Psychic Help with Relationship Troubles

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Do you remember when you got butterflies in your stomach at just the thought of being near a particular person? You were suddenly breathless and your heartbeat thumped a lusty cadence of desire. Your communication was reduced to little snippets of stuttering and your vocabulary consisted of sappy, endearing expressions. In other words, chubby little Cupid shot his scarlet arrow straight into your heart.

Ah, but that was then and this is now, and you’re wondering if you should throw the arrow back at that fat little winged troublemaker. Those butterflies have turned your stomach sour; your breathlessness leaves you feeling suffocated; and now communication between you has escalated to shouting matches, insults and accusations. Has love run its course? You may need some help to sort it all out.

Will Couple’s Counseling Help?

Maybe. But all the counseling in the world isn’t going to save a doomed relationship. Some relationships are meant to fail as a means of furthering the soul on its human journey. Before you jump into a couple’s counseling program, you need to do some spiritual assessing first and try to discover who you are as an individual. You need to reconnect with your spiritual self and learn what your motivations and expectations are – individually and within a relationship.

Consulting a Psychic for Advice

There are many reasons for consulting a psychic, but most often a psychic is asked about issues concerning relationships. Everyone wants to know essentially the same things: Where do I find love? How do I hold onto love? Should I stay in this relationship or should I go? Is my partner cheating? Is finding love that will last in the cards for me?

These are all good questions, but the answers are not simple though. Finding love that lasts a lifetime depends on many factors – some spiritual, some karmic and some based on free will. A love relationship is complex. If it has any intensity, it’s a sure bet there’s some kind of spiritual connection that brought it together; but whether or not it’s a lifelong relationship or one that was intended as a life lesson on the path of each individual’s journey is the question that has to be answered.

What Can a Psychic Tell Us That We Don’t Already Know?

Nothing. You both already know within your spiritual selves what the outcome is likely to be; after all, you wrote the script for your lives before you were born. But by the time your relationship has soured to the point where you’re considering throwing in the towel, chances are you’re too emotionally involved with your own egos and not listening to your own gut instincts (communication from your higher self) or to each other. A trained psychic is an objective third set of ears (and/or a verbal referee).

A psychic is an unbiased third party who is privy to spiritual information you may be blocking. Sorting out the reasons you came together in the first place, and evaluating the reasons Cupid’s arrow had a poison tip, requires more than a rehashing of the drama. It requires knowledge and direction from your higher source – a spiritual evaluation of both people involved. Consulting a psychic for an in-depth review of your spiritual life purpose is the first step in deciding whether or not to call it quits.

How Can a Psychic Determine Our Future?

No one can decide your future except you. You were born with the unalienable spiritual right of free will. But a psychic can tap into your life’s chart and/or channel your spiritual advisers to help you determine the likely effect certain actions may have on the life path you chose for yourself. You set up your life’s challenges before you were born, charted the potential losses and rewards, selected the people who would be instrumental in helping you achieve your spiritual goals, and penciled in intuitive road maps to help guide you. But when you incarnated on Earth, all that knowledge was hidden from you. Why? Because if you knew the outcome of every action, no lessons would be learned.

Wouldn’t Asking a Psychic to Spell It Out Harm Our Spiritual Growth?

No. Remember those little road maps? We all need reminders – gentle nudges of where we’re supposed to be going. Think of a psychic as a road map; just because your ultimate goal may be to reach a destination hundreds of miles away, getting a map or having someone give you directions doesn’t alter the experiences you’ll have along the way. Nor does it influence your reactions to those experiences. It simply tells you this is where you are, this is where you’re going. Remember, your goal is to reach your designated point “B” from your starting location of point “A.” If you get off onto point “C,” you’re not where you’re supposed to be, not having the experiences you were supposed to have. Hanging on to a relationship that’s no longer fulfilling can place a karmic debt on your spiritual growth – a debt you’ll have to pay sooner or later.

What If We Can’t Agree on Consulting a Psychic?

You don’t have to. Remember: You came into this life on your own and your journey is your own. Even though you may have a life partner, that partner is not a part of your soul. Your soul is yours; it answers to no one but itself. If your partner doesn’t want to seek help, whether it’s couple’s counseling or consulting with a psychic, it is irrelevant in the grand scheme of your spiritual growth. You can still consult a psychic and seek your own spiritual counsel.

Knowing you’re headed down the right road can only enhance your journey.

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