How Spirituality Can Lead You to a Different and Rewarding Career

We rush through our days, weeks, and months; going through the motions but never really feeling completely fulfilled and content with our careers. The truth is that our life is screaming at us, telling us exactly what we should be doing with it, but most of us don’t take the time to actually listen. If you are feeling trapped in your chosen career but don’t know what to do about it, spirituality will get you on the right track.

Spirituality is there in all of us, but most people are blind to its existence. So what is spirituality? It’s the ability to tap into, or to be aware of, the dimension of the soul. In order to do this, you first have to tune out the background noise in your life. This includes all the negative forces that keep popping up within you, such as fear, anger, jealousy, and resentment. These forces are very limiting and will always succeed in drowning out your inner voice. When you are able to get past these forces, you then open yourself up to seeing the possibilities in your life, rather than to focus on the obstacles.

The best way to take this spiritual journey is to find ways to become very still and quiet in your life. When you do this regularly, it enables you to tap into your intuitive, or psychic, ability. Establish a practice of meditation at least once a day. Meditation is the ability to “live in the moment,” with razor-sharp awareness of the present. This keeps your mind from being preoccupied by memories from the past or by plans for the future. The result is that you are able to listen to, and respond better, to your life’s messages.

You don’t have to meditate for long periods of time to get the guidance that you are seeking. You can start with a small, more manageable amount of time, say five minutes, and build up to more if needed. One effective way to meditate is to focus your attention on the simple act of breathing, feeling how air goes into your body when you inhale deeply and out when you exhale. Another effective way is to get out in nature and to take in all the sights and sounds around you, such as the birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, the way the sun feels on your skin. Yet another good way is to turn your attention to your body and become aware of what it’s doing at that very moment and how it feels. For example, focus on how your body gets you up a flight of stairs and how your legs and feet feel during the movement. Or focus your awareness on how your body performs such usually mindless tasks as brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. All these tactics force your mind into an awareness of the present moment that opens your mind and allows you to be more receptive to the messages coming to you.

And the messages can come from many different places. The following seven tips will help you to hone your abilities to pick up on these messages.

Take responsibility

Take stock of your life up to this point, and make peace with the past. This is done by taking responsibility for your life, not placing blame, and learning how to forgive yourself and others. It gives you a realistic perspective on your life and frees you to either accept the reality or to move on.

Tackle Problems

Accept and embrace problems as they arise. Approach them with the attitude that your problems are here to teach you something, and go about figuring out what you’re supposed to learn from them.

Be Grateful

Begin a practice of gratitude, not for your possessions but for the small things that happen every day that make you happy. This can be as small as being grateful for the doorman at your office building holding the door open for you in the morning, or beating the rush hour traffic home on a Friday night, or getting an unexpected phone call from a friend. When you practice gratitude, it opens your heart and brings you closer to others.

Bond with Others

Find others who are on their own spiritual journey. When you discuss your experience with others of the same mind, it strengthens it for all. As you have conversations with people, stay in the moment and really listen to what they are saying. They could be giving you important messages.

Keep Track

Start keeping a journal of any ideas or thoughts that come to mind. Do this while in a quiet state so that you can hear what is within. If you think that you want to change your career, start asking yourself relevant questions, and journal what flows from this conversation with yourself.

Don’t Ignore Your Dreams

Start paying close attention to your dreams and what they are telling you. Keep a “dream journal” beside your bed so you can record any thoughts that come to mind as you wake up.


Learn how to trust the messages that you’re hearing, for this is the wisdom of your soul. Don’t be afraid to take action, even if you’re not sure it’s the absolute right direction.
In taking the spiritual journey, you will find yourself becoming very clear on your life’s purpose and therefore whether or not to make a change in your career. After all, our purpose on this earth is not to just go through the motions, but to live our best life possible. So if you hear a lot of background noise in your life and you’re feeling discontent, your immediate goal should be to seek answers and take action. The good news is that the answers are all around us, and especially deep within. Begin taking these steps to sharpen your psychic abilities, and if you’re truly listening, you’ll soon find the inspiration you need to make an effective, and more rewarding, career change.

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