Understanding Relationship Karma: Venus in the Composite Astrology Chart

“I don’t get it,” Fiona said as we settled in for her reading. “We have a great time together, we’re great friends…but there is something missing. Everyone else thinks we’re a great couple. We should be. But I guess it feels like we’re not. What’s going on?”

We talked some more, and Fiona described how she felt like they were a great team and served a lot of causes, but the relationship itself didn’t feel nurturing to her. I decided to take a look at their composite astrology chart to see if we could gain clues there. Sure enough, the composite Sun and Venus were both in Aquarius.

We’ve talked about the composite Sun in a previous article, but, when it is placed in Aquarius, that indicates a relationship that, in essence, is about freedom, service to the tribe, and the unconventional path. With Venus there, too, the relationship itself was, in a way, about more than the individuals involved. The relationship’s purpose was to serve their community and society. The expression of love and value (Venus) came through being involved beyond the relationship.

“It’s as if the relationship itself feels validated and expressed more impersonally,” I told her. “The sum is greater than the parts.”

“Exactly! I never would have thought of the word ‘impersonal,’ but that’s it! Oh, God, what should I do?”

The composite chart won’t tell you whether or not to be in a relationship. But I explained to her that this Venus expression through more objective, impersonal Aquarius wasn’t going to change. It might be easier if they were in a business together or if they were just friends. But if she wanted to stay romantically involved, she’d have to decide if she could live with this or not.

Venus in the composite chart tells us how the relationship itself will express values (Taurus) and love (Libra). How harmony is achieved in the relationship is also governed by the sign and house placement. Venus, more than any other planet besides the Moon, will suggest the “flavor” of love that the union provides. As in Fiona’s case, the Aquarius flavor of her relationship’s Venus was more intellectual, community-oriented, and less emotional (her personal Venus was in Cancer). It was also in the Tenth House, which is more concerned with society, career, and responsibility rather than deep emotional intimacy.

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Let’s take a look at how composite Venus expresses itself in the other signs and houses.

Venus in Aries/First House: The quality of this couple’s love will be fiery and expressive. They will find harmony and union through physical activity, adventure, and spontaneity. This is the couple who would feel bonded through homesteading in Alaska or taking two years to cycle South America. They don’t need a lot of friends outside of each other. They might fight a lot and will need to learn to listen to each other without getting too absorbed in themselves.

Venus in Taurus/Second House: This couple will be affectionate, possibly very sexual, and definitely will find harmony through sharing food, couple’s massages, or even Tantric rituals. Or, they’ll find time to make-up fights as they garden together or while walking the dog. This Venus likes to be comfy and safe, so there is the danger of stagnation. The couple will value working hard, possibly for themselves, and raising kids.

Venus in Gemini/Third House: Venus here wants to learn, grow, and stay social. As a couple, they will find harmony through having others around, taking courses together, having a varied life, and keeping busy schedules. Along with Aquarius, Venus in Gemini may be curious sexually and willing to try anything once. This can be a challenging placement for romantic partners but is great for friends or co-workers.

Venus in Cancer/Fourth House: In this soft, watery placement, Venus most dearly wants a home and family. A couple with this energy will end up creating a family somehow, even if it’s not their own children. The relationship may inspire the couple to grow emotionally, and harmony will be found when the couple takes the time to nurture each other and communicate emotions safely.

Venus in Leo/Fifth House: Couples with this Venus may find that the union supports their creativity and enables self-love and self-expression. At the worst, this Venus placement may engender a lot of drama, and the couple may find themselves struggling for attention. This Venus finds harmony when both people’s needs are met and both get to share the limelight. They are meant to be noticed and may be the center of their community.

Venus in Virgo/Sixth House: This couple will find harmony in service, work, and a quiet life. Though this may not sound romantic, Venus in Virgo is most fulfilled when she is expressing her gifts, talents, and wisdom for the greater good. This is a great placement for co-workers, business partners, or other collaborations. Romantic partners may find they get along best when they both have meaningful work and an orderly day-to-day life.

Venus in Libra/Seventh House: Love and value here is expressed through taking care of the relationship in a beautiful, peaceful home. This couple will be invested in any process that keeps them growing and in sync. They may find themselves listening to the relationship woes of friends and being surrogate parents for their kids’ friends.

Venus in Scorpio/Eighth House: This Venus longs to find deep intimacy and sexual expression, as well as to provide a vessel for deep psychological exploration. Couples with this placement will have intense relationships that require clear communication to avoid power struggles and jealousy. They will be a compelling couple, and others may envy them for the level of connection they have—but this union takes awareness and work!

Venus in Sagittarius/Ninth House: This Venus wants to be free—to grow, travel, and explore. Couples with this placement will love traveling together, exploring spiritual awakening, or being in nature. They may be great companions but need the freedom to do their own thing in order to maintain harmony and peace. They will be joyful with each other and have a love of play. Because of the growth goal, they can find themselves parting ways if both can’t continue to grow in the relationship.

Venus in Capricorn/Tenth House: A couple with this placement will find their relationship is dominated by their social roles, career, and feeling of responsibility to the community. Here, Venus likes the very best in material goods and will love tradition. This is not a union that supports experimentation. It is another good placement for business partners, co-workers, or a couple that wants to work together to create something lasting.

Venus in Aquarius/Eleventh House: This Venus looks beyond the individuals to how the couple can serve the tribe. This Venus loves experimentation, going beyond the normal, and taking inspiration to the next level. They can be sexually experimental and are able to objectively understand and practice polyamory or other unconventional arrangements. The couple will be known as neutral or objective listeners, will naturally attract friends from all walks of life, and may always have a lot of people around. They are committed to causes and evolving their consciousness.

Venus in Pisces/Twelfth House: Love and value are expressed through compassion, service, devotion, spirituality, creativity, and a deep union. Venus finds harmony in emotional union, and there will be a lot of free-flowing emotion that needs to be honored but not drowned in! There most often will be a deep religious or spiritual component to the union, which, at its best, expresses as spiritual caring for their community. At its worst, they become doormats—either with each other or by letting others take advantage of their open, trusting nature. This couple will thrive on fluidity and may always have people staying at their house or be helping others get back on their feet. They may be very sexually experimental if they find a spiritual alignment there.

Once again, we’ve just touched the surface of what Venus in the composite chart can mean. Studying the entire relationship chart will give you the best picture of your overall relationship karma. Knowing your Venus placement can give a clue of how the values of the relationship will be expressed and how harmony and love can be found and maintained. You can also learn how other planets (including Mars and Saturn) can affect your composite chart and what they might teach you.

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