The Page of Wands Tarot Card


A Tarot reading reveals many things about you and the people around you. The Page of Wands is a card that blesses any tarot reading with the good fortune of youthful creativity. But how you use this blessing can be an exciting accomplishment or a total disaster.

The Card is a simple depiction of a young boy holding a wooden staff (Wand) that is just a bit taller than him. He is looking toward the top of the Wand, dressed in yellow and wearing a funny bowler hat adorned with a feather. In the Tarot deck’s court of wands, the clothing pattern is repeated in the Knight, King and Queen of Wands. Each Tarot deck has a unique illustration of the court costumes, but the court of Wands is usually depicted in a yellow or gold fabric with dragon or lizard patterns in a dark color. This signifies the synergy with nature that the suit of Wands illustrates.

Determining what the card represents is often a case of where in a reading the card appears. Tarot readings place cards in the positions of the past, present and future.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

The Page of Wands in the past position represents you in the child stage. It can be a good version, full of the confidence and untarnished love that are represented by youth. It can be a bad version, spoiled rotten and expectant of getting anything you want through whining and throwing tantrums.

Page cards in the present position represent you starting life over again. The Page of Wands shows you with a new idea of taking control over your own destiny. It is a powerful card in the present position, a clean slate with momentum in your favor.

The future position is a positive place for the Page of Wands card. This shows that a bright future of new adventures and creative expression will be yours after the current trials pass on.

The child depicted as the Page of Wands has some obvious growing up to do, and yet he is quite happy with his awkward elegance. This card has a bit of pride in it, the type of pride that can blind you to present realities. Often, not knowing the severity of a situation helps you survive it. But by and large this card emphasizes that the creativity (represented by the wand) of youth (represented by the young page) will be yours to find a new manifestation of your psyche in the world.

All Wand cards are about creativity and its relationship to the world around you. Businessmen must be creative to stay ahead in a competitive world. Teachers must be creative in how they impart information to students. Parents must be creative when they raise a child. Of course artists must be creative, but one does not have to be in the arts to use the opportunity presented by a wand.

Card Combinations

The call for childlike creativity in a tarot reading is dependent on the other cards in your tarot spread to give you an idea of where this can best be applied. If there are other wand cards in your reading, the urgency for a creative solution is more apparent. If there are lots of Swords in a reading that features the Page of Wands, you might be speaking out of turn or naive about the impact of your words. A reading with this card and many pentacles reveals that creative solutions to financial situations could make you rich! If cards with cups in them accompany this card, your love life will have a new energy to it, perhaps even a rebirth of how it felt the first time you were with the one you loved.

Court Cards combine in readings to give you a view of relationships. If another Court Card (Page, Knight, Queen, King) appears in a reading with the Page of Wands, understand that the reading is detailing a relationship in your life of great importance. Two Pages always represent childish behavior. A Knight card indicates you will feel a youthful rebirth quite soon. A Queen and a Page bring up gender issues where one person in a relationship lacks the consciousness and wisdom of the other. Any King card is similar, except the chasm in the relationship will be over generational differences – perhaps a lover who is much older or younger than you is about to enter the picture!

When the Page of Wands is paired with The Hermit card, your recent hobbies are serving to isolate you from friends and family. This is a message to get them involved or to find a group that shares your passion. Paired with The Fool card and you are even more alone from traditional relationships, although this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Page of Wands paired with the Temperance card is an extraordinary combination, as the ability to forego mindless pursuits of pleasure, as represented by Temperance, delivers to you all the vitality of youth that the Page stands for.

One card that is not a good combination to have with the Page of Wands is The Devil Tarot card. This is a card of surrendering to pleasure until one becomes a servant of that very thing. Addictions and illusions abound when this card enters a reading. Paired with the Page of Wands, the naivete of your childish attitudes further clouds your reason, along with any ability to spot self-destructive patterns emerging from your pursuits of pleasure.

Although the Death card might appear scary, it actually combines quite well with the Page of Wands. This is a reading that emphasizes making a giant leap into a new existence, one that is not beholden to the structures that you have built in your life up to this point. While most change is painful (represented by the Death card), this card combination offers you a chance to begin again, renewed and carrying a clear vision that the creative Page of Wands card represents.

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