids are going to be one of the more spectacular meteor showers this year. They come to us as dust from Halley’s Comet, that gorgeous body that floats into our lives every eight decades. At their peak on May 5th and 6th (the highest in that darkened bridge between the days), there will be some 60 comets an hour. While they will be more visible to our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, they will still be seen in the north, and will be spectacular.

Meteor showers are good omens for romance. For one thing, they are a great idea for dates. Imagine getting away from city lights with a warm blanket, a bottle of wine, and a pair of binoculars to bring the eternal night sky even closer. A new moon, promising a blackened sky, will only heighten the show. More than that, though, meteor showers have a significant astrological significance. There is no question that they are a disruptor of the heavens, and when they pass through, it is a time of inspiration. It is a time in which a problem you have been working on or a decision you have struggled with can be resolved. You can focus on the answer and find it.

For many people, this decision will be love-related. You might be unsure if you want to be dating, or confused if the person you are dating is the one. You aren’t sure if you should take it to the next level. In astrology, a meteor shower is a sign that the static through the skies will lead to your inspiration and your solution. You don’t have to wish upon a star; they are already doing it for you.

May 9th: Mercury Transits Across The Sun

One of the great examples of haunting beauty in our solar system is a planetary transit, when one of the signs in our system crosses between us and the sun, creating a dark circle that slowly eases by. It creates a mysterious glow and is astonishing to trace. On May 9th, Mercury will undertake this eerie and beautiful journey for the first time in a decade. It will happen again in 2019, and then not again until 2039. While this isn’t as rare as the Transit of Venus, it doesn’t come around often enough to take it for granted. You can observe it through a telescope outfitted with a solar filter, and any number of websites will be broadcasting it.

This is an important moment for Mercury, which controls the Gemini and Virgo, as well as the Third and Sixth houses. Mercury is fast; it’s always in motion. If you are one of these signs, your attributes of quick decisions and impulsiveness will be even stronger in the time around the transit. This can be exciting, but you should be careful. Examine decisions more thoroughly to ensure you aren’t plunging into something too quickly.

For everyone else, this can mean an exciting and impulsive love is around the corner. You may feel more open to possibilities and to taking chances. Be careful but not too careful. It’s a good sign for a fun spring when Mercury is strong and beaming its powerful influence with the help of a looming sun.

May 21st: Blue Moon

The third full moon in a season with four is known as a Blue Moon, and it only happens once every few years (most seasons have three full moons). Full moons are always great for romantic dates. There are no stars, but if there are no clouds, either, you can see by the light of the moon. It’s beautiful for reading poetry to each other at night if that is your thing. And since there is some proof that people act crazier during a full moon, you might also want to stay home and watch movies together. Regardless of what you do, a full moon can be good for love.

Astrologically, this is interesting because it means there are two full moons that occur during the same cycle, which amplifies the power of the moon for whichever sign it is in. This is a particularly special date, though. May 21st is the cusp of the change from Taurus to Gemini, which means both signs will see two full moons (Gemini’s second is at the very end, during the change with Cancer). Both signs can be amplified by this, so if you are in these or are compatible with them romantically, this spring can bring some heat before the summer comes. Be more open to possibilities near the Blue Moon. Its power can open a lot of doors.

May 22nd: Mars at Opposition and June 3rd: Saturn at Opposition

An exciting astrological spring rounds out with two of the most powerful planets coming up flush against the sun and approaching closest to Earth. Basic telescopes will allow you and your date to see the craters and mountains of Mars and Rings of Saturn. Few things will be as elementally exciting, or as perfectly romantic.

When these planets are close and powerful, their influence is even stronger. For Mars, which controls passion, animal instinct, and most of all, sexual desire, this strength can be overwhelming. Mars being this near means that many people will have a heightened sense of romance and a stronger drive. Be careful when following it, but don’t ignore it. It could make for a lively spring!

This whole season is full of signs and wonder on Earth and in the skies. Keep looking up, but look in front of you as well. The love of your life could be coming your way, illuminated by the twinkling shooting-star light of a shattering sky.

For help with answering all of your love and relationship questions this spring, reach out to advisors on Keen.

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