The Fourfold Vision Tarot Spread: View Your Question Through Multiple Lenses and See What Comes Into Focus

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When posing a question that has far-reaching implications, the Fourfold Vision spread is particularly effective, because it offers analysis from several distinct perspectives. Whether you have a question regarding a person (Does the woman I’ve hired to design my wedding dress really get my vision?), or there’s a goal you hope to achieve yourself (Will the novel I’ve just finished ever get published?), or you’re wondering if an object you’ve set your heart’s desire on is going to manifest itself in your life (Will the seller accept our offer on ‘our perfect house’?), by supplying you with information from a variety of sources, this spread allows you to not only comprehend deeper insights into the current status of your query, but also to understand how the issue at hand is likely to unfold over time.

A Life Less Ordinary for Audrey

Audrey had been living in the same small Georgia town all of her life. She knew everyone, and everyone knew her . . . or at least, they thought they did. The second of three children, in school, Audrey was a slightly above average student, who blended in rather than stood out. No one had very high expectations for her, including herself.

After graduating, Audrey drifted a bit. College wasn’t a huge priority for her, and since her parents would have been hard-pressed to pay for an education that she wasn’t all that interested in pursuing, she opted out, and instead took a waitress job at a local restaurant.  

Once she’d been working there a few months, Audrey realized she’d developed a passion: not for waiting tables, but for cooking. Every time she tasted a new dish or tried out the day’s special, she began to think up ways to improve the flavor, or add a progressive twist to the taste. She’d often pick up the ingredients on her way home, and see what she could concoct.

As the weeks passed, Audrey began to think about attending culinary school and becoming a chef. The more she considered it, the more the prospect appealed to her, but it would mean leaving everything she’d grown up with behind—her home, her family, her friends, her comfort zone. Although she yearned to break free, she was afraid to take the first step–and what if she found she was unable to get into the culinary school at all?

The Reading

The Fourfold Vision spread operates like a series of layered glass filters, each layer informing the previous one, until finally, an entire three-dimensional scene is brought into focus.

The card at the far right represents the central issue at hand. The Six of Swords spoke to both the change Audrey was seeking and the trepidation she felt at heading off into the unknown. In order to proceed, she could only take with her very few material possessions, and she would have to put herself in the hands of others to ensure that she would arrive at a destination that would prove beneficial in the end.

The next card to the left reveals the physical manifestation of the question at its most basic level. Here, Audrey drew the Eight of Swords. It was clear that Audrey’s fear of failure or making the wrong choice was blinding her to the path to true opportunity. In order for her to proceed, she would have to open herself to new perceptions, rather than falling back on outmoded expectations–much in the way that someone who loses their sight must learn to heighten their other senses to lead them in the right direction.

The center card symbolizes the thought process surrounding the issue. The Hanged Man suggests that rather than fight the powers that be, the most beneficial course of action might well be to place yourself in the hands of the universe and see what the future has in store for you. It’s not a card that suggest that you need passively accept what fate brings you, only that you release fear and open yourself to allow change to enter your life.

The card second from the left views the situation through the lens of emotion, as informed by three previous cards in the reading. Drawing the Six of Cups indicates a rebirth of childhood hopes and dreams. It’s a cosmic “do over” card that says it’s not too late to start your journey, or if you’ve gotten off on the wrong footing, to start again.

The final card represents the Fourfold vision, adding a spiritual filter to the final tableaux. The Queen of Pentacles suggests that by opening herself to the universe, learning to trust her internal compass, and making choices rather than fearing the future, following her passion will eventually lead Audrey to a place of deep personal satisfaction, as well as emotional and financial stability. 

Armed with the insights from the reading, Audrey decided she would apply to culinary school and see what happened from there. A passionate entrance essay won her a spot in the next semester’s student body. She continues to work as a waitress and is saving money for tuition, and looking forward to the day when the daily specials on the menu will be of her own design.

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