12 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth & Prosperity

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Did you know that the best and simplest way to attract more abundance and cash flow is purely by the words that you speak?  More money in the bank sounds pretty nice to literally everyone, so how do we make this happen? Money affirmations.  

Our words and thoughts naturally flow like energetic ripples through the Universe, just like when you throw a pebble into still water.  Once we speak an intention into our forcefield we are pretty much casting an energetic spell.  

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What are Money Affirmations and Do They Really Work?

Well, you have probably chanted “Om” countless times to close out your yoga class, the use of mantras like these have been used for centuries to bring peace to the mind and body.  You can’t deny that after an “Om” you feel a bit more tranquil and attuned.  Same concept goes for affirmations and intentions, the repetition of your words transforms your internal belief system and breaks down any self limiting beliefs.  

This here is the most important part, what we believe, because we are the weavers of our own reality.  When we repeat affirmations to ourselves we start to walk the talk.  Of course you have to be proactive and put in the effort at the same time, but it all begins with the affirmation. And the affirmation is key in what you want to bring into your life. As such the tone and the insight for your desire and aspiration. 

For example, if you’re longing for a relationship, you may want to ask for help in your romantic life—but be as concise as you can. Don’t hold back anything on offer to make your desires a reality. 

Once the affirmation sets the tone for us, the Universe listens to our call and more often than not, it delivers.  Anyone can work with affirmations, they are such an important tool to use to level up in our lives.  

Money Affirmations to Attract Abundance

Building a new relationship to your money and the energy behind it will open new doors for your success.  Not sure where to begin?  

Here are 12 Money Affirmations that will help inspire and attract more wealth into your life and your bank account. 

  1. Wealth and abundance flow to me continuously.
  2. I am open to receiving wealth and more money.
  3. Money is flowing to me effortlessly.
  4. I will attract more money doing what I love.
  5. The work I do will joyously bring me wealth.
  6. Money is attracted to my work.
  7. I will only attract high vibe clients and customers.
  8. My bank account will be *amount* this much by * this time*
  9. I deserve the success that I am building for myself.
  10. I am the master creator and magician of my success.
  11. I will create large sums of money effortlessly.
  12. I will always generate wealth and abundance in my life.

Law of Attraction – Mindset Matters

When it comes to attracting money into your life, the only rule is you have to be specific and you have to believe.  The best affirmation is personal to you, and what you are specifically wanting to create.  So if you are wanting to find an investor for a company you are launching and need a specific amount of money, the best affirmation would be “My bank account will be *amount* this much by * this time*”.

If you are looking to gain more or different clients for your business then use the affirmation “I will only attract high vibe and high paying clients and customers”. Or if you are working on breaking down your own subconscious limiting beliefs I would suggest starting with “I deserve the success that I am building for myself”.

Once you have chosen the affirmation that you feel called to use, start making a habit of repeating them every day.  You can write them down and post them around your living space, or work desk. 

If you need a little reminder, set an alarm a few times a day and take 5 minutes to close your eyes and repeat your affirmation while visualizing the feeling of it becoming a reality.  Get excited at the same time, make a toast to the new opportunities flowing to you.  

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How do Money Affirmations Work?

Since our subconscious is very important to money manifestation, try listening to recordings of your affirmations before you go to sleep.  Before we sleep is when we are in a hypnotic state and can deliver messages to our subconscious more seamlessly. 

You can listen to prerecorded money affirmations on Youtube or Spotify, or you can even get a personalized recording made with a specialist such as a hypnotherapist.   

To create your own affirmation, start by journaling what you are wanting to attract into your life financially, and write it down like it is already happening.  Write, “I will have 10 Grand in my bank account this month” for example. 

Own it, make it yours. Once you see this, start to pick the important words that ring true to the goal and shorten it to one sentence. Viola! You have your own personalized money affirmation.  

Something to consider as well when making your own manifestations is that you shouldn’t be afraid to get religious. And most people ask for things like connecting with their ancestors, guardian angels, or religious figures who they worship.

How to Use Affirmations to Attract Wealth

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that you have to trust the Universe and not obsess over the outcome.  Think of affirmations as a lifestyle and less of a neediness.  Make it a part of your daily life and routine, be the embodiment of your affirmation. 

When you build trust in the Universe and confidence in attracting wealth, you will notice that things start to flow into your life more effortlessly.  This is the hardest part, trusting the process.

When it comes to attracting sudden and immediate wealth, you can amplify your affirmations strength by adding on a ritual.  You can find money candles at any witch store, or just get a green candle and carve your specific affirmation onto the candle.  Light the candle and gaze into the flame visualizing your goal.  Let the candle burn completely.

You can also use a citrine crystal and place it on top of your written affirmation along with some cash and place it on your altar.  This can speed up or amplify the process.

Another way to help attract wealth is to recite the affirmation every morning, while looking in the mirror. It is said that doing so will help in building up the confidence needed towards attaining your desires. Once you do so, you will find that after a while it is easy for you to bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

You can also recite your affirmations in the evening, before going to bed. Adding some Florida water to your forehead while doing so will block out any negative energy that others have put upon you. This will help create a safe space in which you can bring your visions to life.

Personally, I prefer manifesting my desires twice a day. I spend 30 minutes setting my intention and asking my spirit guides for what I want. Whether it be money, job, or date, I think of my spirit guides  and offer them gratitude before asking for what my heart wants.

The more connected you are with the spiritual realm, or your ancestors, the easier it will be for you to get what you want in the end. 

Financial Affirmations Don’t Work Unless You Do

One last rule to money manifestation is be careful what you wish for!  These affirmations are potent and they work so be ready for wealth to flow to you once you get into the practice of calling it in.  Begin with the affirmation, trust the process, be proactive, and watch the abundance start to flow towards you. Happy money manifesting!  

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