Finding Your Twin Flame in a World of Online Dating

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This article was contributed by our partner, MeetMindful.

Life is a grand adventure, and it’s only normal that you want to share that adventure with someone special. If you’re into travel, you want to share the amazing sights and cultures you experience with the one you love. If you’re an art lover, walking hand in hand in a gallery with someone who appreciates art as much as you likely sounds like perfection. And we all know binging Netflix is more fun when you have the perfect person to cuddle with. But being with someone, anyone just isn’t enough.

You need to be with the right person. Otherwise, something will always feel off, a little (or a lot) wrong. But, in a world of dating apps and random hookups, how do you find the right person? How do you find something real in an age filled with 2 AM swipes and one-word responses? If you encounter that enough, you might start to feel like true love has died. This is what leads to couples settling for good enough. They think being comfortable is the best they can get, so they settle instead of waiting and searching for their twin flame.

What is a Twin Flame?

You’re likely familiar with the term ‘soul mates’ but the phrase ‘twin flame’ is a bit more obscure. Twin flames actually connect on an even deeper level than soul mates. A soulmate is someone you share the same kind of energy with, but twin flames exist in fusion with you. It’s theorized that a soul can split into two parts after ascending to a high frequency. Your twin flame is not someone your soul connects to, they are the other half of your own soul. As you can imagine, the connection between twin flames it deeper than any other connection and is life-changing when experienced. Twin flames are pulled together like magnets. No matter where you are in your life, or what you’re doing, the universe is pulling the two of you together. Your paths are destined to cross at some point, and the result will be undeniable. You might think a meeting like this would be explosive, but in reality, when you come across your twin flame, you feel a deep sense of recognition. It’s as if you’ve known this person you’re entire life. They’re not a stranger to you, despite never having met them before.

Twin flames are mirrors of each other, so their relationship and romance are intense. You’ve probably heard relationship advice similar to; “Find someone who elevates you, who challenges you, and helps you become a better person.” That’s what a twin flame does. They help you see yourself in ways you never thought possible. Now, this is both good and challenging because you’ll see your flaws in a new light. And not everyone is okay with that. But, it’s an opportunity to grow, to elevate yourself. If you take it and rise to that challenge, your twin flame will be by your side the entire way and help you succeed in bettering yourself.

Twin flames share intimacy and connection that relationships between two people who aren’t twin flames never know. For example, twin flames often know what the other person is feeling or thinking without having to ask. They also share many of the same interests. This goes beyond hobbies. You and your twin flame will likely have similar outlooks on life and share the same values and life goals. Of course, it’s also likely that you’ll love the same movie genres and have similar taste in food. Twin flames also experience a healthy sex life, as there is often an intense physical pull towards one another. But this also fosters intimacy outside of the bedroom, as most twin flame couples can be seen regularly holding hands and sharing simple, sweet kisses.

Your twin flame will understand you in ways that no one else in your life does. They can see through the walls you’ve built up, into the deep recesses of your mind and heart, and they have the capability to communicate in a way that is both comforting and gives you a strong sense of safety. At first, dating someone who can see into your soul can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re a guarded person, but over time it can be extremely liberating and validating to share yourself with someone else in that way.

How Do You Find Your Twin Flame?

If you’re lucky enough to have a twin flame out there in the world, your heart will always be searching for them. You will feel a yearning and longing deep inside you to find and connect with this person, so how do you find this person?

  • Ready Yourself for the Relationship: Start a journal to document your feelings and desires. This will help you refuse to settle for someone who isn’t your twin flame. If you know what you want in life and your future relationship, you won’t settle for second best. Getting closure from past relationships is also a great way to prepare yourself for the right relationship. Do whatever you need to say good-bye to lingering feelings for old flames, and know that something better is waiting in your future.
  • Be Open to New Experiences: Chances are there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but you haven’t worked up the courage or made the time to do it yet. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of going to an artist’s workshop or taking a dance class. Do it. Take chances and explore adventures you’ve been dreaming of, even if it’s a little outside of your comfort zone. Who knows where you might meet your twin flame, and going out into the world while doing what you love is a great way to open doors for new people to come into your life.
  • Join MeetMindful: Most online dating sites and apps simply pool all singles together and hope for the best. It’s a numbers game and nothing more. The creators hope that if enough people join, their users will find someone and click well enough to consider themselves happy. And this works; to some degree. You might find someone to date on these sites, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find a deep connection in the midst of all the hookups and mediocrity. True love, deep connection, and life altering romance comes when you find someone your soul sings to, a twin flame. MeetMindful is not your typical dating site. It’s a place for people willing to put in the effort, time, and dedication to creating lasting relationships. They’re done with random swiping and meaningless conversations. This platform allows twin flames to find each other in this crazy world ignite the strong bond between them.
  • Create the Right Profile: Joining MeetMindful isn’t enough. You have to create a profile that attracts people looking for a real connection. Be honest and transparent, and avoid cliches. Everyone says they love long walks on the beach or sipping wine by candlelight. You should be specific about your unique interests. If you love traveling, talk about your favorite destinations and why they stirred your soul. Discuss why your favorite movie moved you to tears or why family is the most important part of your life. Always choose pictures that showcase your personality. Everyone thinks choosing a flawless and traditionally beautiful pic is the way to go, but you should choose pictures that show potential matches your personality, even if they aren’t the best looking from your camera roll. Last, but not least, be clear about what you’re looking for. Never be afraid to ask for what you want. The universe will answer you. After creating your profile, look for profiles that are similar. You want the same amount of effort and honesty in return, and your twin flame will certainly provide it.  

Still looking for your soulmate? Join MeetMindful to find like-minded people.

How Do You Know When You’ve Found Your Twin Flame?

“When you know, you know.”  This is a common phrase that’s thrown around too often, but it’s true when it comes to finding your twin flame. Your meeting, no matter how or where it happens, will be intoxicating. You’ll feel the connection in your mind, your heart, and your soul. You’ll fit together like two puzzle pieces. Seeing them will feel like you’ve finally found your place in this world, like coming home. A clear sign that you’ve met your twin flame is that your compatibility will be undeniable. Talking to them will shine a light on your past relationships and make it extremely obvious why they never worked out. And you’ll thank your lucky stars that they didn’t. You might also notice small coincidences and signs that prove your meeting was destined to happen. Serendipity, if you will. Even if your first encounter with your twin flame is brief, it will leave a lasting impression on you. You won’t be able to stop thinking about them, and the pull towards them that you’ve unknowingly felt your entire life, will grow stronger.

Finding your twin flame is one of the single greatest experiences a person can ever encounter. Meeting and falling in love with them is like seeing the world in color for the first time. Suddenly your life makes sense, as all the little pieces of destiny fall into place. That’s not to say that you won’t face challenges, but when you find your twin flame you’ll know; there’s nothing the two of you can’t overcome when you’re together. If you’re tired of the mediocre dating, of settling for boring conversations and lack-luster dates, consider joining the passionate singles on MeetMindful. It’s an entirely new online dating experience that was created to help you find your twin flame and true connection in this world.

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