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Advisor Stories on Keen: Real Readings from Real People

At Keen.com, we’re dedicated to helping people understand the future by providing our clients with the most talented psychic readers out there. We’re proud to represent thousands of skilled advisors whose expertise, accuracy, and years of experience are unrivaled. What sets us apart, however, is that our psychics are real, empathetic individuals who are passionate about answering your questions while also guiding you to take control of your future and create the life you want. For us, it’s not just a reading—it’s a connection. And, just like our clients, each advisor on Keen has a unique story and possesses a variety of strengths. Please take a moment to find the one who meets your specific needs. Click on the advisors below to learn more about them!


Psychic advisor and astrologer Divinus takes a compassionate, down-to-earth approach to helping his clients see their divine plan more clearly. But his own plan wasn’t apparent from the start. He grew up in a middle-class Navy family and experienced…

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Many people think that psychic readings are only used for finding out what will happen in their future. Would you be surprised to learn that many readings aren’t predictions of events that are set in stone? In fact, according to Patricia (Pat58)…

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Alternative Info.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve received a response that, quite simply, just didn’t answer the question we asked. In those moments, we wonder what happened. Was there a miscommunication? Did the person not understand what we meant? Perhaps…

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Serenity Stone

Some say this is where intuition comes from, while others believe it’s where our memory is stored, but Serenity Stone, an advisor on Keen, proposes that our subconscious thoughts are transmissions from our spirit guides. During her readings, Serenity connects…

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Empress Tarot

In times of crisis, staying calm and rational feels impossible — yet it is vital in order to create a plan that inspires hope that will pull you through. Robyn, also known as Empress Tarot on Keen, specializes in crisis management and suggests calling a…

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Diosa Readings

We all develop relationships throughout our lifetime that have a positive effect on us, but we also encounter ones that are more problematic. Diosa Readings, an advisor on Keen believes that it’s important to understand our connection to others and…

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Mystic Gwen

Mystic Gwen, an advisor on Keen, is a staunch believer in preparation. Not only does she go through her own steps to get ready, but she suggests that anyone receiving a reading come prepared as well. “If you know from the beginning what you want to get…

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Too often, our true passions get put on the backburner because we don’t have the courage to believe in ourselves. For as long as he can remember, SirCheo, an advisor at Keen, wanted to be a spiritual healer, but something was holding him back…

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Have you ever felt like your relationships are cursed? Or perhaps your career path has left you feeling unfulfilled? These situations often result from a cycle we’ve fallen into unknowingly. If we don’t take the time to recognize how our actions impact our…

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The Psychic One

Cynthia, an advisor on Keen who works under the name the “The Psychic One,” firmly believes that the relationships we build and maintain play a significant role in our happiness and success. And like any healthy relationship, the bond that develops between…

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Jane Wilcox

According to Jane Wilcox, an advisor on Keen, angels are everywhere, guiding each of us along our path, and her ability to communicate with these apparitions led her to pursue a career as a psychic advisor. “Sometimes when I’m talking with a client, I get…

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Soul Navigation

What started as a normal weekend 20 years ago resulted in Meredith discovering her soul’s true calling. After repeatedly recognizing strangers by name and realizing she knew things about people she’d never met, there was no denying that she had a gift. “I’ve…

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Lady India

Lady India has always been able to sense the mood of those around her. Even when she was younger, friends and family members would often ask her to use her intuition to help them with problems. “My mother and grandmother have the same gift—we have very…

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Love Expert Sara

Sara, known on Keen as “Love Expert Sara,” knew since she was a child that she had intuitive gifts, but it wasn’t until later in life that she realized she was psychic. It was seven years ago, while having a discussion with her friend, that things changed…

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Loveline with Darren

Darren, known on Keen as “Loveline With Darren,” always knew he had a heightened intuition, but as a child, people often brushed his premonitions off as luck. Eventually, it became clear that the accuracy of his foresight was no coincidence. “I didn’t actively…

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Tarot With Jane

For as long as she can remember, Jane, known on Keen as “Tarot With Jane,” has been hearing messages and seeing premonitions. As a child, she often had visions of events that would later occur. Eventually, Jane learned that her aunt was able to…

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Psychic Medium

As a second-generation psychic medium, Michelle, known on Keen as “Psychic Medium Michelle,” was raised in a family that encouraged the exploration of the mind. “My mother was a healer and gave psychic readings, but she also had a degree in psychology…

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Healing Light by Renee

Healing Light

For as long as she can remember, Renee, known as Healing Light by Renee on Keen, has had a strong connection to spirits. One of her first memories is at the age of three when she made breakfast by herself and, when her mother asked how…

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Johanna Duke Photo

Johnna Duke

Johnna Duke considers herself to be a normal person who just happens to have an extraordinary gift. She actually lived the first portion of her life unaware that she possessed psychic abilities. “People are usually quite surprised to hear that my personal…

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AstroSARAH Photo


From an early age, ASTROSarah demonstrated signs of a heightened intuition. She frequently experienced astral projections, also known as out-of-body experiences, and her lucid dreams would often become reality. “My mother was born in a…

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Marla Lovelane

Even as a child, Marla Lovelane recognized that she had a powerful intuition. She decided early on that she wanted to use that gift to help others. Over the years, she honed her ability to receive energy from her surroundings by listening to the needs of…

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