Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


The Three of Wands tends to bring along a lot of luck and good fortune. But when the card is reversed, you will find yourself wondering if all of your luck has run out. You will likely face struggles that will leave you feeling powerless. This can lead to greater feelings of self-doubt. However, the good news is that this is most likely to be a temporary situation. While you may be frustrated and impatient right now, you just need to give it some time for things to work out. Keep reading for a deeper look into a possible interpretation that may apply if you have the Three of Wands appear reversed in your online tarot card reading.

Personal Development

Lately, you have been on a journey of self improvement. But while you have been working on your personal development, the Three of Wands reversed indicates that you have faced quite a few obstacles lately. You have been unable to achieve your goals due to these delays, which understandably has you feeling disappointed and frustrated. The one thing you should never do is regret starting the journey. What seems like setbacks right now is just part of the process to getting to where you want to be. You just have to keep moving forward.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Another possibility when you see the Three of Wands reversed in a tarot card reading is that you are struggling with seeing a plan through to completion. What once seemed achievable now has you feeling like you’re in over your head. Maybe you had an unrealistic idea of the obstacles and risks you would face. Now is the time for a realistic assessment of where you are now and what problems you may encounter down the road. Determine ways to minimize or eliminate these problems. Then break the plan down into smaller, manageable goals.

Attitude is Everything

When you are having difficulty putting your plans into action, it’s normal to feel disappointed or overwhelmed. But the Three of Wands reversed may be a warning to mind your attitude while you deal with this situation. Things are going to improve if you give them time. Being stubborn or rude will not help matters. Having a negative attitude will only upset those who have supported you thus far. Focus on keeping your cool as you look forward to better days ahead.

Mind the Details

At the present, you are totally caught up in the big picture. While it is important to keep your eyes on your goals and objectives, the Three of Wands reversed shows that you are allowing them to blind you to the small details. They may seem trivial, but these little things actually play a big role in getting you to where you want to be.

In a Rush

The reversed Three of Wands may also serve as a reminder to be patient. Right now, you are in a huge rush to get going in your current situation. But you need to conserve your energy. You can’t run a marathon the same way you would run a sprint. Using up all of your energy in the beginning will only leave you feeling tired and worn out. Instead of rushing, take a more methodical approach. Going step by step will help you pace yourself so you can complete the race.


Unfortunately, the Three of Wands reversed suggests that there is an issue with long term compatibility in your current relationship. While you may enjoy each other’s company in the present, your goals for the future do not align. One of you is looking for adventure – whether that’s moving far away to somewhere new or traveling the world. The other is content where they are and is reluctant to follow along. While this relationship is not inherently doomed, there are going to be several big compromises necessary if this relationship is going to work out in the long run.

Long Distance Relationships

If the Three of Wands reversed appears in your tarot card reading, it may be a warning to avoid getting into a long distance relationship. While this arrangement can work out for some couples, there is no denying that it is challenging and comes with many drawbacks. Right now, you need someone who can be available for you physically.

This warning can also apply to someone who must travel a lot for their job. While they may technically live nearby, being on the road frequently can make this arrangement seem more like a long distance connection.

On the other hand, the card could be referencing a holiday romance. You are having a bit of fun with someone you’ve met during your travels. It’s exciting and you will make some great memories together, but the nature of the relationship means that it will be nothing more than a short lived fling. Live in the moment and enjoy the relationship for what it is.

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