A Guide to Mediums and their Skills

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From Poltergeist to The Conjuring, Hollywood has portrayed psychic mediums in an exaggerated fashion, but this is not to say that they are merely fictional characters in a film — far from it. While mediumship is one of the top psychic powers, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. We’re here to clear up any confusion with this all-encompassing guide to mediums and their skills. 

What is a Psychic Medium?

Psychic mediums are a specific type of spiritual advisor who has the ability to communicate with the deceased. During a conventional reading, a medium will transfer messages from the departed to the living — otherwise known as “sitters.” There are two kinds of mediumship, mental and physical. Mental mediumship is when a medium communicates with the deceased through visions or hearing. It’s also possible that the spirit(s) can control parts of their body (sometimes the entire body.) In this case, a medium may use writing as a tool to relay messages. Physical mediumship, on the other hand, is a manipulation of the energy by the spirits, resulting in loud noises or voices, materialized objects or spirit bodies, and distinct manifestations. 

Why People Seek a Medium’s Aid

Be it person or pet, if you lost someone you love, then you know very well how difficult it can be to move forward. Perhaps you never had a chance to say goodbye, maybe you parted on bad terms, or it’s possible that you simply cannot let go. These are all reasons why people choose to seek the assistance of a spiritual medium. While it’s different for everyone depending on their situation, the main benefits of a mediumship reading include closure, receiving answers, comfort, the ability to heal, a lessening of grief, and a form of spiritual counseling. It’s also possible that the death of a loved one is not the reason to visit a medium. Another specialty of psychic mediums is that they can help you discover your past lives. 

The History of Mediumship

Spiritual mediums can be traced back to the earliest period in history known as the primeval times. Shamans would provide counseling to their tribe via communication with the spirit world. Mediumship became increasingly popular in the 19th-century — especially in the United States and the UK — due to the rise of Spiritualism. Psychic mediums have even recently been touted as “the new wellness coaches.” 

Medium VS. Psychic

  • Psychics: Psychics are in a class of their own because they rely on logic to decipher the material they collect, whether that’s words, sounds, memories, feelings, images, etc. Next, this information is translated into a digestible format that the recipient can understand. This is achieved through both perception (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance), as well as the senses. 
  • Mediums: While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are medium. So, then can a medium predict the future? No, mediums are not sanctioned to make predictions because that would deter them from their main focus which is confirmation that there is some form of human identity after death. This is achieved through intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception such as inner sensing, seeing, and hearing. Also, psychic readings don’t involve taste as one of the senses that’s used to relay information, but in a mediumship reading, a medium may be able to taste the deceased’s favorite foods. This can be helpful to the sitter as it’s easier to identify who the medium is communicating with. 

How an Online Medium Reading Works

Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to be face-to-face to have a mediumship reading. As with other psychic readings, medium readings over the phone are in fact a very common practice — but each spiritual adviser has their own approach to tuning in to their client. Some examples include hearing guidance, seeing visions, voice, channeling, working with angels or a guide, or old-fashioned intuition. If you’re a bit apprehensive about working with a medium, know this: There’s nothing to be intimidated about. You won’t be possessed or harmed as you see in the movies, but when it comes to hearing potential answers to things you may not want to hear, it’s important that you phrase your questions carefully. 

How to Prepare for a Medium Spirit Reading 

Never go into a mediumship reading if you are skeptical or harboring negative energy as you’re not going to have an effective reading. If you’re having a bad day, it’s better to reschedule your reading than to the medium’s time — and yours. Here are some additional ways to prepare yourself. 

  • Do your research. Make sure you understand your family’s history, including the lineage of your spouse/significant other’s side, too. 
  • Be open to speaking to anyone. It’s also not uncommon for pets to come into the equation. 
  • Come up with a list of open-ended questions that you would like to ask. Avoid anything that can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no” For example, “What does my mom think of the choices I’ve made for my life?” versus “Is my mom proud of me?” 
  • Lastly, always remember that you have to be prepared for what you will hear. Consider if a reading will do more harm than good, especially if you’re currently in a poor emotional state. 

Signs You May Have Medium Skills 

Mediums are rarer than psychics but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible that you may possess the gift yourself. Here are some signs that you may have medium skills. 

  • You can pick up on emotions, heat, pressure, or heaviness when you enter a room. 
  • You remember seeing what you believe were spirits when you were a child.
  • You have an enigmatic fear of the dark, either as a child or as an adult (or both.)
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye such as sparkles, figures, or smoke. 
  • You wake up repeatedly during the night and/or typically don’t sleep well. 
  • You hear bizarre noises in other rooms despite being alone. 
  • You experience random charges of energy. 
  • You have conversations with animals. 
  • You have had a feeling of being followed or watched despite being alone. 
  • You’ve had an incomprehensible paranormal experience. 
  • Electronics and lights tend to glimmer or go off altogether when you’re around.

How to Develop Your Gift

If you feel you are showing signs of being a psychic medium (you know things without knowing how you know, your dreams become a reality, you can sense what others are feeling sans words, etc.), then the next step is to learn how to develop medium abilities. You need not be a professional medium to sense the presence of spirits. Here are some ways to help you develop your gift. 

  • Believe: Of course, the most obvious starting point is believing that you actually do have such powers as self-doubt will only hinder your practice — self-confidence, positivity, and fearlessness are key. 
  • Peace: It’s also important to have peace with yourself and others, so let bygones be bygones. 
  • Practice: Mediumship abilities aren’t mastered overnight. Practice your skills by trying to read other’s thoughts, expanding your imagination to master remote viewing capabilities, and by trying to determine the history of an object merely by touching it. It takes time, practice, and patience, so don’t give up.
  • Meditate: In order to channel and receive messages you have to have a clear mind and a sense of control. Meditation can help you clear the clutter and block out external distractions. 
  • Speak to a Medium: Who better to help you develop your skills than an experienced medium? 

Ready to communicate with a deceased loved one or develop your own gift? Check out our directory of psychic mediums and then do your homework. Along with looking at factors such as credentials, areas of expertise, and reviews, you then have to make sure you’re comfortable with and trust (use your best instincts) your medium as you’ll be opening many spiritual doors during your session.

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