What Is Unconditional Love?

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by Rosalind Medea

Unconditional love is what many people seek. Yet, their person of interest often comes with their own version of unconditional love, which quite frankly is subject to “conditions.”

What Nature Teaches Us

In order to have an awareness of what unconditional love is, let’s look at it in the context of the planet or Mother Earth.

Nature and the environment provide sustenance, the very air required to keep people alive, the water that sustains life, and pollinators that ensure food grows. Mother Earth does not discriminate based on colour, creed, sexual orientation, status, nor age – she provides for all. Regardless of the circumstances, Mother Earth makes sure that she provides. This is what unconditional love is.

Start with Self-Love

So then how does one go about attracting unconditional love in one’s life or loving someone unconditionally? First and foremost, it is about loving yourself “warts and all,” as the saying goes. It is about developing an intimate relationship with yourself and not just loving what you see in the mirror after you’ve been to the hairdresser, but loving what you see in the mirror when you’ve got bed head and perhaps a pimple on your face.

Loving oneself can be a challenge for people, yet it is the basis of having the very loving relationship they want with another person. You have to love yourself wholeheartedly. Let’s take that garment you’ve had in your wardrobe for years now – how many times have you heard yourself say “I’ll wait until I lose some weight before I wear that dress again, so I’ll hold on to it.” There are a number of conditions at play here. Instead, why not let that dress go so you can bring in what is right for you now? Bag up that dress and any other clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years, or that no longer fit, and give them to charity or a friend. Then buy yourself a new outfit or two that fits the body you have today.

Trust the Process

Learning to love yourself is not a one-time deal. It is a lifelong process of getting to know who you really are and accepting yourself moment-by-moment, and adapting to change – you may become a mother or a father, a grandmother or a grandfather some day and there will also be the not so easy changes such as dealing with bereavement. Ultimately what keeps you strong and at peace with yourself through both the good times and the not so good times is unconditional love.

Take a deep look at yourself and be aware of the conditions that you have put on yourself. This step will begin the process of breaking down the barriers so you can attract unconditional love and, of course, love unconditionally. Looking at yourself in a negative way and berating yourself only attracts what you don’t want when it comes to love and relationships. Learn to accept yourself and if there is something that you really would like to fix about yourself, let your intuition guide you on the solution and most importantly, be open to what your true self has to say.

About the Author:

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Rosalind Medea is an intuitive reader and truth seeker. She cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support them in their journey. She also works with the Tarot and I Ching, and loves sharing the wisdom and insights they bring.

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