Crystal Aura Meaning & Personality

crystal dispersing light into rainbow

The world is brimming with a large variety of auras and the people who radiate them, but one such aura will always stand out among the crowd. The clear, crystalline aura is not only a reflective aura but a true mimic of the aura colors around it. Crystals by nature are rather inward features, intensely focused on maintaining their own balance and increasing their knowledge of the world around them. While they are renowned for their ability to mirror any aura color they come in contact with, it is sometimes simply more of a coping skill than an active choice.

If you bear a crystal aura, you have been blessed with one of the rarest aura colors in existence. This blessing can also bring struggle, as you find yourself unable to locate anyone that understands you even half as easily and thoroughly as you understand yourself. Despite this fact, the crystal aura holds great power and innate strengths that can help you lead a satisfying life.

Distinguishing Traits of the Crystal Aura

If you are a Crystal, then you likely spend a majority of your time quietly in self-reflection. You may go through the hustle and bustle of your normal workday, but to you, it seems like little more than background noise. Your spirituality is an inward one at its core, looking less outward at a higher power and more towards finding the power within yourself. Your most fascinating trait has always been your ability to get along with and connect with anyone you meet.

While in many cases this is your true empathy shining through, in others it is a coping skill that enables you to make it through the interaction without causing discord. In your truest state, you are most comfortable left alone to your own thoughts and meditation. The outside world can occasionally feel like a chore regardless of how well you get along with the people you know. As a Crystal, you may have a burning desire to help and support those you meet, but it seems almost directly countered by an endless need to focus on yourself. This can easily be mistaken as selfishness or even self-centeredness, but it could not be farther from the truth.

You will always put the needs of others above your own, and it is only when your personal energy is completely drained in this venture that you may retreat despite being needed. A Crystal may feel as if they are endlessly searching for something, whether it be the ultimate outlet for their spiritual self or a confirmation of their true life’s purpose. While this feeling rarely abates, it does not disturb your inner peace and overall happiness with who you are. No matter how tough it seems, you never truly wish to be anyone but your awakened self.

Love And Friendship With A Crystal

Individuals with a crystal aura lead very organized and purposeful lives. They do nothing without reason and rarely allow themselves to be carried away by sudden or fleeting emotions. While friendship is not difficult to achieve for a Crystal, it can be challenging for those seeking friendship with a Crystal. Due to their chameleon qualities, it is easy to mistake them as being the perfect fit for a friendship or intimate relationship.

In all honesty, you must get to know the true self of a person with a crystal aura in order for a deeper relationship to occur. Crystals are loyal and supportive to a fault, easily sacrificing every ounce of energy they have in order to help someone in need. They do not believe in keeping a tally, or demanding the same in return and tend to be self-reliant in nearly all situations. As friends, their devotion knows no bounds, but you mustn’t expect them to neglect themselves.

Intimate relationships with Crystals requires not only acceptance but support for who they are as an individual. Just as you cannot force a leopard to change his spots, you will never convince a Crystal to depart from their calm, quiet personality. The sensitive nature of a crystal aura requires a gentle touch, as it is easy for them to be overwhelmed. Those who are wild, energetic adventure seekers may favor a partner who has no interest in interfering with their dreams, but this is ultimately a poor match. Relaxed, gentle auras that lack a dependency on others tend to be the best fit as partners. The respect for their much-needed alone time and an understanding of what drives them are very attractive qualities. In any relationship with this aura color, know that a Crystal will never compromise on his or her personal needs.

The Crystal Aura In The Workplace

Crystals flock to a variety of careers that allow them quiet perfection and execution of their craft. It is not uncommon for them to be artists, musicians, writers, religious leaders, doctors, or even scientists. Their high intellect pulls them away from manual labor tasks to occupations with purpose and benefit, either for themselves or to others. Regardless of the chosen career, one thing is for certain; Crystals will always march to the beat of their own drum.

In the workplace, you can expect a high level of organization and mental involvement in any task from the crystal aura. Conflict will almost never occur as Crystals lack an aggressive personality, nor do they care for others attempts to “win” at various tasks or ambitions. As always, they will perform best alone but are not incapable of functioning in a team environment.

The crystal aura is surprising and unique, with those who possess it deeply focused on inner balance and purpose. While a Crystal’s most recognizable quality is the ability to mimic and reflect the auras of those interacting with them, there is far more to this amazing aura color than a chameleon ability. Sweet, smart, empathetic, and sensitive by nature, a Crystal’s presence is clearly felt despite having one of the quietest personalities. With outstanding levels of intelligence and a great devotion to a sense of self, those with a crystal aura remain confident in who they are and their ultimate purpose in life. Whether you or a loved one is a Crystal, it is refreshing to experience such a distinction in a world where everyone struggles to be the same.

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