What Are The Most Popular Types of Psychic Readings?

Are you new to psychic readings or maybe haven’t had one in a while? Maybe you are nervous and not sure what to ask about. It’s common for people to feel unclear about what a psychic can address—or even what they want to share with a stranger. Relax! Aside from a few topics I advise clients to avoid, a psychic can help in almost any area of life. That being said, some themes are more common than others. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of psychic readings.

Relationship Readings

Over half of Keen’s clients are seeking advice on their relationships. Whether you are curious about a romance, concerned about your kids, or looking for guidance on helping aging parents or a friend in trouble, psychics can help you understand the dynamics of the relationship. Let’s face it: getting along with our fellow humans is one of the most challenging tasks we face every day. A psychic advisor can tap into divine wisdom to make this fundamental part of our lives more rewarding.

Your advisor will use whatever method they work best with to help you understand karmic agreements. This might be Tarot, astrology, or working with spirit guides or angels. They will use their psychic abilities to receive guidance and wisdom that will serve your highest good. With a psychic’s help, you can find out about soulmate relationships, karma mates, or even twin flame connections. You may even choose to communicate with a transitioned soul if the conditions are right.

While psychic advisors cannot make life decisions for you or tell you exact outcomes, they can help you become more receptive to love and assist you in being a better parent. Co-worker challenges can be addressed, or you can even look at the positive and negative potentials for a business partner. Or, you can just ask about general guidance for your life in the area of relationships.

Life Situations

The next most popular type of reading is guidance on specific life situations. I’ve had clients ask about work, relocation, starting or ending a business, buying or selling a house, writing a novel, or other questions about creative work. Almost any human activity is fair game for questions. Nothing is too “silly” to ask a psychic—though, as I’ve said, there are definitely topics to avoid. Obviously, most psychics aren’t going to help you in a criminal endeavor, tell you whether or not to have a child, or counsel you through suicidal thoughts. There are people much, much better suited to aid you with the latter two situations.

Clients have asked about adopting pets, where to vacation, how to improve their sleep, help with interpreting dreams, how they might improve their psychic abilities, why they can’t lose weight, and many, many other situations.

Spiritual Guidance 

Some clients want to work with a psychic for spiritual growth or personal development. This can be anything from discovering and cultivating psychic abilities, learning Tarot, clearing blocks and past life restrictions, or exploring different spiritual paths. The goal with general development is to grow and evolve as a person, and these types of readings are less concerned with answering specific questions. Typically, clients will address their core issues within the framework of spiritual growth, of course, but in a broader context.

This kind of work also might involve introducing clients to their spirit guides and working with angels or spirit animals. It’s wonderful to have support in creating spiritual growth. Make sure to choose a psychic who likes to do this kind of work—read over advisor profiles and find the best psychic for you.

Methods of Working

Most psychics have preferred methods for contacting guidance. Tarot is probably the most popular after straight-up psychic reading. Some clients don’t have a burning question (though this is really rare) but are intrigued by a certain type of modality. When I was learning psychic skills, I got a variety of readings because it was fun and I was curious. If you are interested in Tarot, Palmistry, or how chakra balancing works, it’s fine to get a reading to see what the experience is like. Just be upfront with your reader and let them know your intentions. They may be able to help you understand the process, and you’ll be able to decide which methods you like best for future readings.

Choosing which issues you want help with can be a little daunting, but most of us know what we are really struggling with or want help resolving. You can start with your relationships, but the reading may also branch out into other topics. Or, you can meet about one topic one session and another topic another time. Almost any question is fair game for a reading!

The great thing about Keen is that there are always advisors available, so there’s no pressure to address every burning question in one session. You can try different readers, styles, and interfaces to see what you like best. Knowing what readings are most popular can guide you to developing your own personal preferences and understanding the ways in which psychic readings can enrich your life.

Are you ready to get a psychic reading? Our advisors are ready to guide you through issues big and small—so don’t be shy! Contact a psychic advisor on Keen today!

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