Silver Aura Meaning & Personality

The silver aura is known as the aura of the gifted and, due to this, it is often one of the most treasured auras on the spectrum. Silvers tend to have outstanding physical qualities that propel them past their peers or are blessed with above average intuition and psychic capabilities. The downside to all these wonderful gifts is that they must be used, and used for good, or they can eventually be lost. So, while it is not uncommon for a Silver to be blessed with riches and good fortune, these things can easily be squandered and abused leaving little more than an empty shell. Those who possess a silver aura are all owners of great opportunity and nothing more. The leg up they receive in life is believed to be spiritual guidance, which they can choose to use for good or ill.

Personality Traits For Silver Auras

The silver aura is another aura that brings high levels of sensitivity to those who are bestowed with its color. This sensitivity acts as a guiding light, helping Silvers to make better choices as the karmic hit for abuse of their gifts will ultimately strike them pretty hard. The spiritual and psychic connection that many Silvers have is known to be utilized in a very down-to-earth manner, preventing a disconnect with those they are attempting to aid. Thus, despite their abundance of gifts, they have no trouble relating to those they meet and never give off the feeling of being out of touch. The color silver relates to wisdom and experience and, in those areas, Silvers truly shine. They have a naturally high level of intellect and are able to pick up on things that others often miss. You will rarely find Silvers happily laboring in a profession that is not in a leadership or teaching capacity.

Those with a silver aura are in-tune with the world around them and act instinctively. Silvers can often detect the motives or ill will of people before it is readily noticed and will swiftly seek to avoid them. As they are aware of their sensitive nature, they are not the types to teach at any cost, and readily flee from potential confrontation. Growth, both spiritually and otherwise, is directly connected to the color silver as well. As such, you will be hard-pressed to find a Silver who is complacent and satisfied with their achievements in life. They will undoubtedly seek to continue learning and passing their knowledge on to others. The abundance of blessings may lead you to believe that those with a silver aura are likely haughty or prone to flaunting their gifts of attractiveness, wealth, or intelligence, but this is not the case. In truth, Silvers are often humble, and few will know of their successes unless prodded.

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Love And Friendship With A Silver

Silvers tend to reside on the introverted side of the spectrum, but they are by no means unfriendly. They use a great deal of discernment when choosing friends and value those ultimately chosen very highly. They find the saying “You are who you surround yourself with” true to the core, and it is the most commonly used guideline they accept or deny friendships with. Individuals who are prone to bouts of pessimism, misconduct, or who are perceived as generally lacking morals, will be passed up from consideration with no regrets. Silvers are aware that they are teachers and not healers, and are thus frequently ill-equipped to counter the inner poison that drives the aforementioned behaviors and habits. As friends, those who possess a silver aura are loyal and supportive, while still holding a firm line to ensure they are not pulled into calamity. You will find them peaceful, adaptable, reasonable and, most of all, devoted.

Long-term intimate relationships with Silvers are a blessing that cannot easily be put into words, but such a connection will not be easy to achieve. Unlike a few other auras whose spiritual higher callings often bid them to put their family second, Silvers raise their loved ones above all else. They are kind and consider the effect all actions have on their significant other before making decisions – again, likely as a result of their own experiences with sensitivity. They see beyond their opportunities and blessings to know that a loving family is a joy that lasts longer than all else. Silvers slide neatly and happily into the role of father or mother and raising children is a unique experience they treasure greatly. Potential partners should take heed that Silvers take life slow and steady, and have little desire for chasing thrills or lusty, short-term encounters. They demand honesty, integrity, and matching devotion and will not remain and suffer if these expectations are not met.

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The Silver Aura In The Workplace

Employees with a silver aura will undoubtedly work hard as anything less than fully utilizing their skills would be wasteful. They will seek out training or teaching positions whenever possible and excel in them. Disciplinary roles are difficult, if not impossible, for them to manage due to their preference of avoidance. Silvers have ambition only so far as it means they will be able to spread their knowledge to more individuals; it is rarely for material reasons beyond effectively supporting a family. Drama, slacking off, and workplace feuds will not be an issue with those with a silver aura, though they may be unwilling targets. Overall, they are rewarding employees to work with and wonderful people to learn from.

The silver aura is a delightful mix of ever-growing wisdom and innate abilities that gives them generous advantages in life. Ideally, Silvers use these advantages for good – sparking and supporting the same growth in others. Despite their apparent blessings, they are distinctly aware of their limitations and do not seek to hide them away in a false display of perfection. As teachers, loving friends, and partners, Silvers make their mark their mark on the world without all the flair and spotlight. Treasure the Silvers in your life and they will treasure you as well.

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