The Two of Pentacles tarot card features a jester juggling balls. These balls represent the various aspects of your life – such as your responsibilities, job, family, health, and relationship. When the card is reversed, the juggler has lost control due to being overcommitted. It is overwhelming trying to keep too many balls in play. In order to regain control, something will need to change. In many cases, you will have to let something go. If the reversed Two of Pentacles comes up in one of your online tarot card readings, here are a few of the possible interpretations for what it could mean.

Time to Get Organized

The Two of Pentacles reversed can mean that your lack of organization is impacting your life. Life has been keeping you extremely busy lately, which makes it hard for you to stick to your commitments and activities. Or maybe you’re having trouble managing your finances. The more that you struggle, the more overwhelmed and stress you begin to feel.

What you are currently doing is clearly not working for you. Now is the time to get organized so you can manage everything you need to. Start creating more structured plans to tackle your day. You can keep track of this in your calendar or planner. Create to do lists to improve your productivity and time management. Create a budget so you can stay on top of your bills. Once you get organized, you’ll no longer feel quite so overwhelmed by life.

Balancing Work and Your Personal Life

Finding the perfect balance between your job and family or significant other is always challenging. But the reversed Two of Pentacles reversed suggests that lately you’ve been giving too much of your attention to your work. Everyone has times when they are busy. It’s fine if you have to work some overtime periodically. But it should not be so much to the point where you are neglecting your loved ones. They need your time and attention as well. Stop worrying about your work so much and spend some quality time with them – it will do you some good too. Failing to do so will only lead to anger, resentment, and potentially damage the relationship permanently.

Take It Slowly

Now is not the time to make any major commitments in your current relationship. According to the Two of Pentacles reversed, your attention is currently split between your relationship and other commitments. You will have to evaluate where your priorities really lie. Do you want to give up your other commitments to make this relationship work? Or are those other commitments more important to you?

Take a Break

When the Two of Pentacles is in its reversed position, it can indicate that you are desperately in need of a break. You’re finding it hard to juggle everything and the stress is building rapidly. You need a chance to breathe and relax. Taking a break can help you reduce your stress levels and improve your overall well being. This break doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You just need to find whatever will help you relax and clear your mind. You could try doing some yoga, going for a walk, doing one of your favorite hobbies, or watching a movie in bed. Stop thinking about everything that’s bothering you and enjoy some time living in the moment. After your break, you’ll feel more prepared to face any obstacles that are in your way.

Looking for Love

If you are currently single, the Two of Pentacles reversed shows that you are currently too overwhelmed by everything else going on in your life to find love. Relationships require time and commitment in order to grow and flourish. Right now, you simply are unable to give any relationship the attention it needs in order to work. If you want to find that special someone, you’ll have to give this search for love priority in your life.


You have currently spread yourself too thin by over committing yourself at work. No one person can do it all. It’s impossible to do your best work when you have far too much on your plate. You might even be noticing the negative effects from being over committed already. Take a look at everything that you need to accomplish and prioritize it. Delegate whatever you can in order to lighten your load. If you are unable to do that, at least use this as a learning experience. Do what is necessary to move forward and do not over commit again in the future.

Stress and Your Health

Stress isn’t just an unpleasant feeling. Intense and ongoing stress can have a very negative effect on your physical health. Anxiety can lead to migraines, insomnia, ulcers, and many other serious health problems. Your body is trying to tell you that you need to take a step back. You can’t keep running yourself into the grown. Get some rest and find ways to reduce your stress levels.


The Two of Pentacles reversed card can allude to some dangerous secrets in your current relationship. You or your partner have not been completely upfront with one another. One possibility is that someone is trying to juggle two relationships at once. This could be anything from a bit of flirting to a full blown affair. This card could also refer to financial secrets. Watch your transactions carefully to see if money is being spent at or transferred to unexpected places. These things have likely been going on for quite some time, but these secrets cannot stay buried forever.

Unable to be Saved

Sometimes there are things that just cannot be saved, no matter how hard you try. At work, you may have made some bad investments or decisions that have left you in a financial bind. In a relationship, it may refer to an inherent incompatibility. If you are a student, it might indicate that you have fallen behind in your studies. It may be time to cut your losses and prepare for what lies ahead. While you may not be able to stop it entirely, perhaps you can at least mitigate the damages.Feeling overwhelmed with your life? If you’re unsure how to regain control of everything you’re juggling in life, an online tarot card reading from Keen can give you some clarity. Our experienced tarot card readers are available any time you need them. You can easily connect with them no matter where you are by phone, email, or chat. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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