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The psychic love reading may be the most important type of reading you will ever have with your psychic. Knowing where love is and when it is arriving is crucial information that your psychic reader can divine on your behalf.

When you speak to your psychic, there are many methods that can be used to see into your future. Each of these has certain predictive powers and can focus on love, commitment and passion. Some are thousands of years old, while others are relative newcomers to the psychic sciences. Each has the ability to analyze your coming soulmate possibilities.

A love reading is inherently an absorption of your energy combined with a reception of the possibilities the universe has to offer. Filtered together, the likelihood of a match coming into your life is analyzed. From this point, a psychic can begin visualizing your lover and can offer some specifics on the relationship that should transpire between you two.

In trying to figure out the right type of methodology you would prefer for your psychic reading, you can travel around the globe to learn the origins of the various methods of psychic divination. Your psychic’s specialty has its roots in cultural outlooks across the millennia.

Europe and the Tarot Cards

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Over the last thousand years, Tarot cards have evolved as a method of divining the future. Featuring the influences of traveling gypsy caravans, medieval French city life and many historic incidents along the way, the Tarot reflects a combination of ancient knowledge and established civilization. Contemporary times eventually pass into antiquity, and the Tarot deck reflects this integration of time periods with sphinxes and ancient temples next to post-Renaissance cities, baroque kings and queens and lantern-wielding hermits.

The blending of old and new allows the Tarot to pull back the many layers of human history to form archetypes. The Tarot takes in the thousands of human personality tendencies and condenses them into a few archetypal images. When your psychic shuffles these illustrated cards, the numerous possibilities of human interaction emerge in the collection of cards laid out for the reading.

A psychic love reading involving a Tarot deck emphasizes the European trait of integrating diverse influences into one course of action.

The Middle East and Astrology

Astrology is the study of planetary movements and the foretelling of their influence down here on earth. While there are records dating back 6 millennia to this study in ancient Sumeria and Babylon, the golden age of astrology was roughly 1200 years ago in present day Iran and Iraq. Over the centuries, great advances were made in measuring the movement of the visible planets and their relationships to distant stars.

The foundation of astrology had been improved upon in ancient Greece, but it was the introduction of the astrolabe to the Middle East during Europe’s dark ages that expanded astrology. Astrolabes are a mechanical two-dimensional replication of the celestial orb. This small device assisted astrologers in knowing where a planet was at any given moment in relationship to earth as well as to other planets. Calculations became more precise. The knowledge of when a certain planet was making romance inevitable became central to the psychic love reading.

If timing a coming romance is important, a psychic love reading using astrology is what you are looking for. Of course, computers have long replaced the mechanics of astrolabes and the hand-scrawled calculations used over the centuries by astrologers. But the precise love predictions that can be timed with astrology have their roots in the sands of the Middle East.

Asia and Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is a variant on the western cycle of changing signs 12 times per year, with the core difference being the change of signs once per year over the course of 12 years.

But a little known phenomenon within Chinese astrology assists psychic love readings. Within the twelve-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs, there is a ten-year cycle of elements. Each element rules for two years. The five elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The way to quickly determine someone’s element is as follows: years ending in 0 or 1 are Metal, 2 and 3 are Water, 4 and 5 are Wood, 6 and 7 are Fire, and 8 and 9 are Earth. 2010 is the year of the Tiger, but it is specifically the Metal Tiger. 1998 was also the year of the Tiger, but it was the Earth Tiger. 2011 will be the year of the Metal Rabbit, as the element stays the same while the animal sign changes. A psychic love reading based in Chinese astrology will pay as much attention to your element as to your animal. Elements are quite attracted to each other; note how many successful love relationships are people born a year apart, the same year, or a decade apart. There is a host of other element combinations that an expert love psychic can determine when you begin your reading by giving the psychic your birth date.

The Americas and Voodoo

There is a long history to the practice of casting spells on the one you most desire. From Louisiana through the Caribbean and into South America, voodoo has used elaborate African ritual magic as the basis of its complex mysticism. While the voodoo doll is more legend than reality, it is based on the belief that a person’s energy is most palpable if it actually comes from his or her body. Voodoo believes that possessing a little bit of a person can offer you control of that person when the proper ritual is performed.

Your psychic love reading can include a vision of how you might best be able to hypnotize your lover as part of a larger seduction. Hypnosis may have a westernized clinical reputation, but its roots are in voodoo. Looking deep into the eyes of the one you want and chanting a seductive mantra are the core elements of voodoo spell-casting that a voodoo priestess must master and that a trained love psychic would be able to teach to you.

Antarctica and the Arctic

Penguins and polar bears do not have a history of using psychic love readings. If you and a potential soulmate are together at either the North or South Pole, the desire to share bodily warmth will increase with every moment you are outside in the cold.

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