Psychic Advice, the Metaphysical Point of View

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The questions of life can whirl around us day to day, picking up speed until they sometimes reach tornado proportions. Everyone has questions about finding love, achieving success, and grasping happiness. It’s a completely natural, human desire to want to quell the whirlwind and find answers to those questions that most often blow us around. Consulting a psychic can provide counsel and comfort, enough to quiet the mental storm and restore a peaceful calm.

Finding love is one of the most elusive questions in many people’s lives. It seems to dance just beyond the fingertips of those reaching out the hardest for it, leaving them with nothing but empty hands and an empty heart. This type of disappointment can be grueling and discouraging, and if it is a pattern repeated long enough, it can lead to permanent depression and a withdrawal from society. So what can be done to avoid that extreme situation and reinject hope into a life that seems dark with loneliness?

It is situations like these that often warrant the spiritual guidance of a psychic. A psychic has the distinct and inimitable talent of reaching farther to grasp the answers of our lives and the unique, comforting ability to see things that were always there but were hidden to us because of our close proximity to the situations at hand. If you feel discouraged or otherwise out of options, consulting a psychic could be just the soft illumination you need to set things in perspective and begin with a new strategy, a new path.

There’s no doubt that psychics can provide much-needed answers amid the daily turmoil of our lives. They can give counsel and advice to elucidate previously unconsidered options. But how much of the advice should you follow, and how stringently should you follow it? No doubt there are those who would advocate a doglike obedience to every syllable the psychic imparts, citing his or her greater sight as reason enough to follow the counsel blindly. These people expect the psychic to automatically solve all their problems, to instantly have all the answers to every question that ever blew about. But the truth is that seeking the answers to questions is part of every human’s journey. It is the act of looking for answers that teaches us about ourselves and helps us to grow spiritually as people. That can’t happen if a psychic simply gives us every answer, and we shouldn’t expect them to. We can’t simply presume that by following all the advice of a psychic, everything will automatically fall into place.

That isn’t to say that a psychic’s advice isn’t helpful. On the contrary: their recommendations can be calming and illuminating. However, we should remember that they are just that: recommendations. A psychic should not be treated as a be-all end-all authority on everything. Rather, you should look to psychics as guides. Accept and appreciate their gifts, and try to utilize their advice in a way that helps you. The advice and counsel that they give should be treated just like the advice or counsel of a friend, doctor, therapist, or pastor. You should evaluate their suggestions carefully and thoughtfully, assessing whether they are the right course of action for you and your life at this time.

While a psychic has a gift that can perceive things that you cannot, there is no one else who knows you better than you know yourself. Use this knowledge of yourself in tandem with the revelations and recommendations given to you by the psychic in order to create a more complete picture of your reality, world, and life. Once you have a clearer image of where you are, you can begin to set a course that gets you where you want to be. But that’s the kicker — you have to be the one to set the course. Only you can take charge of your life, and only you know what you want. So then logically it must be you who does the work to seek out the answers to those questions whirling around you; the psychic merely provides a jumping-off point to get you started.

So then how do you use the psychic’s information or recommendations? By incorporating that new perspective into what you already knew about your life. An example procedure would be something like this: First, create a profile of your life as is. Map out where you are as far as love life, job, family life, etc. Note your goals, from long-term to short term, and list things you are actively doing to pursue those goals. Next, come up with a brainstorm of possible obstacles that have kept you from achieving those goals. What veils the answers? What keeps the connection of love just out of your grasp? It’s OK if you don’t know. Just list some possibilities. After you have evaluated your life in this way, it is a good time to visit a psychic. Use the map you have created of your life to ask him or her relevant, meaningful questions that will help direct you toward the right path. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t give answers that are as direct as you were hoping for; remember that this information will help nudge you in the right direction so that you can find your own way. When your consultation has ended, return to the map you made of your life. In a different color, add things that the psychic helped you discover or revealed to you that you did not take into account beforehand. Consider how this changes things, and use the new information, along with the valuable knowledge you possess of yourself, to create new strategies for achieving your goals.

We all get overwhelmed by the whirlwind of questions sometimes. Consulting a psychic can quell the swirling storm, and more important, give you the means to take control of your own life. You can finally start down the path that you had been trying to find all this time – the path that could be so easy to find, with just a little illumination.

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