How to Know if Your Man is in Love With You When you start dating, it often takes a while before you can figure out whether he really is as into you as you are to him. Fortunately, each of the zodiac signs has some tell tale behaviors which will clue you in to how he really feels about you.

Does your Aries guy let you make half of the decisions on where to go, what to do and when to do it? Or does he insist on taking control at all times? When an Aries man is truly in love, he will relinquish some of his need to be the boss.

Does your Taurus Man want to know where you are at every minute of the day? If he’s constantly in touch with you, it’s his possessive side coming out. Which could be tricky to handle, but it does show that he really, really cares for you.

Can you get a word in edgeways with your Gemini guy? Or do you just listen and nod in approximately the right places? When a Gemini man is in love, he discovers the joys of listening instead of talking. The more he listens to you, the more he loves you.

Has your Cancer guy taken you home to meet his Mom? Or does he wriggle out of that with a constant supply of ready excuses? If he thinks you’re the one, your Cancer man will want to show you off (and get approval from his folks). Consider it a compliment.

Does your Leo guy show you his vulnerabilities, or is he still portraying himself as Mr Perfect? When a Leo man is in love, his ego and his mask drop, and he reveals his inner insecurities. If your Leo guy asks for your help, you’re onto a winner.

Does your Virgo man offer a constant stream of “helpful” suggestions? If he’s trying to improve you, it means he’s smitten. You might find it infuriating, but it’s what Virgo does. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t care either way.

Libra guys fall in love at the drop of a hat, and can be very clingy. The key is whether he feels confident enough to let you go. Does your Libra man cope well if you don’t see him for a few days? If so, he trusts you, and that means he’s fallen for you.

Does your Scorpio guy ask you join him on his rollercoaster of emotions? Is he happy to show you his darker side? Loving a Scorpio means taking the lows with the highs, but if he’s not in love with you he’ll protect himself and won’t open up like this.

Does your Sagittarius guy run a mile when you mention homes and children, or does he chatter excitedly about the possibilities? Your Sagittarius man doesn’t settle down easily, so if he’s not put off by future thoughts, then he’s probably a keeper.

Is your Capricorn man happy to take you to work functions and to socialize with his colleagues? Image and career are everything for this guy, so he won’t risk this if he’s not smitten with you. The more open he is about his work, the more he’s fallen for you.

Has your Aquarius guy said the magic words? If he says he loves you, he truly, madly, deeply means it. The Aquarius man is not one to toy with emotions, and he won’t utter this immortal line unless and until he is absolutely driven to by his feelings.

Does your Pisces guy turn up on time for your dates, or does he forget, or turn up late? He’s not the best organized man on the planet and timekeeping is actually tough for him – so if he’s punctual and present, you can be sure he thinks you’re worth it.


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