How To Be Your Best Romantic Self by Sign


Most of us consider ourselves romantic to a greater or lesser degree, but each of the zodiac signs has something unique and different to bring to a relationship. How do you show your partner the very best of your loving self? Read on to find out. 


You’re a spontaneous, enthusiastic and passionate lover, and one of your strengths is your ability to encourage your partner to take a few walks on the wild side. From experimenting with your sex life to breaking out of lifestyle ruts, you bring a vibrancy and an enthusiasm to your relationship which benefits your partner in many ways. Relationship Magic: Help your partner to stand on his or her own two feet. 


Romantic, loyal, faithful and steadfast, you’re a true rock to your partner both in good times and in bad. A very sensual sign, you have a healthy attitude towards sex and you have the knack of making your partner feel like the most attractive person in the world. Your lover knows they can trust you, and that really, really matters. Relationship Magic: Help your partner love their own body as much as you love it. 


Gemini is such a fun sign, and you bring life, joy and laughter to any relationship. Although you’re an outrageous flirt, you make up for this with your genuine and sincere efforts to understand and accommodate your partner, and your renowned communication skills make it easy for you to resolve rows and discord. Relationship Magic: Help your partner talk through their worries and concerns. 


As a Cancer, you will nurture, support and protect your partner with all of your might. You are a very loving sign, and you offer a warm and affectionate relationship, with the promise of security for whoever wins your heart. A tactile sign, you strongly believe that most things can be resolved with a cuddle – and you’re right. Relationship Magic: Help your partner understand your deep seated emotions. 


Larger than life in love as well as every other area, Leos in love are romantic, proud of their partner and extremely supportive. Your playful nature is a big asset in a relationship and you bring a bigger picture view to your and your lover’s lives. There’s a strong sense that you can survive anything – together. Relationship Magic: Help your partner see the lighter side of life. 


A devoted lover, you are a warm and sensitive partner who always has your lover’s best interests at heart. You are intensely loyal, and, as an earth sign, very sensual too. Your attention to detail extends to relationships too, and you can be your partner’s biggest asset as you both plan a future for your partnership. Relationship Magic: Help your partner’s dreams come true through practical steps.   


The ultimate romantic, you will do absolutely anything for your partner, and this loving devotion makes you one of the most supportive partners of all. Your laser like focus on keeping the relationship on track helps you navigate any choppy waters with ease, because you can always see the strengths you have together. Relationship Magic: Help your partner understand how good you are together. 


Deeply sexual, passionate and intense, one of your strengths is your ability to see a relationship through dark times and still come out smiling. You don’t give up on someone you love, ever. Your magnetism and sheer strength of personality ensures that your relationships are memorable, to say the least, and usually long lived. Relationship Magic: Help your partner face up to storms with your support, always. 


As a freedom loving and gregarious Sagittarius, you treat love like a big adventure. Your partner will benefit from your optimism and your joie de vivre, and even your slightly fickle attitude towards flirting can be a positive thing. Once your partner trusts you, you will show them that they don’t need to suffocate you.  Relationship Magic: Help your partner understand how freedom doesn’t have to mean a loss of respect. 


Capricorn is a responsible, considerate and committed partner, and your maturity in a relationship is one of your greatest assets. You don’t panic over slight issues, and you don’t over-react during arguments or rows. Instead, your stay calm and trust in your own love, and that of your partner, to keep the relationship on track. Relationship Magic: Help your partner see the wisdom of stepping back. 


As a partner, you honor and respect your lover’s individuality, which is the key to your romantic success. You don’t expect your partner to conform to your ideals, and equally you won’t conform to his or hers. The result is a healthy partnership of equals who happen to be deeply in love. It’s a winning formula. Relationship Magic: Help your partner to shine as an individual.


Supremely romantic and extremely kind and sympathetic, your partner’s troubles are your troubles, and you feel very deeply on his or her behalf. This pure love doesn’t expect anything in return, and it is this selflessness which is your biggest asset in a relationship. You give yourself completely, and it works. Relationship Magic: Help your partner see the value of surrendering to love.


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