The Queen of Wands Tarot Card


Have you noticed a pleasant popularity in your life? Are you feeling more upbeat about your present situation as well as the future? Have you noticed that you no longer get annoyed at things that you once found aggravating? You might be so active and upbeat that the appearance of the Queen of Wands Tarot card in your reading will not be a surprise at all. Your optimism and active daily routine reflect using your creative energy to be part of the good solutions in the world. Your reading will reveal where you can best apply your cheery, classy approach to life.

A crowned Queen sits on her throne. She holds a walking stick, or wand, in her right hand and a large fresh cut flower in her left hand. A tapestry illustrated with a pattern of lions and this flower is often depicted adorning the back of her throne. The sky is clear and blue. In her warm gray cape and golden robes she peers off into the distance with a peaceful look about her. A cat is often depicted at her feet.

The placid scene is an indicator of the self-assurance and undistracted calm that runs throughout this card. Wands represent creativity and queens represent applying the feminine energy of accepting life’s paradoxes. When you have accepted that there is no rigid definition to life, your creative solutions will make you happy and keep you active. The throne on which this queen sits is decorated with lions, symbol of royalty, of having mastered the position into which life has placed you. The flower in the hand of this queen accents her throne to reinforce the feminine power of reproduction, nurturing a seed into the beauty of a full bloom. While the suit of Wands privileges the creative process and spirit, the Queen of Wands represents a deeper absorption of this creative urge; creativity becomes second nature, and one’s day to day explorations and activities under the presence of this card are the equivalent of having painted one’s own masterpiece.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

Every Tarot reading is divided into sections representing different time periods of your life. Everything does not happen at once; there is a past, present and future position in your Tarot reading. The cards are dealt into specific positions and establish meanings there.

When the Queen of Wands is in the past position, you recently had a great time. This could go back to a wonderful, almost magical childhood. It could be as recent as a good vacation or an extended period of being yourself around those you most love. Your present situation is rooted in the past and having the Queen of Wands in this position is the Tarot’s way of assuring you that your foundation is an optimistic core that loves life.

In the present position, this card indicates that you are at a new plateau in your development. You are able to more clearly see where you have been and can appreciate the trials and tribulations of days gone by as much as you can the victories, for the good and bad have made you a more complete person.

The future position is a wonderful place for the Queen of Wands to make her appearance in your reading. The solution to your current predicament will bring you to a place of confidence; this card here illustrates that you will soon tackle obstacles and will finally, securely believe in yourself. Like the Strength Tarot card, the relationship between you and the king of the beasts is one in which you master all of your talents into instincts. Success will seem to come in the blink of an eye, but it is an accumulation of wisdom and using your inner strength; a process years in the making that leads to your future victories.

Card Combinations

Your Tarot reading involves more than one card and each of these individually illustrated cards is spread out in order to interact with each other. The presence of card combinations influences the whole of your reading.

When the Queen of Wands is joined by another queen card, this indicates the presence of a strong, supportive person in your life. The Queen of Pentacles could indicate a friend or family member loaning you money. The Queen of Swords appearing in a reading with the Queen of Wands combines to reveal a friend is influenced by your ideas and is spreading the word for you. The Queen of Cups manifests as someone delivering much-needed emotional support when paired with the Queen of Wands.

The presence of a King Tarot card in a reading with the Queen of Wands challenges your easygoing ways with firm ideas of how to do things. The King of Cups indicates that a love interest has definite rules that must be followed if you are to ever receive his or her affection. The Queen of Wands will ask long and hard if this is even worth it. The King of Pentacles holds onto his money and may put you in a financial bind. The King of Wands matches well as he gives his queen a discriminating taste on getting the best out of all your pursuits. The King of Swords represents a companion who is suddenly and unexpectedly critical of the Queen of Wands.

The other court cards are Pages and Knights. Any of these cards represent the powerful presence of another person receiving inspiration from the Queen of Wands or interacting with your daily enthusiasm. You will teach someone a valuable lesson if your reading features the Knight of Wands or the Page of Wands combined with their queen. The Page of Swords and the Knight of Swords indicate the presence of loud but ultimately harmless critics who will only make you more assured of what needs to be done. The Page of Pentacles or the Knight of Pentacles indicates new and exciting sources of money in your life, truly an encouraging development. The Page of Cups and Knight of Cups are excellent cards to combine in a reading with the Queen of Wands, as they indicate the arrival of a lover who appreciates the real you on a deep level that borders close to a spiritual connection. Have you met your soulmate recently?

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