Your Guide to Contacting a Psychic Advisor

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Contacting a psychic advisor for the first time can feel like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know what to look out for in advance. But before booking a reading, you need to understand what an advisor truly does—and we’re not talking about false facts you’ve picked up in movies. A psychic is a person who possesses an extrasensory perception power (ESP) that enables them to acquire information through intuition and other methods such as tarot, astrology mediumship, photo/telekinesis, and more. These skills are quite complex and can take years to master, even if a psychic already has natural gifts. 

Whether you’re trying to mend a broken heart, land the perfect job, or find your soul purpose a psychic reading can give you the clarity and advice you need to let go of the past so you can be present while looking towards the future. Here’s everything you should expect. 

Understand How Online Psychic Readings Work 

While there are still advisors who run a business out of their home or a brick-and-mortar storefront, online psychic readings are the more popular and readily available option—even psychic mediums can work from a distance. What’s desirable about a reading that’s not face-to-face is the fact that you have complete anonymity. There’s also a lesser chance that you’ll be scammed because the psychic can’t pick up on your body language or use physical traits to make false insights. 

Some people are skeptical about online readings, but you should know that a psychic doesn’t need to be with you physically to access your energy field or to use the Tarot or other types of divination on your behalf. The information they receive to address your concerns will be coming from a kind of energy internet that they can “log into” no matter where you are. Once you give permission for them to seek information for you, they will use the technique or method (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) that will best enable them to help you.

Do Your Research 

Before contacting a psychic, it’s extremely important that you conduct thorough research. Carefully reading bios, reviews, psychic advisor prices, and testimonials is one of the best things you can do—it also lessens the chance that you’ll wind up with an imposter. Choose an advisor who uses methods you feel comfortable with. If you are curious about Tarot or astrology, find a reader whose skills include these modalities. Questions pertaining to matters of the heart? Tap a love and relationship expert. Remember, if you’re not happy with your choice, there are plenty of others to choose from! 

Go in With an Open, Positive Mind

If you go into a reading with a skeptical mind, you’re not going to have a good session because an advisor will be able to pick up on these negative vibes. On the flip side, maybe you’re completely into getting a reading but you’re just having an off day. If that’s the case, reschedule. You really have to have your head in the game so don’t waste your time (and the psychic’s) and money.

Let the Psychic Guide the Session 

While you may be eager to share a bunch of information with your psychic, don’t. You’re paying a professional psychic for their time, so allow them to do their job and lead the discussion where it needs to go. A good psychic should do most of the talking and asking you to validate or confirm the impressions they receive. You will likely frustrate an authentic psychic with your emotional overload by going off on tangents or venting your life story. And you’ll be giving a fraudulent psychic way too much information that can be manipulated to their advantage. 

Be Aware of Scams

Psychic readings have several benefits, including peace of mind, confidence, improved relationships, self-discovery, and closure. While there are individuals all over the world who possess a true psychic gift, unfortunately, there are some scammers out there who are only looking to take advantage of people instead of providing spiritual guidance, clarity, and advice. This is called a cold psychic reading, otherwise known as a set of techniques used in order to draw out information about you and your situation without the use of true psychic abilities. No psychic would ever be able to give you winning lottery numbers or predict when you’ll get married or even your death. You’re not cursed, so don’t go shelling out extra money to reverse it. 

You Can’t Lose Track of the Time

Here’s one of the many great things about an online psychic reading with Keen. You’ll never spend more than you want to—even if you lost track of the time. You’ll be prompted when you’re out of funds and be given the option to add more money or end the call/chat. Note that the time with an advisor starts as soon as the two of you are connected. 

Mind Your Manners

If you find that you’re not connecting well with your psychic and you wish to end the session, don’t just hang up on the advisor. Be respectful and politely explain that things aren’t going in the direction that you had hoped and that you don’t wish to continue. 

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