How to Keep Him Faithful

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Every man has needs; both emotional and physical. When these needs aren’t met, men seek to fulfill them however they can. It may be a need for respect, affection, happiness, or intimacy that leads a man to cheat. It could be something that he never even mentions. Luckily, not every woman has to worry about the possibility of cheating in her relationship. Boyfriends and husbands stray when they don’t feel fulfilled, so to keep your man faithful you just have to keep his emotional needs in mind.

  1. Stay Affectionate
    Even when a man knows how much you love him, he still needs to be reminded every once in a while. Tell him that you care every day (like you mean it). Make sure you communicate affection through your actions as well as your words. Just don’t let anger or frustration get the best of you. Relationship stress can take a serious toll on couples, so you and your partner may grow distant, but that shouldn’t stop you from cuddling and saying “I love you” often. However challenging life gets, never withhold affection. Your man could start seeking it elsewhere!

  2. Respect Him
    It’s easy to boss men around or talk to them like they’re children. After all, quite a few of them have a serious maturity problem. To make matters worse, after men make so many mistakes, women often feel as if they’ve lost control in their relationships. That’s when something absolutely needs to be done. It’s easy to lose respect and get mean rather than work to solve the issue. More often than not, the man already knows what he’s done wrong, and he probably feels guilty. That’s no excuse to treat him like a 4-year-old. When he messes up big-time, try concentrating on why you love him.

  3. Give Him Space
    Every man needs time to enjoy his hobbies, hang out with friends, and do his own thing – whatever that may be. If you’re around your boyfriend or husband during all of your free time, he will feel smothered. You might even annoy him so much that he considers bailing. Don’t let jealousy or insecurity get in the way of a successful relationship. Give the man some time to himself! This tip is actually a two-for-one bonus because you’ll have the opportunity to spend time on yourself too. If you spent all of your free time finding love (a.k.a. dating) before your current relationship, that’s fine, but now it’s time to find a hobby. You could try writing, kick-boxing, photography, traveling, or theater.

  4. Keep Him on His Toes
    Leave him little notes, sexy messages, and surprise him every so often. Once your routine becomes boring, your man may start looking for “spice” with another woman. However, if you keep things interesting at home, he’ll have no reason to stray. Keep him entertained! Besides the small things you can do, why not try new things together? It doesn’t matter whether you take a dance class, start a book club, or go skydiving. Just make sure you both feel alive and happy together. Even a timeshare meeting could be an interesting experience at the right place and time.

  5. Challenge Him
    Especially when it comes to sex, if a man gets whatever he wants, anytime he wants it, he’ll get bored fast. Men thrive on the thrill of the chase. When men finally get something they’ve been after for a long time, it makes them feel accomplished. That’s because all their hard work has finally paid off. To tease him without actually being a “tease”, consider your man’s wildest fantasy. Then fulfill it – but only if you’re OK with it and only once or twice a year. No matter how much he begs and pleads, don’t give in. His dirty thoughts will always be on you. And even better, you’ll find him wanting to return the favor.

  6. Take Care of Yourself
    While dating, people tend to groom themselves much better than they do five years into the relationship. It might because of work, stress, laziness, or knowing that their partner will love them no matter how unkempt they look. Whatever the reason, women often stop shaving as much, keeping their breath fresh all the time, doing their hair, and dressing up like they did at first – and that’s understandable. It’s a lot of work! Nonetheless, while you don’t need to look amazing every day, try to do what you can whenever you find time. Pretty hair and smooth legs go a long way. And looking good will make you feel good about yourself.

  7. Learn About Your Boyfriends Before You Get Serious
    Ask them about their views on unfaithfulness and see if they have a history of cheating. If your gut tells you any man is being dishonest, keep a close lookout for signs of cheating. Women’s intuition is nothing to ignore. Some men just aren’t mature enough to stay faithful. Certain ones will never be the loyal type, no matter how long you wait for them to grow emotionally. You could be the most beautiful, rich, hilarious woman to walk the planet, and these men would still cheat on you. Guard your heart so you don’t end up offering it to the wrong guy.

  8. Call a Psychic for a Psychic Love Reading
    Every man has his own communication style and unique needs. Whether you just met a wonderful guy or you’ve been married for over a decade, a psychic can help you solve troubles in your relationship. A psychic can also help you keep your man faithful. You might even be able to bring a cheater back to monogamy! Psychic insight works wonders for relationships. Maybe you’ll find out about your partner’s secret desires; then you can fulfill them on occasion. Perhaps you’ll learn how you can communicate more effectively as a couple. There could be quite a few good surprises in store for you.

Whatever your psychic sees during your call, the experience should help you improve your relationship. Finding love is hard and time-consuming. Fortunately, consulting a psychic can make it easier to hold onto the love you’ve found.

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