Understanding Relationship Karma: Saturn in the Composite Astrological Chart

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Layla had been experimenting with an online astrology program to get insights into her romantic relationship. She pulled up a composite chart but was petrified to see that she and her boyfriend had their composite Saturn in the Seventh House.

“I Googled it right away,” she said. “It means our relationship is ‘full of burdens, and fear!’ Can this be true? I’m totally worried now!”

“I’m so glad you called,” I told her. “Saturn can be a hard teacher, yes, but often he points the way to deep and long lasting relationships. Let’s take a look and see.”

No other planet strikes fear into the heart of astrology novices like Saturn, especially in the context of relationships. As I told Layla, Saturn can be demanding, but his intentions are of the highest integrity and good. He asks us to approach our lives practically and look for solutions grounded in reality rather than emotion or fantasy. This type of energy doesn’t usually feel easy, and, as a result, we tend to resist Saturn’s call. But if we roll up our sleeves and listen to Saturn’s wisdom, he can help us free ourselves of limiting fears and restrictions.

Saturn’s placement in the composite chart indicates where the couple may struggle the most but also where the key to freedom and longevity lies. Let’s take a look at what Saturn is telling you based on house and sign.

Saturn in Aries/First House

This Saturn takes a realistic view of the world, and the couple may come across as serious, self-concerned, or self-contained. The exuberant energy of Aries is filtered through the practical energy of Saturn, so there is a purpose in any adventure this couple undertakes. Growth can be cultivated by allowing others into their world, developing compassion and empathy, and being more involved in their community.

Saturn in Taurus/Second House

The couple with this Saturn will need to learn to enjoy life’s luxury and softness. There can be an element of survival here and this couple may be overly concerned with making ends meet. But, if they let go of survival fears, this couple will be stalwarts in their community. They should allow their thrifty talents to be creative and fulfilling, whether that means growing their own food, making clothes for their children, or building an eco-friendly house. This is a Saturn placement that can go the distance and build a solid, comfortable life over time.

Saturn in Gemini/Third House

Saturn’s lessons here are all about communication. This couple may fear talking about deep desires or problems, resulting in a superficial communication style or a tendency to overwork serious topics with too much talk. The secret is to approach discussions with interest, neutrality, and a goal to learn about the self and each other through open communication. Once the couple learns to trust each other so that conversations can be fruitful, they can be mediators in neighborhood quarrels, lead a local protest, or teach non-violent communication.

Saturn in Cancer/Fourth House

This couple may have brought many fears and limiting beliefs from their families of origin to the relationship. Now Saturn will ask that they “grow up” and become emotionally self-reliant. This can be a challenging but rewarding placement because so many of us are depend on our partners emotionally. If the couple has the courage to meet their needs from within, this Saturn can create a steady, mature family life and emotional resiliency.

Saturn in Leo/Fifth House

The house of creativity, child-rearing, play, and romance becomes more serious with Saturn placed here. It is unlikely that either partner will be unfaithful, but this may be a fear that one or both have to work through. There may be a serious attitude to raising children, and the lesson here is to lighten up and avoid being authoritarian when parenting. Though there may be a sense of restriction around letting go and enjoying life, Saturn here can provide a practical basis for a couple to take their creativity to the professional level, become stable parents, and cultivate a well-rounded sense of fun.

Saturn in Virgo/Sixth House

This is the couple you see working out together, creating a beautiful garden, or building a hospital in a third world country. They will present a unified, organized front—if they have found a project to value together. At it’s worst, Saturn here will create a couple that bickers incessantly, criticizes each other, and holds a rigid idea of perfection. But when each person lets go of perfection and instead focuses on how their skills may serve the world, a warmth can flow into the relationship. Pets and meaningful work will soften this Saturn.

Saturn in Libra/Seventh House

Although some of what Layla read can be true with Saturn here—such as heavy feelings and many relationship-based fears—it’s one of the best placements for a long-lasting relationship if the couple can learn to address fears honestly and compassionately. Saturn here asks that the couple builds their union brick by brick, creating a relationship that works for them. Saturn always wants us to be the architects of our lives—and though tradition is important, he values integrity more. If a couple finds a way to live in harmony, Saturn doesn’t care what it looks like. With this placement, the couple will need to constantly work on their relationship if it is to continue to grow.

Saturn in Scorpio/Eighth House

I’ve found this placement often in couples who have come together after the death of previous spouses. There seems to be an inherent understanding of loss, which can create either a fear of this happening again or an understanding of the fleeting nature of life. Saturn here asks that the couple dives as deeply as they can, regardless of their fears. Saturn will also ask this couple to let go of restrictive ideas about sexuality and be open to expression of fantasy within a safe and grounded context. If one or both comes to the relationship with sexual dysfunction, this Saturn placement can offer the greatest level of healing once trust is established.

Saturn in Sagittarius/Ninth House

One of this couple may desire God while another may reject such a concept, and this presents initial problems. But learning to craft and share mutual values can bring great longevity. Rigid beliefs will destroy such a relationship, as will frivolity. The couple will want to strike a balance between disciplined exploration and seeking, often gained through travel and education.

Saturn in Capricorn/Tenth House

This couple may be ambitious, whether in work or in some other public nature. The issue here will be finding a balance between work and play, of outer and inner success. Saturn in Capricorn can create apparent success like no other placement, but if the couple is concerned only with money and appearances, they will find their union becomes loveless and empty over time. This can be a long-lasting placement if the couple develops their emotional connection and inner life.

Saturn in Aquarius/Eleventh House

This Saturn may invite the couple to experience the greatest freedom through navigating great challenges. Many couples who endure periods of long-distance relating or separation have this Saturn placement. If they choose to be together through desire rather than need, these couples can withstand all manner of unconventional arrangements and come to enjoy both time together and apart. However, there may be fears of breaking out and forging new or unusual unions. By crafting a “new normal,” these couples can survive and thrive.

Saturn in Pisces/Twelfth House

When successfully navigated, this Saturn can bring about deep feelings and a remarkable level of love, trust, and open-heartedness. It’s likely that this couple will want to share a spiritual framework and be available to support friends and family. They may often find themselves in the role of confessor, mediator, or spiritual confidante. This is a natural outcome of mastering this Saturn placement, but it comes after much soul-searching and trust as the couple learns to deal head-on with difficult circumstances and emotions. Denial and escape are the death-knell for this relationship.

Saturn is a powerful force in any relationship, and his call, if answered, can result in the most lasting and profound bonds. The energy can be tricky, however, as it involves issues of fear and control. This is where an advisor can be of assistance by helping you identify blind spots in your relationship and explore ways to deepen into greater layers of trust. Also consider how other planets—including Venus, the Sun, and Mars—work in your composite chart and what lessons can be learned from these placements.

Are you ready to find out how Saturn can help your relationship last? Or do you feel stuck in your present relationship? Advisors on Keen are here to help. Call today!

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