How Psychic Readings Can Help Resolve Money Issues

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“I’ve got thousands due to the IRS, I just had to put new tires on my car, and my dog needs surgery,” Sasha wailed into the phone. “My finances are such a mess! Every time I think I’m ahead, everything goes to hell and I’m back at square one. Can you help me?”

This kind of situation is very common; many of us have financial struggles we just can’t seem to move past. So frustrating! As a psychic and astrologer, I can help bring to light the blocks preventing financial success and assist my clients in making lasting changes. Clearing past life blocks can pave the way to more positive energy around money, and understanding the current life lessons found in your astrological chart can help you move forward.

Considering Past Life Karma

Sasha and I started by looking at her Akashic Records. I was shown a past life in which she had taken a vow of poverty when she entered a monastery as a young woman. Vows taken to God or to a person believed to represent God are very powerful because there is usually a lot of devotion or motivation behind the vow. Sasha had been especially devout and took her vows of poverty seriously, giving away all her belongings and a stake in the family inheritance. She even refused a bed in her cell, using a pallet on the floor instead. Whenever she could forsake a material comfort, she did so. Still, she died feeling that she hadn’t done enough for God.

Though that lifetime was over and done, the vow still existed in her energetic field, as she had never renounced it. So, she found ways to attract or create financial difficulty—unconsciously—so that she never had any kind of cushion. She also felt she hadn’t done enough to deserve God’s love, so a feeling of atonement and a willingness to suffer were also blocking her. Once we cleared the past life energy and released the vow, she noticed a decrease in her dramatic money problems. 

Astrology and Finances

Healing some of Sasha’s past life attachments gave her a clearer slate from which to make changes to her financial life, but there were more places to look for clues that would help her make better decisions. The Second House in a natal chart is where we find indications of wealth and money issues. Sasha had Gemini ruling the Second House and Saturn placed within it. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, was in the Twelfth House. This gave me a huge amount of info to share with Sasha.

Gemini in her Second House indicated that money was approached with a potentially scattered, “easy come, easy go” kind of attitude. Gemini energy isn’t one to look to the long-term, so this, by itself, was a good place to start. Add in Saturn’s placement, and I could see that some of Sasha’s primary life lessons were around the practical and prudent management of money (opposite of Gemini’s casual energy). The fact that the Second House ruler was in the twelfth added a dimension of illusion, delusion, or escapism around issues related to Mercury’s houses.

I saw it would be important for Sasha to take stock of her various financial assets and create a structure around them (Saturn) that would help her get out of the ongoing crisis. Sasha admitted that she hated to deal with finances and often just avoided opening bills or saving money for taxes (she’s self-employed). This is classic Twelfth House stuff. She owns several micro-businesses (Gemini variety), but keeps haphazard records at best and has never had a true long-term plan. Add to this mix a past vow of poverty, and you’ve got a potent recipe for the kind of disaster Sasha was always facing.

To keep her Gemini happy, we had to make financial planning interesting. This meant adding humor where we could and finding better coping strategies than avoidance for when she was feeling financially stressed. I had her create an agreement with a trusted friend who would help keep her organized when Sasha started feeling overwhelmed (Gemini likes social connection). In return, Sasha agreed to help this friend create a website, so there was a clear energy exchange. Eventually, Sasha could create a long-term strategy to deal with her businesses and plan for the future. But we had to just do a little at a time since Gemini gets overwhelmed if you go too deeply too quickly. 

Sasha was amazed at how empowered she felt once she started working consciously with her astro energies.The energetic burden to stay poor also began to lift—she was on her way to greater prosperity and abundance.

A spiritual advisor can help you approach your money problems by looking at energies you may not be able to perceive yourself.  It’s incredibly helpful to get an objective, compassionate viewpoint, especially if you are in the midst of stress and worry. Working with both past and present karma through healing and astrology can help you make clear, lasting changes that will impact your finances for the better.

Are you experiencing frustrating financial patterns? Not sure how to make a clean start? Spiritual advisors on Keen may be able to help—call today to start making a difference in your life!

Isabella grew up in a household of psychics and was working with spirit guides and her clairvoyant abilities from an early age. Her passions are expanding on her abilities, diving into personal growth, and helping others. A professional astrologer for over twenty years, Isabella incorporates the wisdom of the Zodiac, the Tarot, and spirit guides to help her clients navigate challenges, manifest their dreams, and grow spiritually.

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