The Power of Words

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“I am unlovable” … “Nobody likes me” … “I am beautiful” … “I have all the time in the world.”

Words and our self-expression are very powerful. Whatever you express begins to manifest almost instantaneously. You are telling the universe, “This is my truth.” God gave you the spoken word for that simple reason. Your personal truth is very powerful, so be wise in using your gift of spoken word. This includes not just the words you say to others, but what you say in your inner dialogue.

It is well known that words and other forms of self-expression have vibrations and are indeed energy. For those who understand the laws of attraction and manifesting, words are the “like attracts like” in the entire equation. Try it sometime – think of a funny word and say it out loud. Watch how quickly you see an advertisement on TV or the Internet containing that word, how someone brings it up in conversation or how a stranger will say it in passing through the grocery store.

With the understanding that our words are magnets, we can begin to change what we say to reflect our inner truth and manifest the life we truly desire. Sounds simple, right? It is! All it takes is work and the conscious understanding that what you say will reflect you. This does not mean that you go out into the world with your opinions and judgments and ball-bust everyone that crosses your path. It does mean that you take stock of what is truly important to you and realize that you are deserving of it, whether that is friendship, support, love, abundance, money, a new home, and/or a loving relationship. You do not need to live a life of lack, a life of fear or a life of loneliness.

We are humans with wills of our own so we will have arguments and become frustrated with one another … or even with our self. That is okay. It’s important to remember during these times to speak the truth instead of tossing around harsh words. It can be so hard to calm the volatile tongue when it gets going, but remember that whatever you put out, you will get back from the universe. This includes gossip, slander, opinions and judgments. If you call someone defective, don’t be surprised to find out that the very same person said a similar thing about you in a different conversation. If in the heat of the moment, you tell the universe, “I never want to hear from that person again!” – that is exactly what you will get until you change your message and tone.

Here are ways in which you can get in touch with your truth:

  1. Make a list of what you desire and phrase it in the present tense:

    • “I have more than enough money to live a comfortable and relaxing life.”
    • “I am a beautiful person and heal others with my words.”

  2. Find a hobby or become reacquainted with an old one. Play an instrument, write, journal, dance, go for a walk, cook, etc.

  3. Listen to your inner voice and shut out any negative thoughts. Tell them that they are “old news” and you don’t need them anymore.

  4. Come up with fun affirmations and place them around your home.

  5. Breathe! Don’t be so eager to respond in conversation or jump the gun when you are upset. Take a breath, or 5 breaths, before you say anything. This also applies if you are having a bad day.

  6. Me-time is very important. Take a time out at least once a day to do something you enjoy.

  7. Don’t hide your feelings. Express them in a positive way by either journaling, talking to a friend, setting boundaries in relationships or speaking up and saying, “This doesn’t feel right. I need a few moments before I decide.”

  8. If you must get angry, excuse yourself and be angry for a limited amount of time. Don’t suppress your feelings. Afterward, have a good laugh about it. This also applies to other negative or self-defeating feelings.

  9. Find the truth in others. Listen during conversations without thinking about how you will respond. Often we are paired with people who will teach us about our truth through mere reflection.

There are many ways to express yourself: words, song, writing, cooking, dancing, etc. Make your world reflect what you desire. Remember that all these forms of self-expression are your gifts! What does your self-expression say about you and your reality? What are you telling the world you want to attract? Are these expressions coming from negativity or from your heart and a place of truth?

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