Is It Against My Religion to Work With A Psychic?

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Jamila was almost whispering into the phone. “I can’t talk very loud,” she said. “If my husband finds out I’m calling you…I don’t think it’s wrong, but he says our religion forbids it.”

Another client, Sam, met with me once and then told me her pastor had warned her to stay away. “I like you—it’s not that—and I thought the reading was valuable. But…I guess I’m supposed to stay away from psychics.”

These are only two examples of clients who received real value from my services only to be told they shouldn’t consult a psychic. Obviously, I know I’m not in the employ of dark forces and that all my services come from a place of love and intention for the highest good of all. But my word—and the word of most intuitives and psychics—isn’t enough for some, and, ultimately, only you can decide for yourself if meeting with a psychic will go against your personal religious beliefs. 

Religion and the Metaphysical World

Even though many historical religious figures had some pretty powerful supernatural powers, many religions tend to fear those with psychic abilities. The reasons are unique to each tradition, and my personal feeling is that the fear is based on a false notion of what psychic abilities are and what they are actually used for. Films and TV also don’t do much to enhance the reality of psychic work and psychic ability, and even psychics who work with angels can be forbidden.

I am not a religious expert, so I can’t speak to individual paths and their rules about working with intuitives. I have some clients for whom it is okay to work with astrology but not with Tarot. Others find they can work with me as a coach—as long as we don’t do any “psychic stuff” during our sessions. For them, I work with their guides or do my reading ahead of time, and then we work on goals and challenges with the information I receive. I’m fine with this, but I also make it clear that they must be sure in their own heart that they are not breaking any of their personal values.

Other psychics feel the religious beliefs of their clients is more of “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation. If the client has made up their mind to seek their services, then it isn’t an issue of theirs to make sure their clients are in alignment with themselves. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you have doubts about whether seeing a psychic is right for you based on religious belief, here are some questions to consider:

• Why do you want a reading? 

• What do you expect to get from the reading? Are you being realistic?

• Why do you think your religion might disapprove? 

• How do you feel in your own heart about consulting a psychic?

• Do you understand what psychic abilities are and how they work?

• Are there types of abilities or tools you are more comfortable with?

• If you feel it is against your religion to see a psychic but did so anyway, how would that feel for you?

With Jamila, she honestly felt her religion was fine with her seeing an intuitive; however, keeping it secret from her husband didn’t set well with her after a couple of readings. I encouraged her to tell him or maybe even invite him to a session. To my surprise, she did. It was a bit awkward, but he saw there was nothing to be afraid of and gave his blessing to Jamila’s continued work with me.

In Sam’s case, the fear created by her pastor would never have allowed her to be open enough to get a valuable reading. If people are closed, afraid (beyond normal nervousness), skeptical, or otherwise in a defensive pattern when they consult a psychic, then there isn’t an open exchange of energy. They aren’t really giving their permission for me to access their guides or records, and so, according to my values, I can’t work with them. 

At the end of the day, only you can decide if your religion permits working with a psychic and if you agree with those rules for yourself. There are some psychics who are rooted in faith communities, and it may be possible for you to find an advisor who is aligned with you in belief. Again, speaking for myself and the majority of psychics out there, we want to help people and are deeply committed to our own spiritual development and being of service to all our clients. 

If you want to work with a psychic but are unsure, take a look at the roster of advisors on Keen. Trust yourself to make a good decision, and remember you can end a call at any time if you change your mind. Call today! 

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