Staying Positive During Uncertain Times

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Staying positive in a negative world is no easy feat. The fear of the unknown is an awful thing yet one thing’s for certain: We’re all in the same boat. While that may not ease your feelings of stress and anxiety, staying positive no matter what is the secret to navigating even the stormiest of seas. In fact, it’s absolutely crucial for your physical and mental health. Here are some guaranteed methods to help you have more positivity in life now and in the future. 

Start Your Day Off on a Positive Note

Set the tone for your day by doing something on a positive note and more positivity is likely to follow because you’ll be boosting your mood. This can be anything you enjoy such as journaling, working out, meditating, listening to your favorite music, creating your to-do list, listening to a podcast, reading a few chapters from a good book, or making a healthy breakfast—a combination of these things is completely acceptable, too. The point of this exercise is to remind you that you have control over how you feel and what you do even though you can’t control the world around you. 

Make Your Health a Top Priority

Missing a workout here and there is one thing, but letting physical activity completely fall to the wayside is another. During times of stress, it’s all the more important to make your health a top priority. Not only because you want to keep your immune system boosted, but it also helps keep your mental health in check, too. Make it easier to stay on top of your health by scheduling exercise, creating a virtual wellness challenge with a friend, drinking plenty of water, filling the fridge with nutritious foods, trying out new (healthy) recipes, and making sure you’re getting enough sleep each night. When you feel your best you’re more apt to have a better mindset to boot. 

Adopt the Five-Second Rule

If you’re a reader, then perhaps you’re familiar with Mel Robbin’s The Five-Second Rule. Here’s how it works:  Every time you have negative thoughts you should count backward from five to one and do something physical such as taking a walk in an effort to transport your mind in a positive space. Along with dispelling negativity, it’s also an effective tool for when you need to get started on a project you’ve been procrastinating on. 

Stay Present

It’s not always easy to “live in the moment” but you’re not going to get anywhere worrying about things you can’t control tomorrow or in the future. Besides, you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy what the present has to offer—this includes time spent with others. To help you out, start by identifying any obstacles you’re facing as it’s likely the reason why you can’t turn off your brain. Work on developing your ability to be mindful by being more aware of what’s happening around you and try to think more objectively and not with your emotions. Being a worrywart isn’t going to solve any problems. Other things you can do include cleaning unnecessary clutter, letting go of grudges, not dwelling on past accomplishments, spending time in nature, and being grateful for the little things. 


Finding a few moments of peace are more important now more than ever during these stressful and uncertain times. Meditation is an extremely effective technique that boasts both short-term and long-term benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, enhances well-being, and can even improve sleep and overall health, but it also provides peace, balance, and clarity. Meditation can be done anywhere—including your home—and there are several different types to choose from. When it comes to staying positive, opt for a method such as loving-kindness, mindfulness, or gratitude. 

Stay Social

Staying social doesn’t have to mean Sunday brunch with the girls (or guys) or hitting the bar scene. Set up a virtual Zoom happy hour, connect with Facetime, or simply talk on the phone. Speaking to a friend or family member can be just the boost you need—and you’re probably doing them a favor, too! When you socially isolate yourself from others you’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to get out to share your feelings. Of course, staying social doesn’t always have to feel like an unofficial therapy session. Sometimes it’s just good to laugh and reminisce.

Create a Positivity Board

Whether it’s a dry erase board, corkboard, or even Pinterest board, create a place where you can gather positive affirmations, photos that make you happy, and things that remind you of your goals, as well as things you’re grateful for. Sometimes all it takes is a visual reminder to get back on track. 

Be a Do-Gooder

When you direct your negative energy into something positive, it’s almost impossible to remain in bad spirits. Whether it’s someone you know or a complete stranger, boost your mood by doing a good deed for another person—or even animal. Some ideas include: Offering free services in your area of expertise (tutoring, fitness instruction, cooking lessons, etc.), delivering meals or groceries to seniors, fostering a pet, tipping your delivery person a little extra, or simply cooking a favorite meal for your family. Any good deed is good for the soul, too. 

Practice Gratitude

When you feel as though life has gone down the drain then it’s the perfect time to practice gratitude. Not only does it increase feelings of positivity, but it can help you manage stress, get a better night’s sleep, and even improve upon your overall view on life. Whether you repeat a mantra to yourself or journal your thoughts, think of all the things you have to be grateful for—even if they’re small. Maybe it’s the beautiful sunrise you got to see, watching a movie with your family, having a pet by your side, being employed, having the means to put food on the table, and most of all, having your health. 

Speak to a Psychic

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it can be difficult to remain positive so reach out to a psychic if you’re feeling lost. There’s never been a better time to get clarity, set goals, and find peace with your inner-self. Speak to one of our advisors today. We’re always here for you 24/7, especially during these uncertain times.

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