How Your Mercury Sign Impacts Relationships and Communication

Building up on their ideas

Mercury is a swift inner planet known for retrograde cycles that keep everybody jumpy around technology and worried about plans going awry. But after that, most of us tend to ignore this important planet. His transits through the heavens go quickly—too quick to really track and work with. Still, we could all benefit from understanding Mercury’s role in our birth charts.

Knowing your own Mercury sign can give you clues as to how you unconsciously communicate or react to situations. Likewise, if you know the Mercury sign of your partner or loved one, you can tailor communication to meet their needs or recognize when they are speaking out of a defensive or natural (but perhaps unknown to them) expression. I have seen many relationships saved once Mercury’s energy is clearly understood because, of course, good communication is a must for a successful union.

As always, we’re just discussing one aspect of the natal chart here. If you really want to dig deeply into your personal or relationship astrology, you should get a complete chart done and work with an astrologer to understand charts in comparison or composite.

Mercury in the Fire Signs

While fire Mercury will be listening with his ears, he will also be intuitively sensing body language and energetic cues. He will often surprise you with his gut-level understanding of what is behind the words.

Aries: Quick, to-the-point, self-referencing, spontaneous, may be brusque. When feeling defensive, Aries can skim the surface of emotional content, say “whatever,” and move on. To communicate with an Aries Mercury, just say what needs to be said and keep the drama out of it.

Leo: Self-referencing, stubborn, slower processor, may create a story or drama around emotions. When threatened, Leo may bluster or, less likely, retreat in a pout. To make progress with this Mercury, let them tell their side of the story, stay out of drama yourself, and acknowledge their feelings—you don’t have to agree, just acknowledge that you’ve heard them.

Sagittarius: Spontaneous, quick, philosophical, open to others’ ideas. In shadow, they will insist that they alone know the truth and that you need to change! To communicate best with Sag, join in the deeper discussion and take your time with the conversation. Understand that they need things to be meaningful and are inherently looking to grow.

Mercury in the Earth Signs

Earth Mercury is typically slower to process and must connect with the physical or material world. They are left-brained and relational, so wild theoretical ramblings will go right past them, as will meaningless small talk and gossip.

Capricorn: Quiet, listener, slower to process, follows the rules, creates a container for safe communication. If defensive, Cap will become cold and rigid. To communicate with this Mercury, relate topics to practical things, remain logical, and allow for conversational give and take.

Taurus: Ruminative, may need to ground a discussion with eating or some physical exercise. When defensive, they will refuse to hear what they don’t like and dig in with their famous stubbornness. To work with this energy, let conversations unfold over time and offer touch and connection during the conversation.

Virgo: Quick, logical, organized, aloof, interested in healing and finding solutions. When feeling unsafe, they will become their famously critical, nit-picky selves. To communicate with this Mercury, appreciate them and ask for help if you need it. Let them know you want to help them, too.

Mercury in the Air Signs

In these signs, Mercury is quick, objective, curious, left-brained, and focused on pure information, justice, and humanity.

Gemini: Quick, flighty, curious, and funny. They will want to explore all sides of an issue, though not deeply, and need short discussions infused with humor. If feeling defensive, they may talk over you, refuse to take things seriously, or actually bail on the conversation. Investigate the facts with them and provide boundaries for the conversation. Be patient with their flakiness, but don’t let it go on indefinitely.

Libra: Aware, balanced, objective, slower processors. If feeling unsafe, Mercury in Libra will refuse to decide or take action. To work with this energy, make sure they are expressing their needs too, and help them make decisions with you. They need time to talk and consider all sides.

Aquarius: Far-seeing, neutral, great listeners, articulate, aware. Their shadow qualities are becoming fixated on one idea and hogging the conversation. To communicate with Aquarius Mercury, stick to facts and ideas, as too much emotion can cause them to withdraw. They value intelligent discourse and a well-honed argument.

Mercury in the Water Signs

Another intuitive placement, Mercury in these signs is fluid, compassionate, passionate, right-brained, and receptive.

Cancer: Clairsentient, nurturing, easily slighted, slower processor, heart centered. When feeling threatened, they can be crabby or passive-aggressive. The best way to communicate with Cancer Mercury is to gently ask what they need, provide a safe container for their feelings, and allow them to nurture and be nurtured.

Scorpio: Clairvoyant, passionate, intense, strong-willed, fast processor. When in shadow, this Mercury can be manipulative, jealous, and paranoid. To communicate with this energy, stand in your own power and acknowledge their strength as well. They will meet you at whatever depth is necessary to transform a situation, however mundane.

Pisces: Claircognizant, devoted, spiritual, empathetic, compassionate. Pisces always has a filter of cosmic consciousness through which they receive information—whether they know it or not. In shadow, Pisces Mercury may become addicted, delusional, escapist, or martyred. It is important to help them create emotional boundaries and ground information in the physical. They need soft communication and don’t deal well with anger, hate, or cold intellectualism.

Understanding your own and another’s Mercury sign will help you communicate more successfully in all of your relationships. Take the time to learn about how you use this planet’s energy, and also observe your loved ones—how do you see their Mercury in action? Combined with knowledge about the Moon, Sun, and the rest of the chart, you will be well equipped to navigate any relationship challenges.

Are you curious about Mercury’s role in your life? Or how you might use this energy to have better communication? Contact an astrological advisor on Keen today!

Isabella grew up in a household of psychics and was working with spirit guides and her clairvoyant abilities from an early age. Her passions are expanding on her abilities, diving into personal growth, and helping others. A professional astrologer for over twenty years, Isabella incorporates the wisdom of the Zodiac, the Tarot, and spirit guides to help her clients navigate challenges, manifest their dreams, and grow spiritually.
Article Image Source: Stocksy user Rob and Julia Campbell.
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