Turquoise Aura Meaning & Personality

woman standing under turquoise light

The turquoise aura is all too often overlooked, or those who have turquoise auras are too simply described as innate healers who love people. In both the world of color and as far as auras go, it is a mix of blue and green and very representative of the base traits of each. While the turquoise aura draws its supportive nature from the blue aura and innate healing from the green aura, this color really does stand on its own and deserves to be recognized for its uniqueness. One defining trait is that a Turquoise is always friendly and available but never seeking. Many auras with innate healing capabilities find themselves consistently drawn to those who need help, and spend every waking hour devoted to assisting them. On the contrary, a Turquoise possesses the wisdom to know people are best served when they take the first step. Discover more about the turquoise aura, including relationship insight in the following article.

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Personality Traits For Turquoise Auras

When discussing individuals with a turquoise aura, there is one word that will always come up, sensitive. The sensitive nature of a Turquoise is not meant to describe intuition or superior detection of those who are suffering. Instead, it is used in the classic sense of being easily overwhelmed and emotionally vulnerable. This is one reason a Turquoise is not a seeker, for he or she would not press on if rebuffed by those who wish to ignore or deny their struggles or ailments. The turquoise aura is one of compassion and vibrant friendliness, exuding an energy that can only be described as bubbly and exciting. Despite their energetic nature, they have a calming and relaxing effect on those in their presence. It is nearly impossible to not feel at ease when a Turquoise is in the room, let alone when he or she is helping you through your struggles.

The turquoise aura is one that remains close to self, and in times of high stress, they can retreat inward in an attempt to protect all vulnerabilities. This defensiveness can regress to self-serving actions and a me-first mentality that is shockingly night and day from their usual behavior. While possible, this occurs rarely and is often remedied rather swiftly, especially when supportive friends are around. As to their much-referenced healing abilities, they are often non-conventional in that they wish to heal from the inside out. So, while Turquoises may be doctors or nurses, they are more likely to be found in occupations where medication is not the treatment norm. Therapists and psychologists who favor a change in thought and behavior for problem-solving are more likely to be turquoise than not. A Turquoise may not carry you out of danger, but they will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

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Turquoise Combines the Throat and heart chakras

The turquoise aura is a captivating energy field that seamlessly blends the attributes of the throat and heart chakras, creating a harmonious and expressive synergy. This unique fusion of energies signifies a balance between communication and emotional intelligence. The throat chakra, associated with self-expression and communication, finds resonance with the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion, and empathy. The turquoise hue serves as a bridge between these two energy centers, allowing you to articulate your feelings with sincerity and speak from the heart. This balanced integration enables open and honest communication, fostering deeper connections and promoting a genuine understanding of yourself and others. The turquoise aura thus becomes a radiant manifestation of authenticity, compassion, and heartfelt expression.

Love And Friendship With A Turquoise Aura

Friendship is easy to obtain with, and for, a Turquoise. This aura brims with positivity, unrelenting optimism, and an outgoing nature that beckons to all. They love to inspire those around them to first become better and then become inspirers themselves in a never ending cycle. They are friendly but not naive, remaining acutely aware of their sensitivities and weaknesses. Due to this, they may withhold close friendship status until there is no shadow of a doubt that the prospect won’t hurt them. Even with this defense, it may not be nearly enough. Even the most basic of friends can offend and set off a chain reaction for a Turquoise rollercoaster of emotions and defensiveness. Beyond that worse case scenario, individuals with a turquoise aura make excellent, supportive friends. If you are ever in need of help, you need only ask to have him or her at your side in a heartbeat.

Intimate relationships with a Turquoise are a blessing for both sides. As he is not a seeking healer, his soulmate need never worry about being second in importance to his drive to help. In a great irony, people with a turquoise aura are completely independent capability wise, but hate having to be alone or do actions on their own. His caring and affectionate character applies greatly to his own relationship and is enhanced by a vibrant passion that can make a marriage feel like a perpetual honeymoon. To be safe, those with turquoise auras choose partners who are supportive of their way of life and choice of occupation. They try extensively to cover all their bases and ensure that the home they return to is nothing but an inviting place of safety. Relationships can withstand the test of time, but a betrayed Turquoise may never recover enough to forgive.

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The Turquoise Aura In The Workplace

Turquoise men and women are generally hard workers, more than willing to expend their high level of energy in compassionate and helpful ventures. They never tire of helping others and making people smile but they care little for ambitious and arbitrary goals. They prefer to avoid supervisory positions as their need to protect their sensitive selves will override the need to discipline others out of fear of potentially lashing back. Despite this, they make excellent bosses due to their ability to inspire and make people want to succeed. Turquoise men and women cause no trouble and are conflict avoidant, adding to their overall appeal.

The turquoise aura is a breath of fresh air and balance in any situation where people need help. A Turquoise’s upbeat and cheerful nature makes everyone feel at ease and is far less imposing than those who seek and intercept those in need. The Turquoise belief that all things, good or bad, come from within is a mostly novel approach in a world obsessed with treating symptoms instead of causes. While sensitivity may be considered a weakness, those with a turquoise aura have found a way to make it a strength. There is no better friend to be found than a Turquoise, cherish those with this aura in your life.

The Turquoise Aura and conflict resolution

People radiating a turquoise aura are like the Zen masters of conflict resolution. Picture this: instead of diving into the chaos, they bring a soothing blend of creative thinking and intuitive insight to the table. It’s like they’ve got a cosmic guidebook on finding common ground. When tensions rise, they don’t throw fuel on the fire; instead, they drop some wise, calming words and turn the battlefield into a brainstorming haven. These Turquoise peacemakers are all about fostering understanding and creating harmony. So, if you’re stuck in the middle of a storm, keep an eye out for that turquoise glow – it’s the signal that conflict resolution superheroes are on the scene, ready to transform chaos into collaboration.

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