Your Guardian Angels and the Law of Attraction

A woman embraced by her guardian angel, using the law of attraction to manifest her soulmate

If you listen to yourself, you will know right from wrong and come close to comprehending your full potential. When you tell the universe what you want and your behavior lets the world know who you are, your guardian angels run the errands across space and time to make the energy of the universe work for you.

Did you know you have guardian angels? Everyone does. When you are immersed in an ideology, group identity or antisocial clique your guardian angels stay away. In the moments when you do have a vision but don’t have a belief system, your guardian angels take the positive energy you create and from it create the chances, the coincidences and the opportunities that define success.

Your guardian angels have to literally merge with your energy to see into your deepest potential. Dissonant energy is like a force field that keeps your guardian angels away – any time you are carrying too much internal anger or resentment is occupying your heart, your guardian angels are repelled. But in the moments that you find peace and build a lasting peaceful existence, your guardian angels do not waste a millisecond getting to work on your behalf, accepting the energy you put out into the universe and building positive energy flows right back to you.

Here are some ways to invite your guardian angels into your life in order that they can get out into the universe and harness positive energy on your behalf.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The material world has many distractions that offer stimulation. Be it the bright lights of the big city or the gossip and drama of a dysfunctional relationship, there are a myriad methods to get you to pay attention to anything besides your personal development. When you can minimize the material distractions from your everyday life you create a space in which your guardian angels can get in touch with your energy. This is not a call to retreat from reality or avoid the ordinary enjoyments that our world has to offer. It only takes a moment of pure peace to allow this transfer to occur. Finding that moment can be as simple as stopping in the middle of the over-stimulated daily grind and connecting with an internal peace. Stop and smell the roses, take a moment to breathe in the air and feel it enter your lungs. Exhale knowing that you are giving your guardian angels a bit of your inner energy to work with in the universe at large.

Let Go

In many cultures and religions, angels are said to have been created by the divine to help human beings make the most of the gift of life. At the times in our life where we are most helpless and in need of positive energy, we insist on taking even more control of things. As your world falls apart, the sense of being in charge is an illusion, as forces beyond your control overwhelm even the most capable and powerful. Often, letting go of your stress at peak tense moments is the best strategy one can adopt. To let go is to ask the universe for assistance. Your guardian angels rush in at this moment and bring you back into benefitting from the divine plane, a plane from which we too often find out we willingly walked away. When you let go, you open the door to let the agents of the divine source of universal power, angels, take over and do their day to day work … jobs that when completed we marvel at as miracles.

Don’t Dream it; Be it!

We are all born with the spark of divine. Your guardian angels seek to release your inner potential into the universe. You can speed things along by dressing the part. If you want to be successful in business, dressing in a sweater and sweats all day is not creating the energy that announces to your guardian angels that you are intent on being a businessperson. If you intend to be a successful artist, perhaps making art and developing your talent should take priority over discussing how bored you are over a cup of tea at the local coffee shop. If you actually begin to create the circumstances of your success, then success is more likely to find you – or at least it will appear that way, more likely your guardian angels have delivered you the success that your actions revealed you wanted.

If you are looking for love, actively dating is a way to bring the possibilities in your life. Concentrate on the positive from what you find – even a bad date lets you understand more completely what you do not want in a man. Describe yourself in an online personal ad in upbeat terms of how you aspire to be, and then start behaving like you are that person you described. If you pave the road to success, your guardian angels will chauffeur you there quickly.

Don’t Try It; Do It!

So many of us try to achieve instead of asking the universe to deliver. When we try, we often go through the motions. We take classes and take notes but there is never any effort to put aside our books and simply do the thing that we were born to do. If you understand the rules of the game, the only thing standing in your way of beginning to play the game for real is you standing on the sidelines. Your guardian angels are not coaches who give you permission to enter the game, they are your fans in the stadium seats cheering you on so loudly and passionately that the whole stadium soon revels in your every act toward triumph. There is no point in trying when you could instead be doing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Should you find yourself stuck in your efforts to manifest through your guardian angels, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for help from your favorite psychic. They will be able to advise and suggest the best way forward to enable your guardian angels to help you get what you desire in life.

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